Apps for Changing the Start Menu in Windows 8

The completely new interface of Windows 8 poses many problems for users when dealing with this operating system. Without a serious tutorial, many users of Windows 8 might have a frustrating experience at first. The main problem seems to be the lack of a Start menu interface in the Microsoft desktop operating system. If you do not want to risk a period of adjustment with Windows 8, you can use the already numerous free applications for optimizing this OS. Here are ten free apps to change the Start menu in Windows 8.

1. Revel Bring Back

The Revel Bring Back is seamlessly integrated into the design of Windows 8 and includes a complex functionality, similar to the new interface, but in one color option: white. The Win key can be optimized for various functions. The application includes numerous customization options, but the search function does not always meet the expectations created by outstanding graphics.

2. Win8StartButton

This free application allows transforming the home screen, start menu in desktop mode, which offers a quick search in all applications, no matter what interface are optimized for. For the moment, Win8StartButton is only available in German and the application does not include almost any customization option. Another problem is with Win button functionality which do not always answer to user commands. If what you most want from the Windows 8 is the Start Screen in the new desktop mode, Win8StartButton may be the best choice.

3. Power8

The optimization functions offered are excellent in the menu provided by the Power8 application which comes with a number of useful shortcuts for Windows 8. The Start button can be changed even with pictures chosen by the user and the application is completely portable: it does not require installation. The biggest advantage is that the Power8 menu includes all power options, from Shutdown to Hibernate and the application can block some functions of Windows 8.

What the application does not offer is a complex search, which includes results of new applications in the Start Screen.

4. ViStart

The intermediate option between a menu that cannot be changed at all and a versatile application, ViStart includes profile picture menu, with important functions that Enable Auto-Click and Win key functionality.

5. Start Menu Modifier

Users who want to combine both Windows 8 experiences, desktop and the new interface, can use the Start Menu Modifier which makes smaller the new Start Screen. Users can choose the size and location of placement of the interface for modern applications and the menu can be accessed from any screen in multi-monitor configurations.

Easy to use, the application has only one flaw: it does not allow setting a pixel density.

6. Pokki

Pokki app is perhaps the most elegant and versatile solution for Windows 8 start menu. Pokki developers have even included the option of starting directly into desktop mode along with other functions that can eliminate unwanted Windows 8 functions, like the menus that appear when the mouse reaches the corners of the screen.

Pokie for Windows 8 includes other free Pokki applications, as for Facebook and Twitter, along with a panel of notifications for these web services.

7. StartMenu8

For users who are not willing to give up the classic Start menu in Windows 7, StartMenu8 may be the best solution after installing Windows 8. The familiar design and ease of use are the main advantages for those who do not want to lose advanced customization options.

The Start menu is perfectly integrated into the operating system, to Win key functionality. The biggest problem with StartMenu8 is the inability to search Windows Store applications directly in the search box in the menu.

8. Start Menu X

The only app which includes the option of changing the size of graphics, Start Menu X offers a variety of skins and the ability to choose between different Start buttons. The Win key command cannot be changed, but the application includes the ability to search directly in desktop mode for modern applications. Optimizing graphics is present in the free version, but Start Menu X offers several additional functions surcharge, in the Pro version.

9. Classic Shell

Another application for those who do not want give up the design of Windows 7, Classic Shell includes the old Start menu with customization options for it and for Windows Explorer. The application offers three different types of menu, including Windows Classic and Windows XP, with several different skins and layout options around Start button. The versatility of the application can be clouded by advanced customization options, not exactly friendly for less experienced users.

10. Spesoft Windows 8 Start Menu

The easiest Windows 8 Start menu is offered by the Spesoft application, proposing a similar design menu to Windows 7, without much optimization options. The functionality of the old menu is complete, but this application is not recommended to those who want to experience and improve the menu options themselves. The search function does not provide as results the applications of the new Start Screen.

Do you use Windows 8? Have you gotten accustomed with the new interface?