10 abstract images #1

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These abstract images are clearly made to spice up your own “imagination land”! Intricate and delicate vector graphics or subtle digital photo manipulation, these images are useful for web pages, social network profiles or even myspace layouts! You can even use these eye-candies as wallpapers, most of them are available in high-quality resolution.

abstract lightnings

green envy

black ink in water

vector colors

colourful brushes

an almost psychedelic fire

pretty colors

more vectors your way

eclectic city

abstract tree

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  1. mdln_lo@yahoo.com' M.dln says:

    These pictures really get my imagination going. They are really good, I cannot decide which is my favorite one. Great work!

  2. madalina_lozan@yahoo.com' Anna says:

    Nice pictures… I like the one called ‘an almost perfect psychedelic fire’. But the other are also very intriguing as well

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