The watch industry offers many amazing timepieces and the core is placed in Switzerland. We tried to find some extraordinary models, with great designs and innovations. Don’t worry about the price, they are really really cheap 🙂

Horological Machine N°3 Frog

by MB&F

The Horological Machine N 3 Frog features a unique construction that allows it to stand out from the rest. Plus, it does help that it looks a bit futuristic too. 

Megapode MCT33

by Ikepod

With the Megapode MCT33, You get all the features of a modern watch with a cool and stylish exterior that allows you to stand out from the rest. Plus, this watch works well with any type of outfit, so you are sure to never go wrong when you are getting ready for the day.

REB-7 Regulateur Blue

by Rebellion

With the REB – 7 Regulateur Blue, you can skip traditional looking watches with thanks to its unique construction. Not only do you get the accuracy of time, but you can actually see the accuracy in action with the unique looking blue gears.


by Jean Dunand

The beautiful Palace by Jean DunlandIs another great watch that offers a unique construction. Not only is it square as opposed to the traditional circle face, but you can see the ins and outs of this watch thanks to the visible gears. 

103 Tarantula Mexican Fireleg

by Urwerk

The 103 Tarantula Mexican Fireleg by Urwerk is simply so cool looking that it stands up to its name without much effort.


by Rebellion

The T – 1000 by Rebellion is another popular watch that has won the hearts of many. With its impeccable timing and beautiful construction, it is no wonder why. 

Tread 1

by Devon

The Tread 1 By Devon Has easily got to be one of the most unique watches to invest in this year.

RMO27 Turbillon Rafael Nadal

by Richard Mille

The RMO27 Turbillon Rafael Nadal brings together the beauty of elegance with a futuristic Love that requires you to give it a double glance.

Square Wheel

by Maurice Lacroix

The Square Wheel by Maurice Lacroix allows you to keep it fun yet serious with its stainless steel and traditional circular face construction. Dress it up or dress a down, you cannot go wrong either way.

Opus X

by Harry Winston

The Harry Winston OPUS X is seriously one of the coolest looking watches with the double gears and bold yellow arms. 

Final Thoughts on The 10 Most Amazing Watches

Finding the perfect watch is a matter of figuring out your personality and what you want your watch to do for you. One thing is for sure, you cannot go wrong with any of these 10 fabulous watches that will certainly make you stand out! The hardest part will have to be which one you end up settling on.