80s Dance Music

There’s no party like a 80s party. Say what you will about the tacky fashion sense and the shudder-inducing cheesiness of various productions, but this was the time period when dance and disco music were completely on fire. 70s and 80s dance music holds a truly special place in the history of musical development, as we’re about to show and prove. No matter the age, it’s almost a sure fact that any generation gaps will be instantly filled if you just blasted one of these timeless hits at any given party.

80s Dance Music


Although ballads were also very prominent, we were also given some iconic 80s dance music with sounds and vibes we have yet to reproduce. So, get ready, put your dance shoes on, and let’s sway to 10 Awesome 80s Dance Music Hits.

#1 “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” – Cyndi Lauper

The truth is that there are many people who just want to have fun. And chances are that if this song is playing at a party, then everyone there wants to have fun, right? Either way, this is as “80s dance music” as a song can get, especially when it comes to rhythm and beats, but this song is also packed with some great vocals.

#2 “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” – Whitney Houston

If Cyndi Lauper just wants to have fun, Whitney Houston just wants to dance with somebody. Judging by the accords of this tune, it’s safe to say that no slow-dancing or waltzing will be involved, but we really don’t mind. The best thing about 80s dance music is that it managed to bring together intoxicating beats with powerful voices.

#3 “Beat It” – Michael Jackson

Sure, every decade was, in a sense, “the Michael Jackson decade,” but objectively speaking, the 80s were just filled with some of his best tracks ever. While there are some that make you want to bust your smooth moonwalks and jazzy moves, Beat It is refreshing and judges no one, no matter how awkward their vivacious dance moves are.

#4 “You Spin Me Right Round” – Dead or Alive

Before Flo Rida touched this classic song, we had the Dead or Alive version from the times when Pete Burns still looked like a (kind of) normal being. But, hey, regardless of which artist was the one that brought the repetitive “you spin me right round” chorus to our ear, everybody knows this song, so might as well gather everyone on the dance ring.

#5 “It’s Raining Man” – The Weather Girls

Do you know these songs that you either break into a professional dance routine to or you either wiggle your arms aimlessly around to like a maniac? There’s really no in-between. Here’s another example of a timeless song and, boy, can you have so much fun swaying to its rhythm and singing along.

#6 “Push It” – Salt-N-Pepa

In case you want to make things a little bit steamy, there is something oddly inviting about Push It in that sense. It’s almost like it was made for this very purpose, wasn’t it? There are very few people who haven’t heard the iconic accords of the song that have been replicated so many times.

#7 “Thriller” – Michael Jackson

Well… We did say that the 80s were a really good decade for MJ, didn’t we? Arguably, there is no better song to execute a whole choreography to than Thriller. It has iconic rhythms, lyrics, an iconic music video, and a dance routine that is never going to die, just like everything else Michael has left behind.

#8 “Wake Me Up Before You Go” – Wham!

Just like Deadpool said, you can’t not love Wham! Also, don’t forget the exclamation mark at the end. Sometimes all you need in life is to lift the volume of your speakers and dance alone in your room to an upbeat Wham! song. If this scenario really does tickle your fancy, look no further than this bright and bubbly song.

#9 “Material Girl” – Madonna

Although Like A Virgin was also released that year, Material Girl is definitely a lot more funky and upbeat, which definitely classifies it better in the “dance” category of best 80s dance music. We could all do with three minutes that involve imagining we are spoiled rich and actually living in a material world, eating diamond-encrusted bread for breakfast.

#10 “Pump Up The Jam” – Technotronic

In truth, this is the closest we can get to 80s hip hop dance music, but it certainly makes for a really interesting combination. Somehow, this memorable tune brings to the table some early electronic accords, combined with great rapping and a music video so colorful it looks like you sat down by accident on the remote and turned up the saturation.