Let’s admit it: Clubs are important places for all of us…except for the internet, it is the biggest social network we come across. Hence, going to the club every Saturday night becomes a major event of the week: we dress up, we dry the hair straight and take a second look into the mirror. We hope to get inside the greatest venue in town. If this is you, then you will find interesting this list of 10 awesome clubs around the world. You may not agree with my selection. You may protest to some club not being ranked in the top 10. In this case, feel free to express your opinion, but do remember that every clubber has its favourite spots and it would be impossible to satisfy everyone!

1. Berghain, Berlin


Berghain, Berlin is the greatest venue you can go for techno music. This huge place (its capacity is of 1500 guests) is a ‘must’ for every clubber that wants to see all the best partying spots in the world. The decadence, the lack of mirrors and the minimalist design make this place a parallel and fascinating world, where techno music is the worshipped deity. This club has featured all the famous names in the industry and it is notorious for organizing extended shows of the greatest techno masters out there.

2. Sky Bar, Beirut

sky bar

This is a world- famous rooftop bar in Beirut, Lebanon. It probably is the best in the Middle East and most certainly ranks among the hottest clubs in the world at this time.  It was a great success from the day it was open. The Sky Bar is opened only during summer and it is host to every VIP, TV star and westerner in Beirut. If you want to join the party, be sure to book before because this chic place is full every weekend!

3. Fabric, London

fabric, england

Fabric is a famous club in the United Kingdom. It was ranked second in DJ, s Magazine two years in a row (2009 and 2010). The original features of this place are the three rooms with separate sound systems and the vibrating floor called ‘bodysonic’ dance floor in one of the three rooms. All top DJ’s were heard in this great place, all styles were represented, as Fabric does not favour any and it pleases everyone.

4. Womb, Tokyo

yowomb, tok

If you want a full clubbing experience you should definitely try Womb. This Asian club rocks from the amazing sound system imported from New York to the unbelievably energetic crowd and the insane visual effects. All the superlatives seem to apply to this place. The huge mirror ball descending from the ceiling as the night grows together with the laser and smoke shows which are ones of the best in the world come together in order to create a fantastic atmosphere that you’ll never forget.

5. Amnesia, Ibiza

club amnesia

Clubbers’ favourite playground, club Amnesia, was for many years in a row voted ‘best club in the world’. This is a club even the amateurs have heard of, a true global club which would need no presentation. It was open in 1976 and since then, it has seen it all: Best DJ’s in the world were showcased here, a wide range of celebrities prefer this place, a truly amazing laser system animates the crowded dance floors and the greatest sound technology in the world,  closes the list. Even though the world’s clubbing arena refreshes every year by the opening of new clubs, in this case, oldies are the best!

6.  Space, Ibiza

space club

This is another club in Ibiza which is without a doubt worth a place in a top 10. There are 6 separated dance arenas, each offering different attractions and design.   The crazy atmosphere and the magic of the place will transform the shiest person in the world into a party freak. One cannot but lose himself in this great sensorial labyrinth, and it is notorious that even the DJs get carried by the wild rituals which take place here every week.  This club is the cherry on the cake of Ibiza’s nightlife and a ‘must’ in the career of every playboy in the world.

7. Cielo, New York City

cielo club

Cielo  is world-wide famous for house music. If you’re a house addict, them here is where you have it. The great DJ’s, the crowds that pack the dance floors, the 70’s dandy feel, all these combine to make this club’s success.  Cielo does not allow entrance to everybody  so, if you want to get a shot, look rich, look famous, or look single (if you’re a woman). If you’re a man, a feminine companionship, together with your best outfit may do the trick. But the difficulty of getting inside is fully compensated once you hit the party!

8. Green Valley, Camboriu

green valley

This venue in Camboriu, Brazil, went from unknown to world-wide known in twelve months only, ranking third in DJ’s top 100 this year. Green Valley ‘s recipe for success combined strict booking with showcasing the most famous DJ’s(such as Guetta, Pete Tong, Sharam and Sander Kleinenberg) and organizing an outstanding pyrotechnic show. Mix these three ingredients with the luxuriant rainforest which surrounds the location and the result is beyond description.

9. Sankeys, Manchester

sankeys , manchester

Sankeys is the only club ever to be opened inside a …mill, a 200 years old mill actually. This location is not as large as some of the others mentioned here, but this inconvenient is compensated by the great parties it organises and the extraordinary sound of the Phazon system. The booking is very strict, and highly random. It is said, for example, that a couple of youngsters were rejected for not being ‘funky enough’. Despite this aspect, Sankeys ranked first in DJ’s top 100 last year, an older dream of the owners which came true.

10. Zouk, Singapore

zouk, singapore

The name of this club means ‘party’ in Creole. This venue is 20 years old and it seems to remain fresh, since clubbers all over the world gather here for the theme nights, such Mambo Jumbo or the retro night (which started as an experiment and became a huge success)  and for the famous Zouk out festival which takes place once a year. This club is a refined clubbing location for many stars, local celebrities and the attention given to details by the owners is incredible.

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