10 Awesome Cocktail Party Appetizers To Make Guests Drool

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Let’s talk parties for a second. Food is a really decisive factor in the overall success of your celebration, that much is for sure. Not only does food have such an impact on a party, but choosing the right menu has become so much more difficult as of late. People have all kinds of tastes, now more different than ever. You just have to wonder if there is any chance you could ever appease to all of their demands. Let’s say you’re throwing a cocktail party. What kinds of cocktail party appetizers will be a guaranteed hit among all of your guests?

Cocktail Party Appetizers


Some are classy, some are simple, but they are definitely all incredibly delicious. For a successful menu, we’ve compiled the list of 10 Awesome Cocktail Party Appetizers To Make Guests Drool.

#1 Baguette Toast “Crackers”

We did say some of these recipes are simple and it doesn’t really get any simpler than some slices of baked bread. Yeah, we might have made this sound a lot less exciting than it actually is. But you’d be surprised by how refreshing and classically mouthwatering some crunchy bread crackers with some salt and pepper sprinkled on top can be.

Get the recipe here.

#2 Deviled Eggs Variations

Deviled eggs are pretty much a must-have on any celebration’s table. Although the original recipe has been reused for decades, its simplicity allows for many unique spins that can create really delicious cocktail party appetizers. Variations vary from blue cheese to Buffalo sauce or even crispy chorizo.

Get the recipe here.

#3 Easy Clam Casino

Clams casino make for fantastic cocktail party appetizers because of how big of a taste – practicality combo they create. They’re one of those foods that can be prepared in advance and that only need to be popped into the oven when guests arrive. Bacon, bread crumbs toasted in bacon fat, and a great recipe to keep them from getting all soggy – that’s all you need.

Get the recipe here.

#4 Shrimp Cocktail

A shrimp cocktail just screams sophistication and it’s very likely that your guests will be grateful for this dish’s presence. After all, it’s not exactly the kind of food that you get to take a bite out of on a daily basis. The difference between a mediocre and a delicious shrimp cocktail lies in the little details, so make sure to be wary of those.

Get the recipe here.

#5 Ricotta and Braised Leek Crostini

Deviled eggs and shrimp cocktails are frequently set on party tables, so you may be interested in recipes that stir up a little bit of variations. These crostini can be easily prepared with some ricotta, preferably fresh, and braised leek. Some basil is added on top for some extra color and that pinch of extra spice.

Get the recipe here.

#6 Gravlax With Caraway, Coriander, and Mustard-Dill Sauce

Gravlax Appetizers For Fish Enthusiasts


For all the fish enthusiasts out there, you can never go wrong by presenting them this Scandinavian dish. Gravlax is essentially cured salmon with a bonus of salt, sugar, caraway, and coriander. Aside from the incredible taste, these cocktail party appetizers can ready hold their own with a crowd. A two-pound salmon fillet is enough to give a healthy fill to a maximum of 15 people.

Get the recipe here.

#7 Swedish Meatballs With Rich Gravy

Swedish meatballs are famous. Back in the days, they were a constant presence on party tables and their popularity has been recently boosting again due to their retro appeal. The two key elements of these delicious meatballs are giving them toothpick-perfect, sausage-like texture and spicing them with the right condiments.

Get the recipe here.

#8 Roman-Jewish Fried Artichokes

Perfect for vegetarians in particular, these traditional Roman Jewish treats now make for excellent cocktail party appetizers. These crunchy artichokes aren’t something you experience daily, which is why they’re guaranteed to make a fuss among your guests.

Get the recipe here.

#9 Stuffed Tomato Poppers

These little delights are as delicious and savory as they are easy to prepare. You won’t need more than five ingredients (unless you’re planning on going wild and throw in some personal variations). This makes them the perfect recipe to whip out when you’re in need of a last-minute solution. Plus, they also look adorably colorful and appetizing.

Get the recipe here.

#10 Organic Spring Rolls

These are the kind of cocktail party appetizers that will have your guests awed at the amount of preparations you underwent for their sake. Luckily, preparation isn’t difficult at all! You’ll just need veggies and some rice paper to earn yourself a delicious platter of spring rolls. Moreover, they go even better when dipped in sauce. We recommend sweet-spicy, soy, or plum sauce.

Get the recipe here.


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