The meaning of flowers was once important for all people, regardless of their age. Today, things have changed. Living in a world surrounded by technology, we find ourselves depending on phones, computers, to convey our messages to others via internet and by doing so little by little we lose a part of who we really are. With all the gizmos and gadgets around us, we sometimes forget that even such things as flowers can be heralds of our intentions.

With so many flowers covering a vast palette of sentiments, we’ve chosen a few of the best flowers with meaning which can be of service the next time you want to send a message in an unconventional but special way to your loved ones.

1. Roses

Osiria Rose

With real chances of being the world’s most acclaimed flower, this queen of all has been praised for its beauty and perfume. Since immemorial times roses have been present in all cultures bearing significant symbolic associations.

Red roses are a symbol of love, passion and desire while the white ones signify innocence, purity, peace and tranquility. If pink roses stand for happiness and joy then yellow ones speak of friendship, joy and new beginnings. The Osiria Rose is a perfect example of just one unique rose with an awesome story.

2. Tulips


Although mostly associated with The Netherlands, tulips were actually first cultivated in the Ottoman   Empire. Flower symbolism would be a severely impoverished if there were no tulips!

Each color conveys a different message such as a yellow tulip which bears the meaning happiness in one’s life. A purple one stands for royalty whereas the white tulips signify forgiveness. The red ones are a declaration of passionate and true love, so these are one of the flowers with meaning you can always offer a loved one.

3. Orchids


Due to its interesting root shape, the flower’s name comes from the Greek orkhis which actually means testicle. With such a meaning, it actually comes naturally that among beauty, love, luxury, strength it is also associated with virility.

4.  Daisies


The name comes from daes eage the anglo saxon for day’s eye basically implying that flowers open and close with the sun. I think many of us have played with daisies when we were kids, mostly using them to wreathe garlands and wear them on our heads. Daisies are flowers with meaning that stand for all that is innocent, gentle and pure, just as children are.

5. Carnations


The name comes from the Greek dianthus meaning heavenly flower. The meanings of these flowers are numerous and depend on their colors, as follows: deep love and affection are represented by dark red ones, love and good luck by white ones and maybe the most significant meaning  is given by the pink carnation which actually stands for a mother’s undying love.

6. Begonias

batch of begonias

Named after a former governor of the French colony of Haiti, this flower is thought to symbolize fear and when given to someone it should raise his awareness. However, they’re better known as implying a dreamy and innocent attitude which makes them the perfect  flowers with meaning for kids and creative people.

7. Lavender


Its name comes from the Latin lavare which means to wash as it was used to scent the water in the roman baths. Apart from its culinary use due to its most cherished nectar, its antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties, lavender is considered to be a symbol of purity, cleanliness and devotion.

8. Gladiolus


As implied by its name, derived from the Latin word standing for sword due to the shape of its leaves, this flower symbolizes strong determination, strength of character, honor and speaks out for sincerity. This flower bears the symbol of brotherhood, faithfulness to certain principles and dignity of soul.

9. Hyacinths


Named after a divine hero from Greek mythology, this flower stands for playfulness and sporty attitude describing the hero’s attitude. Depending on their color, the meanings of these flowers may differ: steadfastness, fidelity for blue ones, sorrow and despair for purple ones, jealousy for yellow hyacinths and play for red ones. However, one should exercise caution when handling hyacinths are their bulbs are poisonous.

10.  Lilac


The word actually comes from the Sanskrit nila which stands for dark blue. Rather common and easy to come across, many of us stopped by, closed our eyes, and enjoyed its strong and sweet fragrance. The meaning of these flowers may differ as well. White lilac is associated with purity, youthful innocence while the purple one symbolizes first emotion of love.

Awesome Flowers: The Best Occasion To Give Flowers

Now that you know more about the meaning of flowers, it’s time to learn about the best occasion to give flowers or decorate with them. You’ll never go wrong with giving flowers to your loved ones. It’s one of those gifts that will never get old no matter how many times you’ve received them. Here are the primary occasions for giving flowers:


Honestly, how can you have a wedding without flowers? They’re a beautiful decoration that adds a soft, elegant touch to the atmosphere, and it provides a calming ambiance as well. Let’s not forget that weddings typically involve a flower girl, and the bride and bridesmaids hold bouquets throughout the ceremony. There’s something symbolic about flowers that make them an essential part of joining two people together. Plus, there are so many varieties and colors of flowers that you can decorate your wedding any way you want. It’s safe to say that flowers are essential for making weddings special.

Mother’s Day

There’s isn’t a better way to tell your mom you love her than to give her some flowers. It’s also a good option for people who live in a different area from their mom because it’s so easy to order flowers online and have them delivered. Not to mention, if a mother is single or widowed, flowers will make her feel cherished. You can add a loving note to the bouquet and choose her favorite color to add a special touch. No matter how many times your mom has received flowers, she’ll love them every time. There’s something about a rose that makes a woman feel nice.

Valentines Day

Valentines Day is another holiday that makes flower sales skyrocket. A lot of people give a bouquet of flowers along with a teddy bear or balloons to their significant other on this special day—or they pair it with chocolate. Furthermore, flowers are used for decoration. If you want to have a romantic night, you can put rose petals on the floor or on top of a bubble bath. It gives the room a nice ambiance and makes your partner feel special. Flower petals can even be used to send a message. For instance, you could spell out a person’s name or ask them to marry you with the petals spelled out on the floor or bed.


A new year of life is a special occasion that requires flowers. They look beautiful in a vase sitting next to all the birthday cards your loved one received. Not to mention, you can also order flowers that are the same color as their birthstone—which adds a decorative touch. As people get older, they tend to not get as much for their birthday as they did when they were kids, so a bouquet offers a nice sentiment.


Now, this next option isn’t your traditional bouquet of flowers, but it’s just as good, if not better. You can make a bundle that consists of dollar bills as a graduation gift. You can fold a five and ten dollar bills into a rose shape, add a stem, and wrap it with a bow. As a matter of fact, this option is perfect for every occasion. Seriously, who doesn’t like money? This option is a lot more creative than just handing someone cash or check inside of a card.

The Holidays

Nothing makes a home feel inviting like flowers. When your house is nicely decorated with lights and an abundance of flowers, it screams “Happy Holidays”. Thanksgiving and Christmas is the time of the year where the big, bold plants come into play. Flowers like poinsettias give your home a rich, colorful vibe that’s undeniable. You can also try decorating with iris, winter jasmine, or amaryllis. You can also wrap it pretty bows and put it in extravagant vases to give it an elegant look. 


Funerals aren’t the greatest occasion, but this goes to show how comforting flowers are. They’re used to decorate and also sent as a condolence to the grieving.

Just Because

You don’t always need a reason to give someone flowers. It’s a nice gesture no matter and sometimes people just need to be showered with love. If there’s someone in your life who deserves to be spoiled, a bouquet of flowers will do the trick.

Flower Hacks 

If you happen to be someone who receives flowers or just likes to buy your own and decorate with them, there are some hacks to help you get the most out of them. Check out these tricks below:

Ice Cube Orchids

Orchids don’t like to be drowned in a lot of water, so it’s best to give them slow, steady hydration. Before starting the process, repot the orchid in a vase with potting soil. To keep the plant moisturized, add an ice cube once a week. However, for orchids use two cubes. The ice will melt and slowly provide hydration for the flower and keep it thriving.

Penny Water

Dropping a penny into water will help the water in your flower vase stay fresh for a longer period of time. The copper in the penny is an acidifier that stops fungus and bacteria from growing. If you can, try to find a penny that was minted prior to 1982—it contains more copper. 

Cut Stems

Before placing your flowers in water, cut them at a 45-degree angle. Doing so will ensure that your plants stay hydrated. 

Flower Bud Opener

If you have some flowers that aren’t fully bloomed, there’s a trick you can do to open them. After you’ve cut the stems, place the flowers in warm water for one minute. Once the time is up, put it in cold water for 20 minutes and they’ll open up to their maximum potential.

Vodka Flowers

Don’t you hate having a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, only to have them wilt away on you within a few days? Luckily, there’s a solution. Prior to putting the flowers in a vase, add in a few drops of vodka along with a teaspoon of white sugar. The concoction will keep your flowers looking fresh for longer. If they begin to wither away, add in another shot of vodka and the stems should stand back up for another couple of days.

Easy Flower Petals

If you don’t really want a bundle of flowers, but prefere the petals instead, there’s a simple technique you can use to get them off without damaging them. The best way to de-petal a rose without tearing or bruising it is to hold the stem and carefully twist the rose head in the opposite direction from you. After you’ve done those steps, the petals should come apart with ease.

Flower Food

In order to maintain awesome flowers is by having a food packet. However, if you didn’t get one in your bouquet, you can still make your flowers thrive. Pour equal amounts of water and lemon-lime soda into a vase. The citric acid, sugar, and preservatives help keep things fresh.

Flower Decoration Ideas

Although flowers are beautiful, there’s always a way to spruce it up. Here are some decoration tips:

Lace Up The Vase

There are tons of ways to make your bouquet look super cute, and one of them is by adding ribbons around the vase. You can tie a gold ribbon around it or use twine to give it a decorative touch.


If you want to give your bouquet a creative touch, add marbles in the water. It’ll make the flowers decoration look elegant and make it stand out.

Fruit Flowers

Place a small, clear vase into a larger clear vase about a half-inch of space in between them. Pour water into the space with water and fill it with lemons. You can even add oranges or limes. It makes your flower arrangement look ten times better.

Final Thoughts On Awesome Flowers

These flowers with meaning are the perfect gift for the special people in your life, be it relatives of all ages, friends or your better half.
If you’ve decided on the perfect blooms for the person you have in mind we’d love to hear what you chose and why. Leave us a comment in the comments section below.