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What’s new in the technology sector? Find out here as we are about to present you 10 Awesome Gadgets available in 2015.

We have everything from earbuds and home projectors to brain sensing head bands and pain relief wearables. New products have been release in the activity tracking area as well. Some of these products are already available for purchasing while others can be preordered.

Enough with the small talk, let’s get started!

1. The Earin


The Earin are currently the world’s smallest earbuds but do not let yourself be deceived by their size. These wireless earbuds are using the latest battery and Bluettoth technology, according to their manufacturers. Also, they do not feature a microphone, as these earbuds are for “music lovers and music lovers only”.awesome gadgets

Check out more about the Earin on their official website.

2. The Om One


The Om One is a pretty cool speaker system, having a 75 mm Audio Driver, a built in Microphone and incorporated Bluetooth. Nothing new there, right? Well, here comes the best part. The Om One speaker is designed having to parts: a cool base and a sphere. What makes this speaker stand out from any other speaker is the fact that the sphere levitates on the magnetic base. Yes, you read that right, IT LEVITATES!awesome gadgets

If you want to know more about the Om One, check out their official website.

3. The HomePod

When talking about projectors, mobility is one thing that designers do not usually take into consideration. All that needs to change and this is where the HomePod by Keecker kicks in. This wireless projector offers you the possibility to project anything from your phone or tablet, on almost any surface and also has a 360 degrees sound system.

awesome gadgets

Still not impressed? Check out their official website.

4. The Soundwall

How cool would it be if your Bruce Springsteen canvas started singing? Wait no longer as the Soundwall comes to your aid! Soundwall is designed to make art fit in the modern world so overwhelmed by technology. Basically, you will have a lovely piece of art with a built-in wireless speaker which can then either play music or tell a story about the art piece.

awesome gadgets

For more info, here is Soundwall’s official website.

5. The ZANO

The ZANO is a drone which can actually fit in your hand. There are many purposes to this tiny drone but the main idea behind it is making the pretty much newly discovered drone technology accessible to a broader spectrum. Drones have started gaining more and more popularity in recent years and the diea of having a tiny drone which can connect to your smartphone is certainly something worth checking out.

awesome gadgets

Find out more from the ZANO official website.

6. The UP 3

The UP 3 by Jawbone is the next step when talking about tracking technology. UP 3 uses sensors to track everything regarding your health and your body state. It even tracks your body while sleeping so you can understand how your body reacts to certain stimulants. This bracelet comes in a neat design which can be worn with almost any outfit and it is also waterproof.

awesome gadgets

The UP 3 is available on its official website.

7. The Gear VR

The Gear VR by Oculus and Samsung has been awaited for quite some time and it is finally available for purchase. There is a constant demand for upgrading when it comes to the gaming world and virtual reality is definitely one big step forward.

awesome gadgets

Take a peak into the world of virtual reality with the Gear VR on the official website.

8. The Zip

The Zip by Fitbit is yet another device you can use as a tracker. Zip is designed to keep you on the go without having to check if it is still in place or working, simply click it on your pants or jacket and you are ready to go. Sync the small device anywhere to anything an keep track of all your activity.

awesome gadgets

Find the Zip on its official website.

9. The Quell

The Quell by Neurometrix is a wearable technique which promises to offer you pain relief from chronic pain. This device is set to calibrate according to your optimal stimulation level and also knows the difference between day time and night time, as well as from when you are standing and lying down. Its design is meant to offer powerful therapy while not being bulky or very noticeable.

awesome gadgets

You probably want to know more about this interesting device, so here is its official website.

10. The Muse

Meditating is important, especially if you find yourself in need of a relief from your daily stressful situations. The Muse headband helps you in this manner by keeping score of your brain wave activity and helping you stay relaxed and be happier in just 3 minutes a day.

awesome gadgets

Information and purchase possibility can be found on the Muse official website.