Games Like GTA V

Games Like GTA V

Do you crave for some more games like GTA V because you finished the game and the entire series, for that matter? Well, there are other great open-world games out there that are just as good as the Grand Theft Auto series.

The GTA series started off in 1998, and it is known for its open-world map and free roam style gameplay. Gamers progress through the game by completing missions that involve stealth, driving, adventure, and role-playing.

10 Games Like GTA You Need To Play

We made a list of 10 awesome games like GTA V that are definitely worth checking out. Enjoy.

1. Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is an open-world game similar to Grand Theft Auto in terms of gameplay. However, the game is set in the Wild West and most of the action takes place in 1911. You play as a former outlaw called John Marston who has to turn in his former gang members.

There are a lot of things to do inside Red Dead Redemption other than the main story and there are tons of events you can experience in the game such as animal attacks, people in need of assistance, ambushes, shoot outs, hostage situations, and even public hangings. It is very well written and its realism will definitely make you get lost inside the story for hours.

It was very well received when it was launched and is one of the highest-rated games on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It also received numerous Game of the Year awards and it’s pretty much recommended by everyone as a must-play.

2. Bully

Bully is developed by the same people responsible for Grand Theft Auto, namely Rockstar. It was originally launched on the PlayStation 2 but is now available on more gaming consoles.

This is an action-adventure game that mostly takes place in a school environment. You play as James “Jimmy” Hopkins, a rebel kid who attends Bullworth Academy. You can freely explore the campus and you will also get to spend a little time inside the town after you complete some missions. There are a lot of things to do inside the game including some great mini-games and side missions.

Bully is split into five different chapters. Combat focuses mainly on fighting but you do get the chance to mess around with some kiddy weapons as well, such as itching powder and slingshots. The gameplay is really unique and will definitely attract any Grand Theft Auto fan.

3. Hitman

If you enjoy the stealth missions in Grand Theft Auto, you will feel right at home in the Hitman series. The game heavily focuses on stealth and you get to play as Agent 47 who is a hitman/assassin for hire.

You will have to kill different targets in Hitman and while the game does reward you for being stealthy, you can also go all in and make a mess out of everything. The Hitman series has been critically acclaimed and even though it isn’t truly open world, the missions are very similar to those found in Grand Theft Auto.

Our favorite game in the series is definitely Hitman: Absolution as it’s the most balanced and well-polished in the entire franchise (as of now).

4. The Simpsons: Hit and Run

This is probably the most unique entry on our list. While you can’t go berserk on the people in Springfield, the driving mechanics really remind us of GTA.

The game is available on the original Xbox, PlayStation 2 and PC and the dialogue, voices, and story are created by the same people that are responsible for the hit TV show. It’s incredibly funny and it focuses on the characters you can find inside Springfield.

If you’re a fan of the show, you will definitely not be disappointed. The gameplay is amazing and it’s mostly considered the best Simpsons game ever made. It’s focused on the driving mechanics in Grand Theft Auto and you can freely explore the town of Springfield. If you’re a Simpsons fan and always wanted to wander around Springfield, you should give this a try.

5. Crackdown

Crackdown is an open-world third-person game just like Grand Theft Auto. It has two games available in the franchise, one launched in 2007 and the other one in 2010. The first Crackdown lets you freely explore a sandbox environment after you select one of the available agents. You get to defeat different gangs in a very linear experience. But despite this, it’s still pretty fun to play.

Crackdown 2 focuses pretty much on the same thing but you get to customize your playable character both in terms of skills and visuals. In Crackdown 2 you also get to drive around and it features a much larger world. Both of the games have been well received but Crackdown 2 was a bit criticized for not straying too much from the original formula and being very similar to the first one.

6. Mafia

The Mafia series only has two games right now but they’re both pretty amazing. The gameplay is pretty similar to that of GTA’s but the action focuses on the mid and early 1900s.

The world found inside the original Mafia was one of the biggest and most detailed worlds at the time. Mafia was critically acclaimed when it first launched even though the PC version was a lot better than its console counterparts.

Mafia is a more serious and realistic version of Grand Theft Auto and if you enjoy mob games, you will definitely enjoy this one. Mafia II is a very engaging and deep game and will attract any Grand Theft Auto fan.

7. Saints Row

Saints Row features the same open world gameplay you find in GTA. Saints Row isn’t as serious as the GTA franchise and has a very light and comical approach to it. This also makes it very approachable and I really enjoyed it and got a few laughs out of it too.

You can freely explore the world in Saints Row and complete its storyline at your own pace. The world is filled with numerous vehicles and you are offered a lot of different weapons to choose from. You can also customize pretty much everything about your character and this makes it a lot more appealing if you’re a fan of RPGs. Fans of Grand Theft Auto will feel right at home when playing this incredible sandbox game.

8. Gun

Gun is a game with a western theme and plays similar to Grand Theft Auto. It was released by Neversoft and it is available on numerous gaming platforms.

Gun has an open world map in which you get to do a lot of things and it is filled with side missions and other activities such as cattle herding, bounty hunting, and poker. The environments are also very different despite it being a western type game, so you won’t see only deserts and sand.

You play as Colton White, a man who lost just about everything and who now wants to take vengeance on the people that destroyed his life. It’s very addictive and the gameplay is amazing. You’ll spend hours playing this truly amazing western.

9. Just Cause

Just Cause is an open-world action game in which you get to play as Agent Rico Rodriguez. There are two games in the franchise, Just Cause, which was launched in 2006 and Just Cause 2, released in 2010. It’s pretty similar to Grand Theft Auto in terms of gameplay and offers a lot of driving elements and third-person shootings.

Just Cause 2 improved the AI and introduced a grappling hook which you can use to tether numerous things together and added a strategic element to the formula.

It’s a very fun over-the-top action-adventure game that you will definitely enjoy in you are a fan of the GTA series.

10. Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs was originally developed to be part of the True Crime series but was then picked up by Square Enix who transformed it into a separate experience. Sleeping Dogs moves away from the well-known formula of having the game world in the United States and, instead, takes place in Hong Kong.

It’s very similar to Grand Theft Auto in terms of gameplay and also has an open world and third-person view. But unlike GTA, Sleeping Dogs focuses more on hand-to-hand combat than on weapons. There are also tons of activities you can take part of in Hong Kong besides the main missions, such as fighting, dating, stealing, street racing, gambling and, of course, karaoke.

All in all, it’s a pretty fun game and you definitely must pick this up if you’re an avid fan of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. It’s available on most gaming platforms as well as on the PC.


Games Like GTA: Conclusion

So there you have it. This was our list of 10 awesome games like GTA V. Even though some of these games are last-gen (or older), they’re definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of the GTA series. Do you know any other games like GTA that you think people would like? We would love to hear your suggestions. Leave us a comment in the comments section below this article. 

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