Gold is one of the most precious metals on Earth, alongside with platinum and rhodium, and it has been used for different purposes throughout time. Even before recorded history gold was considered a valuable and sought-after precious metal. Besides the fact that gold had set the basis for monetary policies, the precious metal is slash was used in various areas of expertise, such as dentistry, electronics, jewelry, industry, commercial chemistry, medicine and even the food sector – the latter largely as a decorative feature. But today’s topic is going to cover ten awesome gold bracelets that will make your ladies sigh with pleasure.


10. Italian Nine-Strand Flex Bangle Bracelets



These twisted strands have a core of silicone and fine 14 karat white gold wire for a smooth, fashionable look. The bracelets have a finished polished look, and a width of 3/8 inch to 3/4 inch. Ross & Simons is offering the Italian nine-strand flex bracelet at an affordable price of $150.

9. Caribe Gold



The chunky bracelet features a Cuban link design, and is made out of 14 karat yellow gold over sterling silver. The bracelet secures with a box clasp with double safety catches and measures 11 mm wide and 4 mm thick. It is also available in 8 or 8.5 inches long.

8. Italian Flex Bracelet



Another fine product is this Italian flex bracelet with 14 karat yellow gold. It has a silicon core wrapped in a 14 karat  gold wire to give the bracelet a smooth, fluid shape. The price is close to our number ten – $145, a bargain that you cannot miss.

7. Set Of Three Italian Flex Bangle Bracelets



This set of three bracelets have a core of silicone combined with high-quality 14 karat yellow gold. The set includes two yellow bracelets and one white, and can be purchased for either $165 (7 inches long) or $175 (8 inches long).

6. Round Double Link Charm Bracelet



Our number six out of 10 awesome gold bracelets is this wonderful 14 karat white gold bracelet. The round double link charm bracelet with a high polished profile will be a great addition to your wife’s or girlfriend’s jewelry. It is 5.5 mm wide and 7.5 inches long and costs around $380.

5. Diamond-cut Bangle Bracelet



As we climb up to our top ten gold bracelets the 14 karat yellow gold 7 inch diamond-cut bangle bracelet has a stylish look meant to shine on your girl’s hand. Its dimensions are 8.3 mm wide and 60 mm in inner diameter. The bracelet is worth more than $1200.

4. Diamond Tennis Bracelet



The 18 karat yellow gold bracelet encrusted with 3.38 karat stones has a clean and elegant line. The length of this shining bracelet is 7 inches and features a hidden safety clasp to make sure she never loses it and a width of 2.7 mm. Price: roughly $5.400.

3. Tri-Colored Gold Bangle Bracelet



There is something about this bracelet that says original, sleek, chic and affordable. The tri-colored golden bangle bracelet adds a bit of uniqueness and a lot of spark in what we call jewelry design. It has a width of 3.8 inches and costs $556.50 with a 30% discount.

2. Two-tone Gold Carbonite and Bar Link Bracelet



The 14 karat two-tone gold carbonite is a combination of contrasts between highly polished gold and the dark shade provided by the carbonite. It was designed in Italy, has a lobster claw clasp, and is 5.7 mm wide and 8 inches long. The bracelet is approximately $2.350.

1. Channel Set Diamond Bracelet



Our last choice is the wonderfully crafted out 14 karat white gold bracelet encrusted with sparkling natural round cut diamonds. The stone’s color is graded G, while the bracelet itself is 7 inches long, and 2.8 mm wide. The channel set diamond bracelet is valued at $3,589.99.