We all say sometimes that we would like to run from civilization and live on a desert island.  And to add some romance, to this fantasy, we would all go together with an ideal life partner, of course. What most people don’t know is that this dream is actually achievable. There are many awesome islands with reasonable prices on the market, just waiting to be bought. Some of them cost less than an apartment in a good area. Here’s a selection of 10 awesome islands you could really afford. Well, if not today, at least in this lifetime…

1. Isla Gatun, 30.000 $

Gatul Lake Island

This small private island of only 0.74 acres has the same price as a good car. It is situated on the biggest artificial lake in the world, Lake Gatun, in Panama. Civilization is minutes away; there is power and mobile phone coverage, but the island looks as wild as if you were on virgin land. The exotic vegetation and fauna (which includes monkeys, as well as parrots and other Amazonian species) make up for the undeveloped property and the price is unbeatable.

2. Half crown, 40.000$

Half Crown

Half crown is situated in Northern Quebec and this island is awesome, because it is only one and a half hour by car from Ottawa, and the offer  includes not only the land, but also a 3 bedrooms main house, as well as a staff and a boat house. With everything included in the price, this offer is to die for! The only disadvantage is the fact that in winter, the island is inaccessible, so it could be hard for anyone to live the entire year apart from the mainland.

3. Dolphin Bay, 40.000$

Dolphin Bay

In Panama, Central America, lays this green jewelry, with beautiful beaches, dolphins that gave its name and pineapple trees. The island is really small, only 0.2 acres, but it compensate by its accessibility (only 15 minutes by boat from nearest town) and by its amazing landscape. If privacy and an exotic feel is what you’re looking for, than hurry up and pack your bags, there might be others who feel the same!

4. Little monkey Caye, 55.000$

Unfortunately, there are no monkeys on this small island of 0.75 acres in the Caribbean Ocean, but you might find other animals or birds, if you care to look! Also, this little misunderstanding is easy to forget when you look at the great price (this is definitely the cheapest island of the Caribbean), and at the location (very close to Monkey River Town), which is visited by many tourists.  A little house and an umbrella is all you need to start your own Caribbean adventure. Hopefully, no pirates included!

5. Isle of Craro, 106.700$


This island in Scotland is 8 acres in size. It comes together with temperate weather, dolphins and numerous species of birds. The virgin soils add to its beauty and the easy access is the cherry on top of this cake.  At the price of a small house with a little back yard, you could own a Scottish island and have seals and dolphins as neighbors!  There are, as I think, enough reasons to place Craro Island on the 5th position in our top.

6. Mavuva Island, 125.000 $

Mavuva Island

For those of you who can go for a little more, here it is:  your own paradise in Fiji. This island is all about great beaches and protected sea reef. Keep it to yourself, or transform it into a tourists resort, you’ll be in advantage either way. The 42 acres of land, the tropical landscape, the white sand and the coconut trees may be a dream come true if you dispose of some capital…Or well, you could also sell your apartment, buy the property, and install a tent on the beach!

7. Piaçabuçu Island  146.000$

If you prefer South America, this 32 acre estate may be perfect.  The Portuguese name can be tricky to pronounce for the rest of us, but the location, the weather and the outstanding landscape, with its dreamy palm trees and white sand beaches compensate for all the minor disadvantages. The fauna and the flora of the island are impressive to such an extent that you could spend a week there and not see everything it has to offer.

8. Nawi Island Lots, 250.000$

Nawi Islands

Situated in Fiji, Oceania, these lots are part of a greater resort community, that allows you to keep in touch with people and to own, in the same time, a private corner of heaven, surrounded (partially) by water.  However, while the possibilities of development are limitless, your budget sure is, so do make some calculations before selling your house and buying the plane ticket! The price is only for a parcel of 0.75 acres, not for the whole island!

9. Lemon Island, 200.000 $

Lemon Island

Philipines, Asia is the place where this charming island can be found. It is 7.5 acres in size, and beautifully shaped.  The area is famous for mangoes and sea life, so if you like fruits and fish, this is a place made for you! The closest civilized place is 15 minutes away, and the top of the island offers a beautiful view of the other islands in the region. The extraordinary looking beach should do the rest.

10. Secret Island, 350.000$

secret island

Yes, you should be an upper middle class person to afford to buy this island but considering that there are islands for sale at over 20.000.000$, this one has a reasonable price.  This round island in the Cat Cay benefits from perfect transparent water, 2.5 acres of land and fantastic Caribbean weather, of course. If you include the mangroves and the flat land, perfect or any type of construction, you have the ingredients for a great deal. A boat sheltered in the little cove that seems created for this job is all you need to add. That is, if you don’t have sea sickness!

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