Leo DiCaprio Movies

Good old Leo had us on the edge of our seats for way too many Academy Award editions than we were supposed to. It seemed uncomfortably uncanny that someone who was already famous, who starred in critically acclaimed films, and who was such a huge presence among other stars wouldn’t have an Oscar under his belt. But that’s okay. Not just because he won the statuette eventually, but because we learned how to appreciate the glory of the Leo DiCaprio movies even without the official stamp of approval of an immobile golden man.

Leo DiCaprio Movies

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Judging by the popularity of the film, the critical reception, and the part played by Leo himself, we’ve created a top listing 10 Awesome Leo DiCaprio Movies.

#1 The Revenant (2015)

Love it or hate it, this movie will definitely go down in history for being the first one to grant Leo an Oscar for his incredibly intense role. The Revenant is based around the true survival story of a man who was forced to survive in dire conditions of wilderness after he was left for dead by his companions. Appreciated for its cinematography and amazing brutal depictions, it’s one of those Leo DiCaprio movies where we starting worrying that his dedication was taken a bit too far.

#2 Titanic (1997)

Although many mostly remember it as a soapy chick-flick with foundations in a real-life historical tragedy, we need to admit that it’s the first film we think of when we think of Leo DiCaprio movies. He managed to break hearts everywhere with his spectacular performance as Jack Dawson. That didn’t just happen because he was a heartthrob, but because of the infamous ending that generated a bunch of jokes and memes in the following decades.

#3 Inception (2010)

Speaking of meme-worthy performances, does anyone remember the Leonardo DiCaprio apocalypse post Inception? Truth be told, there was an overall Inception apocalypse going on, with people going crazy over iconic scenes, iconic lines, and iconic soundtracks. Can we be blamed? Nothing has ever sounded like a better idea than a clever and intricate story that was backed by the iconic Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer.

#4 The Departed (2006)

All kinds of big names have been lined up for the casting of this brilliant motion picture. Telling the story of a cop going undercover in a gang simultaneously with a gang member going undercover at a police department, it stands today as one of the most memorable Leo DiCaprio movies.

#5 Shutter Island (2010)

Fans of thrillers will enjoy this movie for its suspenseful dynamic and intricate storyline. Fans of Leonardo DiCaprio will enjoy it because he’s in it and it’s a good movie. Blessed be the person that possesses both of these combined because they’re in for a grand ole time. Movies about isolated mental institution where inmates go rampant get as complex as this.

#6 The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Considered to be the most successful Oscar loss of all the other Leo DiCaprio movies he’s been nominated for, it was largely DiCaprio’s diverse and unique performance that stole us over. Unlike many other entries on this list, we get a peek of his abilities when portraying a character in a lunatic, crazy, and corrupt world.

#7 Blood Diamond (2006)

Although movies about treasure hunts seem like a trope that has already been completely dried out, there are some flicks that manage to add new twists sufficient to make it novel and interesting again. In this movie, two characters with polar opposite backgrounds team up in order to recover a priceless diamond that has been hidden away. Give it a try and it might actually surprise you.

#8 The Aviator (2004)

The Aviator was yet another of the several Leo DiCaprio movies that demanded an Oscar win which, unfortunately, failed to arrive. Based on a combination of real life events and the book The Untold Story written by Peter Harry Brown, the movie represents the ascension of cinematography mastery at its finest.

#9 Romeo + Juliet (1996)

Titanic wasn’t the only movie which gave us a Leo in his prime youth making victims left and right with his reputation as a heartthrob. He completely won us over with a passion-filled and memorable performance as Romeo Montague in Romeo + Juliet, the much acclaimed modern adaptation of William Shakespeare’s tale as old as time.

#10 The Great Gatsby (2013)

Last but not least, this is a movie that adapted one of the greatest pieces of writing of American literature. The bar was already set high, but the movie managed to generally deliver to those expectations. DiCaprio, in particular, received plenty of accolades for his performance as the eternally lonely (and filthy rich) character.