Angel by Thierry Mugler

From very classy perfumes to stylish modern labels, the most famous fragrances represent individual characteristics. The choices consist of clean aroma or organic perfumes, hot fragrances and musky scents and wispy clean that fit an extensive variety of individual tastes.

Each kind of fragrance contains characteristics that represent an attractive reaction for some people but it might seem repelling to a few others. The real test comes when the cologne is applied over the whole body and evaluate the ongoing effect of the fragrance. Product packaging and name identification also add to the true complexity of selecting the best men’s fragrances, but a few popular items keep the top ten listing at its best.

Many kinds of fragrances have been in production for many years and customers who purchase these perfumes are sometimes resistant to changes. The mixture of enjoying the fragrance and receiving various compliments from the ladies activates the men’s desire to keep using these traditional perfumes. Customers in this segment will often pay more for the cologne because of the long long-term value and consistent high quality.

Top Classic Men Colognes

  1. Aqua Di Gio by Armani is a worldwide top seller even since 1995. Labeled as a casual cologne, its main scents consist of lemon or lime, peppermint and jasmine. All products from Armani draw the well-dressed and careful client.

 Aqua Di Gio by Armani

  1. Burberry Touch by Burberry, renowned for top quality outfits and layers, has clients who appreciate a noticeable, yet traditional fragrance. The cologne brings together hot notes such as nutmeg and vanilla covered by a simple musky overall tone. Customers who appreciate this fragrance choose a stimulating and long long-term scent that is easily identified as a Burberry item.

 Burberry Touch by Burberry

  1. Dolce & Gabbana for Homme has had many prizes after its launching in 1994 and is still positioned in the top selling ranks. Truly macho, the shades of this fragrance consist of forest scent, spices and tobacco. The fragrance builds a stylish and innovative attraction and may be a well known option for an elegant occasion.

Dolce & Gabbana for Homm

Top Celebrity Designer Fragrances

It seems that the majority of men’s outfit creators, once they reach a certain level of popularity, often stick their name onto a new kind of fragrance. The advertising models for trademark perfumes often create high sales regardless of the fragrance because of the celebrity’s name or packaging methods. To stay in trends, designers with already proven traditional perfumes add a minor difference in scent or a new package and model to the offer. Customers who choose designer label items might pay mid-range prices for the fragrance and remain faithful to the brand.

  1. Obsession by Calvin Klein increases male sexuality over the top. This traditional designer cologne set a new standard in promotion and the overall attraction of the brand continues to flourish. From its smooth and round bottle to an infusion of extreme fragrances, this scent reeks of maleness. Musk, sandalwood or patchouli make an exciting blend with a less heavy mandarin or bergamot added to it.

Obsession by Calvin Klein

  1. Polo Dark by Rob Lauren represents a new perspective on the traditional Polo perfumes popular during the 80’s. A sleek black container with a gold logo and cap seems stylish on any cabinet or office counter. This cologne releases a somehow more gratifying and more extreme scent than other Polo fragrances and holds tones of patchouli and apple.

Polo Dark by Rob Lauren

  1. Dior Homme by Christian Dior is following the innovative expression of its trademark designer A mixture of unusual scents such as cocoa and sage combined with a weak floral sign to create this cologne appealing to women searching for their men’s gift.

Dior Homme by Christian Dior

  1. Bvlgari Dark by the famous fashion creator Bvlgari should get worldwide interest and is a simple fragrance to put on the whole body. The clean scents of juniper, forest trees and sandalwood provide a relaxing fragrance and the awesome blue perfume is informal, yet stylish and sexy.

Bvlgari Dark

Top Men Colognes for the Younger People

Younger clients tend to choose less heavy or more organic perfumes. Product packaging methods such as bright shades, stylish designs and familiar depiction such as motorbikes, cars and sports activities gets attention to the cologne and makes a younger perspective.

Cost considerations in this category are often lower due to the limited budgets of the clients. Younger fragrance buyers can be somewhat unpredictable and jump from one kind of scent to another. Luckily, new turns on popular products keeps the perfume industry exciting for all age segments.

  1. Blue Jeans by Versace. Like its name implies, the younger men feel good wearing fragrance that signifies an informal and relaxed way of life. This affordable cologne carries its designer’s reputation so it is also a crowd’s favorite with new professionals for their weekend free time.

Blue Jeans by Versace.

  1. Cool Water by Davidoff is used by outdoor lovers who want a relaxing fragrance after a day in the forest or on the track. A mixture of oaks fragrances combined with organic scents such as sage and peppermint make a pleasant tone that draws many men. The macho benefit of packs and the non-offensive fragrances add to the reputation of this item.

Cool Water by Davidoff

  1. Angel by Thierry Mugler goes well for informal occasions and seems to entice a variety of customers making it one of the top products. The cologne delivers a light and clean attraction with mint, rose or coffee, an exciting addition. Its low pricing and extensive availability also contributes to the reputation of this fragrance.

Angel by Thierry Mugler

How to Choose the Best Cologne

Fragrance: If your first impression of the fragrance is not a positive one, it is better to go on to another item. Normally fragrance changes somehow when used, but the initial and subtle scents will always be there and may get better. There are some differences between the casual and daytime cologne and another one that is heavier and must be worn on your special evenings. If the person wearing them uses a scent every day, a less heavy cologne is a better option particularly for the office and close quarters environments.

Packaging: If the fragrance is created to be displayed, the attractive bottles will be more valued by the potential customers. Men’s fragrances typically are packed in simple tones of black, gold, tan or brownish colors but for a younger guy, a fun style in lemon yellow or brighter red colors works very well. Cool shades such as greens and blues normally entice any age client. Vibrant bottles in stylish or classy shapes like modern triangles or irregular geometrics are noticed at the cologne shops and look great on shelves.

Overall Interest: Colognes vary depending on the overall tone with some items reflecting periodic features. A musky and more intense fragrance with woodsy scent is a good choice for winter while the memory of a sea wind is valued during the summer time. Many types of cologne go with an elegant fragrance for women and some kinds of perfumes are created as unisex items.

Although selecting fragrance becomes an individual choice, there are three basic elements to consider for everyone buying it for a friend. The first factor should always consist of a “sniff” analyze followed by its application, if possible, to observe how the perfume goes on the whole body.

Next in line is relating to a design and elegance to match individual characteristics.

The final considerations, other than cost, move around the overall benefit of the perfume, such as packaging.

With the choice of traditional perfumes and the option of new colognes arriving on the fashion markets, every man can appreciate an exclusive scent perfectly suited for their way of life and individual preferences.

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