For most guys, men’s body groomers and hair shaving means walking a rather fine line between looking like a prehistoric guy on the shore, or a feminine man trying too hard to be preppy. Then we have the more gritty factors of self care, including more delicate areas of our body and even some that you have probably never thought about before. To help keep that stability between manly and groomed, hair is a matter of preference – both yours and your soul mate’s. In other words, do not exaggerate without asking her how she prefers it first.

Full body grooming may seem like a hassle and a bit useless to some men, but it performs a crucial part in developing an eye-catching and enticing overall look for men. In fact, the latest studies indicate that most females would like men to be less furry.

If you are looking to attract a nice lady, body care is where you should begin your work. Thankfully, that there are a lot of amazing products to get you started.

Introduction to the Best Full Body Groomers

With so many guys taking great interest in manscaping, their self care market has seen an improvement in the growth of electrical powered body groomers. This summary will present you to the eight most well known body groomers in regards to testimonials, sales, overall application, and of course, individual expertise.

Without further ado, here is every detail you could possibly want to find out about the top body groomers sold on the market.

1. Philips Norelco Whole body Groomer

Philips Norelco Whole body Groomer

This is an all-in-one self-care remedy, with a dual-end style, meaning it has rotor blades on both sides of the item. Men love the style of this groomer – it is sleek and smooth and very simple to use.

One of the significant advantages of the Bodygroom Pro is that it reduces epidermis irritation; the rotor blades and combs are curved to avoid damaging the skin layer. The top of the device also rotates very quickly, enabling for a near cut with less discomfort. The metal foil is made from hypoallergenic materials.

You can use your Bodygroom Pro on all parts of the body, such as your chest area, abs, armpits, arms, legs, groin place, back, shoulders and neck. You could also try it on beards as well.

This is a standard rechargeable wireless unit; an 8-hour powering will provide you 60 moments of wireless use. There are five length accessories to provide an extensive range of preferred hair measures. The covering is water-resistant, so you can utilize it wet (during the shower) or for dry use.

Of all the groomers analyzed here, this is the best.

2. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Plus

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Plus

It is similar to the Pro version, but without the Dual-End cap, but has back extenders. This device is the mid-tier full body groomer provided in this range.

This device provides many of the same functions as the Bodygroom Pro, but here are a few significant variations worth noticing:

  • Form of the item is different, but still rather ergonomic
  • No dual-end design; blade is just on one part
  • No 3-D pivoting top
  • Only three connection combs instead of five
  • Includes an extender for cutting the hair on the shoulders and back

The extender is a great plus though, especially when you have hair on your back; this part is not offered with the Bodygroom Pro.

3. Philips Norelco Bodygroom

Philips Norelco Bodygroom

The Most Cost-effective Choice in the Bodygroom Series

This is a bottom-tier body groomer provided in this range, focused on the value cost consumer. Similar to the Bodygroom Pro or Plus, this device provides all the same advantages, without the following features:

  • Form of the item is different, but still extremely ergonomic
  • No dual-end style – shaver is just on one part
  • No 3D-pivoting top
  • Only three connection combs instead of five
  • Includes an extender for cutting the hair on the shoulders and back
  • Recharging time is 9 hours for 45 minutes of grooming

The most significant distinction here is battery energy. As opposed to Plus, this device requires a complete 9 hours of powering to get just 45 minutes of hair cutting. However, like the Plus, it also has an extender for back hair cutting, an important plus for men who want to groom that area.

4. Panasonic Milano Hair and Body Trimmer

Panasonic Milano Hair and Body Trimmer

It can cut hair in 19 different sizes with built-in versatile dial

Milano is Panasonic’s response to body self-care, and it does provide an amazing set of functions.

The device is developed as an all-in-one body groomer, so it can be used to cut your hairs anywhere on the body. In contrast to some of the opponents, the Milano does not need connection combs to modify the hair length. The device has a built-in switch that you can modify up to 19 different sizes – this is on of the best body groomers for a person who is focused on personalized hair length.

The device is wireless, can be used wet/dry and has a rubber hold for better functioning. The only problem with this groomer is battery energy. The device has to be charged for 16 hours for 60 minutes of hair cutting. Even a bottom-tier Norelco Bodygroom surpasses the Milano by twice its battery energy.

However, if you are the guy that is looking for sleek and efficient self care with versatile hair length, then a Milano is good for you – you will not buy another body groomer that provides this type of personalization.

5. Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler

Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler

The Electric Groomer and Your Preferred Hand Razor All-In-One

Gillette is probably the top producer in men’s grooming. Here, they have presented a 3-in-1 full body groomer that allows you to cut, shave and style. Created with Braun technological innovation, this little device seems to be well known with over 1,000 five-star opinions on Amazon.

Unlike a few of the other modern groomers available on the market, this item does need its Gillette Proglide blades if you want to use them fully – meaning if you want to cut your hairs (using the top part of the razor) or style it (using the back side of the razor).

6. Lithium Power Series Head To Toe

Lithium Power Series Head To Toe

You can also nicely trim with this product; it has its built-in energy trimmer that works on a AA battery; this trimmer also having 3 exchangeable combs to use various hair lengths. The device can be used dry or wet.

You can try this product all over the body, even on sensitive places. However, if you were cutting hairs in sensitive parts, you would want to cut with something that has a compact sized, slimmer managing (like a normal, manual razor). You have to be able to move a rzor around cracks, folded skin and crevices and you would not want to cut there with a large device.

7. Mangroomer Pro Back Shaver

Mangroomer Pro Back Shaver

Has a Long Handle Just for Back Shaving

This is the top full body groomer available on the market for cutting hairs on the back. Remarkably, this item has been produced for only 10 years, but has quite a faithful following.

For all men who have tried to cut their back hairs with just a normal blade, you know how challenging this can be, in addition to the uncomfortable extending of your arm’s muscles (which you will still feel a few days later). Mangroomer gets rid of this problem.

  • This groomer includes:
  • Adjustable and locking grip that extends up to 135 degrees
  • Two razor types for your close shave
  • 8 inches of super extensive blades
  • Shock-absorbing versatile neck
  • Hypoallergenic razors and foil
  • Power switch key to improve the power for large shaving
  • Cordless operation
  • Rubber handle to avoid slippage

For all people that really just want to have their back shaved, then it is a must-have item for them.

8. Seiko Cleancut

Seiko Cleancut

Ideal for Groin Grooming

Here is another of the best devices, though it is not very usual and quite difficult to discover.

The Japanese-designed item is created entirely for pubic grooming. It is small, simple to operate and soothing, but effective. It is developed for use under the arms and around the area under the belt.

The significant benefits to something like this are the abilities to move. Most of the modern body groomers available on the market are fairly large in comparison to this device. If you are anxious about cutting the creases of epidermis or the sensitive area, then this is possibly the best idea for you.

This groomer makes touch-ups easy and fast and is also excellent for vacation. If you have this blade, it is suggested using a dry lubrication during and the powder after hairs cutting.


9. Wahl Groomsman Trimmer

Wahl Groomsman Trimmer

Great for Ears, Nasal area, Eyebrows and Light Groin Grooming

This small trimmer is not really your full-service full body groomer, but is included because it is excellent for some kinds of men self care and something that every guy should have.

The personal device is great for cutting nose hairs, in ears, on neck, unibrow and all other hairs you might grow on your body. You are also able to use it quickly on the pubic area.

It is also ideal for cutting long hair before doing any kind of close cutting. For example, if you are cutting your neck hair and the locks are long, then you will want to utilize something like this groomer before you begin (unless the pet groomer has its built-in trimmer).

The device comes with two removable heads: one slimmer and another one for the hairs in the nose. You will really like the covering on this one – it is created from nice, anodized metal (the only individual trimmer available on the market designed like this).

It can be utilized wet (during the shower) and dry and is powered on electric battery.

10. Babyliss for Men 7420U Super Groomer Lithium Pro Face & Body Trimmer

Babyliss For Men 7420U Super Groomer Lithium Pro Face & Body Trimmer

There is a wide range of full body groomers offered on the market with different levels of self-care capabilities – some are all-in-one, while the others are designed for grooming the groin or back areas. Not all of them have a reasonable quality, so it is indicated to make sure that you pick your groomer according to your goals. For most guys, the top goals are:

  • Full-body grooming
  • Back grooming
  • Pubic grooming

 Full Body Grooming

For complete self-care, you can go with one of Babyliss For Men 7420U Super Groomer Lithium Pro Face & Body Trimmer. They are excellent as multi-purpose groomers.

Back Grooming

If you are just doing some back hair cutting and nothing else, you will want to try the groomer. There is no need to truly spend money on any of the other devices, but if you still do it, make sure you buy one that has a firm grip in your hands, so you can try it on the back.

Pubic Grooming

If you are trimming your hair under the belt, you can buy Babyliss For Men 7420U Super Groomer Lithium Pro Face & Body Trimmer. For your additional cutting that you want to do in this place, you can consider a regular trimmer.

Body Powders are a Must-Have for Whole Body Grooming

If you are going to eliminate hair from the entire body, it is recommended to use body powder for a couple of reasons:

Use the Body Powders as Your Dry Lubricants

When you are cutting your body hair, you can help the body groomer to slide a lot more easily by prepping body powders as your dry lubrication. This is a little known key and works extremely well in turning your full body grooming experience into a relaxed one.

Use Body Powders to Keep the Entire Body Dry

Body powders will help maintain your new fresh and clean skin nicely dry and smooth while also assisting to reduce discomfort and rubbing against clothes. In addition, if you apply a fragrant body powder, this will keep the skin smelling great for a long time during the day, making you feel better, but also having          your partner to be attracted by you.

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