Joy of Baking

Joy of Baking


If the act of creating pastries by shoving them into an oven would be called “bakefuning,” we’re sure these recipes would put the “fun” in it. Yes, even baking can be as entertaining as the delivery of a horrible joke and semi-pun. For many, bakery is a form of art which demands a lot of patience and a keen eye for details. In many senses, it’s really time-consuming too, something which in turn ends up, unfortunately, stealing the joy of baking from our hands.

There’s a way we can enjoy it once again, however. All that’s needed is a little bit of loosening up and plenty of colorful recipes that will make us feel like we’re preparing for a party all over again. Here are 10 Awesome Recipes To Rediscover The Joy of Baking.

#1 Swirled Sugar Cookies

Simplicity is the solution to many problems, the lack of enthusiasm when baking included. Sugar cookies are easy to make, which means that you can tag your children along to help you in the kitchen. Bribe them further by setting on the table the many colorful sprinkles and ingredients you’re planning to blend into a very Willy Wonka-y swirl design. Full recipe here.

#2 Rainbow Cake

Joy of Baking


Here’s another classic – cake. Especially if you’re a bakery junkie, making one is piece of cake (sue us, we’re refusing to end the puns). But if you’ve grown bored of preparing the same chocolate birthday cake every year, spice things up by hurling a rainbow into the slices. Full recipe here.

#3 Ice-Cream Cupcakes

When it’s too hot outside for ice-cream to make it through without melting completely, you can always trick people’s eyes by making cupcakes, topping them with vanilla frosting, and finishing it all with a cone. Full recipe here.

#4 Cookie Shots

If it’s creativity to seek in order to have your joy of baking sparked again, then this recipe is the one for you. All it involves is a resistant cookie batter, some shot-like shapes to mold it, some chocolate to coat the interior, and you’ll be able to drink milk from within the cookie. Savage! Full recipe here.

#5 Red Velvet Oreos

Joy of Baking


We’re all so used to recipes that throw Oreos into everything that it seems impossible to be surprised. You’re right – Oreos and the equally popular red velvet aren’t news, but combined, they’re the kind of thing that can make you excited by refreshing familiar flavors. Full recipe here.

#6 Blueberry Pie Pops

Pies have evolved together with telephones, and they’re now mobile. And on a stick! You can have the classic taste of blueberry palm mounted on a stick, and you can make everybody jealous with the fact that you’re eating pies like lollipops. Full recipe here.

#7 Cupcake Pudding Shooters

Yeah, don’t hand your kids one of these if you make some. Unlike the fake cookie shots, these pudding delights have in their composition a fair dose of actual booze to soothe the senses. It’s ideal for those who would like to indulge both in something sweet and a little bit of Pinnacle Vodka to color their nights. Because you must always drink responsibly, dosage your vodka in cupcakes instead. Full recipe here.

#8 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

Joy of Baking


For those wishing to have a taste of something smaller in size, you can never go wrong with truffles, which manage to be tasty and look exquisite as well. Renew this classic recipe by turning it into a two-in-one that involves filling the middle with cookie dough. Full recipe here.

#9 8 Minute Mini Cinnamon Rolls

Remember how we talked in the beginning about how time-consuming baking can be? You don’t need to worry about having hours stolen from your schedule with this quick recipe. Attempt it to get the highly beloved cinnamon rolls, now even more adorable because of their shrinking in size. Just keep them away from kids or else they might disappear off the tray in minutes. Full recipe here.

#10 Apple of My Eye Cupcakes

The most fun catch about this recipe is the fact that it doesn’t contain any actual apples. Using a simple cupcake batter as a foundation, some little tricks and tips can give the final result a complete make-over. Bake them in red cupcake liners, top them with red frosting, add some colored red sprinkles, and then mold colored tootsie rolls in order to mimic a stem and a leaf. There, now you’ve got yourself a cupcake apple! Full recipe here.