There isn’t enough sexual health education in the world and that is why so many people still don’t know some of the basics when it comes to sex, sexual hygiene, sexually transmitted infections, love making and even getting pregnant. Sexual health is something that should concern us all and that is why we’ve scoured the internet for the latest sexual health news and we’re proud to give you some of the freshest and most exciting news about sexual health. Read on and be amazed at how much we’ve come along.

10. HPV Vaccination – Genital Wart Cases Have Plummeted

HPV vaccine

Five years ago, the nationwide HPV vaccination program was launched. Girls between 12 and 26 were vaccinated against the human papilloma virus and it appears that the vaccination was an amazing success. The genital warts cases have plummeted by 60% within two years of the program’s launch!

9. Curbing Circumcision Boosts STDs


A new study has come up with some peculiar results: it seems that a decline in the number of circumcisions of children born in the United States of America could be the cause for a surge in the rate of sexually transmitted infections. How does that sound to you?

8. A New Vaginal Gel Could Protect Women against HIV… Even Hours After Sex


A study published a couple of months ago has revealed that a microbicide gel containing a cocktail of integrase inhibitors (antiretroviral drugs) can protect women from becoming infected with HIV. What makes this type of gel amazing is the fact that it can protect the women after they have had sex (which makes it the only gel of this kind in the world). The scientists have only tested it on monkeys, with great results and should start the trials on humans.

7. Improved Sex Drive after Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery

In other sexual health news, a study says that patients who have had bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) show an increased sex drive. The study was performed on women who underwent the surgery and the results were amazing: women’s sex drive really did increase after the surgery. Losing weight does wonders not only for your heart, but also for your sex drive.

6. Petroleum Jelly Linked to Vaginal Infection Risk

Petroleum Jelly

If you use petroleum jelly vaginally then you increase your risks of developing a common infection called bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis is not a sexually transmitted infection and it occurs when bacteria which are normally found in or around the vagina multiply and upset the vaginal flora. Apparently, petroleum jelly upsets the delicate balance of the vaginal flora, so you might think of switching to water-based lubricants.

5. Too Much Dairy Might Harm Men’s Sperm


A recent study reveals that too much dairy and carbs might cause damage to a man’s sperm. While there was no surprise that diet can impact health, nobody was expecting to find that too much dairy can affect the man’s sperm count. Also, carbs negatively impact sperm forming and count, so tone it down with the milk and bread if you want to have kids.

4. Teens and Access to Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraception

A new policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics encourages pediatricians to let their teenage patients know about emergency contraception and write them a prescription for it if and when they need it. What are your thoughts on this? Care to share your comments?

3. Severe Gum Disease Linked to Impotence


A recent research points into a very peculiar direction that links severe gum disease and impotence. A small study found that men with severe periodontal disease were three times more likely to suffer from an erectile dysfunction than men with no gum disease. Apparently, it all boils down to vascular health. Floss, men! Floss, because our future depends on it!

2. Viagra’s Effects Fail to be Boosted by Testosterone Gel

Testosterone Gel

Many had high hopes for a testosterone gel that was supposed to help men with erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels. It was believed that a combination of the gel with Viagra would be a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, it wasn’t and the testosterone gel had no added benefit to the use of Viagra.

1. FDA Approves Drug for Menopausal Women Experiencing Painful Sex


Great news for menopausal women! FDA just approved a new drug called Osphena, to help women who are experiences pain during sex. After menopause, the hormone estrogen, which helps the vaginal tissue keep its suppleness, decreases and thus the vaginal walls become thinner, drier and much more fragile. Sexual intercourse is painful for these women and this drug, which is taken once a day, helps their vaginal muscles thicken and be less fragile.

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