10 Awesome Vacations For People In Their 20s

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Grab those tickets while you can. When you’re young and restless, you benefit from some advantages that almost push you towards always seizing the moment. Traveling is usually on top of everyone’s bucket list, and there is no better moment to seize than the one when your eyes are rested on some renowned international monument. So, because there are some places you just absolutely have to see before you hit your 30’s, here are 10 Awesome Vacations For People In Their 20s.

#1 Koh Phangan, Thailand

Awesome Vacations


Beaches are usually where the party’s at and Koh Phangan has all of this and more. If you travel there, you may notice an overload of youth enjoying the crystal clear water and the silky white sand. We suppose this can all be attributed to the many clubs, bars, and the fact that the island is the host of a party that implies dancing the night away on the beach.

#2 Miami, Florida

Miami seems to have this reputation in media as a hotspot for worry-free entertainment and a lot of fun. We feel obliged to agree! Miami is a lively location in and out, whether it’s the sun that’s hovering in the sky or the moon. From the nightlife to sunbathing on the beach, there are many things you can do to fuel a young heart.

#3 Barcelona, Spain

Awesome Vacations


Barcelona is the whole package. It has sightseeing, amazing landscapes, quirky architecture, and a spectacular nightlife. You can stare in awe upon some of Gaudi’s greatest creations, go to the zoo, or you can enjoy a day on the beach. Whatever it is, it’s all worth it.

#4 Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is filled to the brink with fun locals, cafes, and public events that involve live music performed by bands. As a bonus, it also fosters a university that is often enough of a reason for tourists to flock into Cape Town.

#5 Panama City, Panama

Awesome Vacations


Many young adults who go vacationing in Panama City come back from their holiday with big smiles on their faces. Panama City is beloved by youthful people because it manages to perfectly juggle both adventure and simple relaxation. So, whichever it is that you seek during your vacation, you can most likely find it in Panama City.

#6 Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston may look like just another exotic beach to cross off your list, but it offers a truly unique experience. You are guaranteed to feel immediately at home thanks to the incredibly friendly inhabitants, and you can find a relaxing type of entertainment in the many festivals organized.

#7 Bodo, Norway

Awesome Vacations


Just because it’s young adults who we’re talking about here, that doesn’t mean that every single holiday experience on this risk needs to involve partying all night long and skinny dipping in the ocean. Bodo is a small village in Norway situated on the outskirts of the Arctic Circle. If you’re the type who doesn’t mind a little bit of cold and feels at home in cold and snowy environments, Bodo is a must visit for you.

#8 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is an absolutely fantastic trip all by itself, but we highly recommend that when you book your tickets, you do it during the time period when the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro is in full bloom. Considered by many to be the greatest party on Earth, even the biggest party animal will remain dumbfounded at the sight of the multitude of carousels, exotic dancers, and blasting music.

#9 Macau Tower, China

Awesome Vacations


Although it’s not a city or location per se, we can’t live this one out. Macau Tower is arguably one of the best experiences that thrill-seekers could possibly have a taste of. Located in the city that’s China’s equivalent of Las Vegas, the tower provides the second biggest leap from its top with a bungee jumping cord. Be careful, though – we don’t really encourage venturing in the Macau Tower if it’s your first experience with bungee jumping. Settle for the nice shrines and restaurants instead (for sightseeing, we don’t recommend bungee jumping off them either).

#10 The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Last but not least, everybody needs a little bit of history in their life too. The Pyramids of Giza are the only ones out of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that are still standing today. While Egypt is jaw-dropping in all its glory, it’s the marvel of the pyramids that draws in millions of tourists every year. While admiring them, you can even stop and ponder conspiracy theories that debate how they were built.

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