kid's meal plate arrangement

Do you need to repeat five times to your child to eat his veggies or does he really like them? Getting a kid to eat healthy can prove to be a challenge, but nutritionists have come up to the conclusion that he way you serve the meal to a child is a key factor in convincing him to eat. So, forget about the fork which acts like a train, forget about going “nom nom“ when you have a bite of his meal to convince him how delicious it is. Time to go visual. Here are ten awesome ways to set a meal on a plate in order to make it appealing. It’s going to take a lot of creativity, trial and error, but if you get this one right, you will have your kid eating broccoli in no time.

1. The Happy Faces

This cool idea only works if you have a plate with a face drown on it. Using various types of vegetables or getting creative with pasta or rice you can give the little bold guy a variety of makeovers. From sad to happy, from old to young, you can make him resemble a member in your family. We love the way they used carrots to make a nice set of Botox lips.

2. Meet the Flintstones

If you kid’s favorite cartoon is The Flintstones, then you are in luck. This next idea shows you how to make a Wilma plate, which looks delicious. You’ll need rice, some veggies on the side, olives to make her face and some small pancakes with sirup to make that distinctive Wilma hair. For the dress, use an alga sheet. If you get you kid to eat the alga, than you are one good momma.

3. Christmas Waffle

Why do you need to convince a kid to eat waffles? They are delicious. Yes, you are right, but these are no ordinary waffles, but waffles with spinach. You can say you have added some food coloring in the mixture in order to make the tree. Simple arrange the waffles to form a Christmas tree and decorate with fruits in order to make the meal more appealing and delicious.

4. Go tropical

Everybody knows that you are supposed to eat at least two pieces of fruit every day for a normal development and growth. But sometimes, just cutting little pieces of apple and adding then in a bowl is not enough.  You need to get creative. And what better way to serve fruits like oranges, bananas ans kiwi that by creating a tropical tree. No mess, no fuss and it looks even more delicious than they would if they where simply thrown in a bowl.

5. The Brave Lion

A brave lion always eats his fruit and with this little plate arrangement, you kid will feel like a hungry lion. Don’t be surprised if he asks you for another serving.

6. The five little pigs

This plate is a great example of how you can combine story telling with eating healthy. Again you are using the alga sheet in order to make a sort of sushi with a sausage inside. Cut into small pieces and decorate with olives, flower fruits and don’t forget to create a little sun that is shining on the pigs.

7. The little monkey

Why are we using rice again? Simple: because kids usually eat rice and we are using it as a familiar food that helps us introduce other foods one by one. Today, green beans that represent the little twigs from which our rice monkey hangs. It doesn’t take to much type to prepare this meal, but you will need at least white and brown rice in order to create the contrast in the face.

8. Despicable me

I don’t think there is a kid in the world who doesn’t love the cute minions from Despicable Me. And this animation movie is the perfect pretext to introduce some orange veggies, such as squash or yams. Simple make a thicker puree and create the minions using beetroot, green veggies, olives etc. Consider this the advanced level in plate arranging.

9. The Hello Kitty

If you have a little girl, this arrangement is perfect to get her introduced to dried fruits with the help of a beloved cartoon character and a delicious dessert. You will need a slice of bread cut in a circle, some  cream cheese or mascarpone, an apple for the body, fruits, dried fruits, chocolate sirup and powdered sugar, Enjoy.

10. The cute girl

The same story as above, but this time with peanut butter and jam. And again, very delicious.