Autumn is an underappreciated season: because it comes right after the summer, because the temperatures drop and because it rains more. However, autumn is beautiful in its own way. These beautiful fall pictures will help you see autumn with different eyes.

1. Autumn Brook


The beautiful scene of a fast stream with its banks adorned with colorful leaves is simply spectacular. Hen fall comes, trees must give up their leaves, not before extracting all their essential elements. Contrary to popular belief, leaves do not change color: they always had the pigments which produce their stunning colors, but the chlorophyll was hiding them.

2. Flatiron Football Sunset


This stunning picture of the football field at sunset is a display of light and stunning views of the Front Range of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. The autumn colors present in all the details of this capture give warmth to the scene. No fan could behave badly in this scenario!

3.Equinox flowers


In Japan, where they grow, these delicate flowers are called equinox flowers because they bloom exactly in the period of the Autumn equinox. The equinox is important in the Buddhist religion so these flowers are too. Japanese people are taking them to the cemeteries,, in order to honor their ancestors.

4. Cooperstown Bridge


This perfect scene of autumn harmony was photographed in Cooperstown, New York. If you want to enjoy some moments of peace and to take advantage of the fall’s gifts, escape for a few hours from the craziness of the city and find this place, or a place like this to relax and dream. The autoumn scent, the murmure of the river and the beauty of the landscape will make you want to stay there forever.

5.  Rooftop leaf


This red maple leaf as photographed on a Finish roof. Its location is only important if you are curious ho the leaf got its interesting color: apparently, for leafs to become red, and not yellow, for example, the weather has to follow a certain patter: warm and sunny days must be followed by cool (though not freezing) nights.

6. Natagiri Pass Path


Japan’s Natagiri Pass Path is so incredibly beautiful that it seems almost impossible to exist. It does though and it is the kind of path which invites visitors to climb upper and upper. Especially in the autumn, when the vegetation is dressing in colorful clothes and prepears the “red carpet” for you, this place is truly amazing. So, where will it take the daring souls? Find out for yourself!

7. Maine River Gorge


Those who like wilderness and enjoy autumn hikes may find this place breathtaking. Outdoors lovers may witness an autumn day on the West Branch of the Pleasant River, in Maine.

8. Floating Leaves and Needles


These floating leaves and needles were photographed on the same Pleasant River, at Gulf Hagas, in Maine. The photographer, Sam Abell, realized that the simple beauty of these brightly colored leaves. There is a strong reason why hikers prefer this season to climb in New England.

9.  Fall in Paradise Valley


Autumn made nature glow and this is obvious especially as you walk through Paradise Valley, a place which is famous for its fly fishing. Completing the picturesque of the image is the Emigrant Peak of the Absaroka Mountains; don’t you wish to be teleported in this picture right now?

10. Hagi Garden


When Fall comes, all Japan celebrates its beauty. On the Honshu Island, this beautiful garden makes us understand why this season is appreciated so much by the Japanese people.

source and photo credits:

National Geographic