historic homes for sale texas

Everyone dreams of having a house of their own. Whether it’s a cheap little eco house or a big Victorian mansion, a house is one of those things that are an absolute necessity for a decent existence. Imagine living in one of the most beautiful historic homes for sale at the moment. If you’re very lucky (and you have some money put aside) you can be the proud owner of one of these beauties. These are historical monuments that have endured the passing of time and are real proof of our collective past.

10. 1930s Bungalow in Wilmington, North Carolina

historic homes for sale north carolina

You will be charmed by one of the coziest historic homes for sale in NC. This lovely home is in excellent condition although it dates back to the 1930s. It has two bedrooms, two baths and beautiful floors made of hardwood. You can enjoy a summer dusk swinging in the front porch rocking chair.

9. 1895 Victorian Residence, Savannah, Georgia

historic homes for sale georgia

If you’re looking for beautiful historic homes for sale, try this gorgeous historic monument for 1895 from Savannah, Ga. This six- bedroom house is the perfect place for a coquette family who wants to live in a comfortable, yet charming house. The house looks brilliant on the outside as well as on the inside, and it has been recently restored and renovated. This beautiful historic home for sale will enchant you at first sight.

8. 1800 Theodore Gaillard House, Charleston, South Carolina

historic homes for sale south carolina

This is one of the finest examples of architectural designs, this beautiful house dates back to the Federal Period. This house was built in the 1800s and it can be found in Charleston, SC. The house is perfectly restored and renovated and would make the perfect crib for any family who can afford to buy this piece of small piece of history. The house has 12 bedrooms and it stands on 1.25 acres of land.

7. 1887 Lindemann House, French Legation District, Austin, Texas

historic homes for sale texas

One of the most beautiful historic homes for sale in Texas is this wonderful historical landmark from the 1880s. This house was actually built in 1887 and it’s still one of the most charming log pieces of architecture in the state of TX. This house can be described in two words: classy and elegant.

6. 1800 Colonial House in Port Royal, Virginia

historic homes for sale virginia

If you are looking for historic homes for sale in Virginia, try this Colonial beauty. It belonged to a doctor who served in the Spanish-American War. This beautiful house is a piece of history and it would love to have new habitants. This lovely house was built on an old plantation, located on 1 acre. You will love the marble floor and the fireplace from the Great Hall. This splendid house can be found in Port Royal, VA.

5. Victorian House, Phoenix, Arizona

historic homes for sale arizona

One of the most beautiful historic homes for sales in AZ is this lovely house built in a Victorian style, with 6 bedrooms, modern amenities, a large pool and a 4-cars garage. This monumental house even has a game room and a theatre room that the kids and yourself will adore.

4. 1898 Victorian House, Crystal River, Florida

historic homes for sale florida

In our search for the most impressive historic homes for sale in Florida we came upon this beauty. This house carries out quite a bit of history. It was built in 1898 for the first mayor of Crystal River. It is one of the most beautiful houses on the Nature Coast, where there is very little traffic or school buses. You will be able to enjoy the piece and calm you so deserve.

3. 1872 Colonial House, Chesterfield, Missouri

historic homes for sale missouri

If you ever dreamed of owning a part of Missouri history, this house will fulfill your dreams. This is one of the most beautiful historic homes for sale in Missouri and it’s the perfect combination of the splendid architectural style of the 19th century with modern day amenities. This house is also very energy-efficient and low maintenance.

2. 1849 Federal Style, Marietta, Pennsylvania

historic homes for sale pa

This is one of those historic homes for sale that everyone dreams of. This is a 1849 Federal style house built for Henry Musselman. The house has been recently restored to its original classy elegance and waits its new owners. The house is in Marietta, PA.

1. 1913 Neoclassical, Opelika, Alabama

historic homes for sale alabama

We’ve looked for the most beautiful historic homes for sale in Alabama and we’ve come across this marvelous house. It is in perfect shape and it has been maintained for all these years, since it was built in 1913. This house was built in a Neoclassical style, in Opelika, Alabama. The former owners moved from here a long time ago, so this could be the perfect place for you.

Other notable historic homes for sale:

1854 Creole, New Orleans, Louisiana

Georgian Colonial, Centerville, Tennessee, TN

Traditional Ranch, Raleigh, NC

1882 Victorian Aurora, Illinois

1900 Colonial Amherst, Ohio

1908 Neoclassical Bartlesville, Oklahoma

1810 Greek Revival Aurora, Indiana

920 Greek Revival Aberdeen, Mississippi

1890 Victorian Franklin, Louisiana

1920 American Foursquare Wilmington, Delaware

1900 Victorian Asheville, NC

1887 Victorian Santa Barbara, California

1900 Victorian Lake Orion, Michigan

1948 Colonial Columbia, Kentucky

1822 Colonial Enfield, Ct

1924 Colonial Waltherson Baltimore, Maryland

1920 Stone Old Home Lawrenceville Village, New Jersey, NJ

1910 Colonial Detroit, Michigan, MI

1830 Federal Eastport City, Maine

Bungalow, Kenwood District, Saint Petersburg, Fl.

1890 Colonial Oakdale Dedham, Massachusetts

1800 Victorian, Hill Country, Texas

1824 Georgian Colonial Caldwell Home, West Virginia

1895 Victorian Charlotte, North Carolina

1861 Victorian Lockport, New York, NY

Greenspring Baltimore, Maryland, Md

1800 Colonial Roswell, Ga

1888 Victorian Duluth, Mn