The cold season is here and you’ll probably spend more time indoors, so get creative and try our best, handpicked craft ideas for adults.

Most of them are cheap to make, fun to get involved in, and they’ll create awesome opportunities for you to bond with your teenage children, boyfriend/girlfriend or even your parents! To boot, once you’re all done (and after you’ve cleaned up the mess you’ll have made in the process), you’ll have a beautiful new item for your home, wardrobe or accessory collection.

1. Dollar Chandelier


Clearly, the most spectacular one of our craft ideas for adults is this elegant looking chandelier, which costs little over five dollars to make.

You will need a hanging wire basket to use as the base of your new lighting fixture, about six packs of Mardi Gras-style metallic beads, light gauge wire, spray paint, wire cutters, hot glue gun, and sticks, plus whatever other embellishments you might want to add.

2. Vintage Paper Wreath

Vintage Paper Wreath

The lovely, delicate Vintage Paper Wreath is great for hanging on your front door, or around the house, no matter the festive occasion. You’ll need to rip some 15-20 pages of an old book – but remember, you’ll be putting them to good use, so, book lovers, don’t cry!

Roll them into cones, attach them to a cardboard circle and then create a center medallion or decoration to stick in the middle. Let your imagination run free, and you’ll surely be proud of your result.

3. Tissue Knit Necklace


This beautiful, retro-looking necklace is a bit more complex to make, as it also involves sewing, but the materials are still cheap, and with a bit of focus, you’ll definitely make it work.

You need 18 strips of tissue knit fabric, which you will tie-dye into your color of choice. Let them dry overnight, then string beads on them. Sew all the ends together and bind its edges with a strip of batik fabric in a complimentary color. Done!

4. Vintage Metallic Box

Vintage Metallic Box

You start out with a simple, lid-covered cardboard box. This needs to be wrapped in scrunched-up aluminum foil, which subsequently needs to be very well glued to the cardboard.

Add a coat of black acrylic paint for an antiquated look, and decorate with your shells, beads, watches or leaves of choice.

5. Embellished Antique Mirror


Another one of our great craft ideas for adults will be particularly appealing to the thriftier ones, who will be glad to re-purpose an otherwise useless object – an antique mirror. Cover the mirror with painter tape, as you don’t want it to get dirty in the process. Paint the frame in your favorite colors and top the pain with antique crackle, for an aged look.

Then glue on buttons, coins, beach glass, beads – any small, pretty items you might have lying around the house. It’s a beautiful addition to any home!

6. Wildflower Swag


You’ll love the Wildflower Swag, especially if you’ve got a room that’s garden-themed. It’s so easy and cheap to make and adds personality to any bedroom, living room or kitchen.

You just need a decorative rod, which you can get at your local DYI material supplier. Apply primer, then two or three light coats of khaki. Tie the dried bunches of flowers to the rod with raffia strips and hang it on your wall.

7. Bracelet Vase

bracelet vase

Do you have any bracelets lying around the house, which you’re bored of and no longer wear? Collect them, buy a slim vase, that will fit inside the bracelets after they’ve been stacked up, then get gluing.

You need to attach the bracelets to one another, as well as to the main frame. Feel free to add any other embellishments, for extra eye-popping craft design. It’s easy!

8. CD Photo Clip

CD Photo Clip

Add a personal touch to your desk at the office by creating your personalized photo clip. You need a CD, a Styrofoam ball and three 8” pieces of aluminum craft wires.

Cut the Styrofoam ball in half, glue one half to the CD and stick in the skewers. Create flat spirals at one end of each skewer. Glue gems, sequins, beads or any other embellishment to the half-sphere.

9. Papercrafted Art Clock

Papercrafted Art Clock

If you need to beautify your kitchen, why not use this last-but-one of our great craft ideas for adults? You’ll need a Styrofoam sheet, a clock mechanism, decorative papers and some aluminum wire.

Cut the heart shape into the Styrofoam. Glue decorative paper to both sides, stick in clock mechanism and attach the resulting shape to the aluminum wire stand.

10. 20 Minute Ruffle Dress

20 Minute Ruffle Dress

All you’ll need for this eye-catching new addition to your wardrobe is one yard of ruffled fabric and an old favorite sleeveless dress. Measure and cut the two sides according to your size. Attach the two pieces together and add a tube belt from any scrap of elastic fabric. The ruffled material will make the dress seem unique and very complex – no one will believe you this is handmade!

Final Words

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