Whether at the office or on the go, you might want to listen to quality Internet talk radio stations. Here’s a list of the ten best worldwide, irrespective of your area of interest. There’s content on culture, on business topics, world politics or whatever else you might want to keep updated on. They’re free to listen to and available 24-7.

1. BBC Radio 5

For quality content at all times, all the time, you know you can rely on the British Broadcasting Company. The BBC Radio 5 broadcasts from London, the United Kingdom and is your general talk radio, with a special focus on sports. Even if you might not be into British accents, their overall reporting standards are top-notch and well worth the listen.

2. Business Talk Radio Network (BTR)

The BTR is a top-rated Internet talk radio station focusing on all aspects of business and economy, from investments and agriculture to current movies, travel, dining and topical entrepreneur issues. They come to you live from Greenwhich, Connecticut.

3. Hayhouse Radio

If books and culture are your game, try Hayhouse Radio, the station of the eponymous publishing house. It broadcasts from Carlsbad California and provides Hay House authors with their own weekly online air space for shows and events. The topics covered include self-help, affirmations, gratitude, development, and lots of others.

4. Art Radio

Art Radio is one of those Internet talk radio stations that always know what the latest scoop is. No wonder, since they’re based in New York, NY, in the wonderful historic Clockhouse building in Lower Manhattan, no less. They report from festivals all over the world (Venice, Miami, New York), provide archive sound-bytes from the Museum of Modern Art and even broadcast contemporary experimental music and exclusive DJ sets.

5. Above Top Secret Radio

The Above Top Secret Radio broadcasts from Scottsdale, AZ, and is all about fun. Entertainment news, media coverage, celebrity gossip and top 40 pop music all make for a thoroughly enjoyable listen.

6. Radio FrequencyCast UK Tech

Anchored by UK’s Carl and Pete, the Radio FrequencyCast UK Tech promises its listeners a tantalizing take on technology. It is, obviously, a talk station that targets the tech-savvy or those who strive to become constantly updated tech geeks. They cover digital TV and radio, media news and, of course, all the latest in matters of gadgetry.

7. The GFQ Network

GFQ stands for ‘Guys From Queens’, obviously indicative of the fact that they broadcast from Queens, NY. It’s also a web-based TV station, but you can also listen to their shows in radio format. They’re a ‘man’s man’ kind of station, which covers technology news, consumer electronics and entertainment. Their shows often feature invited comedians, technologists and authors.

8. WRN English North America

For a comprehensive view on all current world issues, try the WRN English North America. This entry on our selection of Internet talk radio stations broadcasts from London but manages to paint a spoken picture of the entire world, from the Vatican to East Asia and back to the US.

9. No Agenda

Let’s make it political, if you will. The broadcasters at No Agenda are Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak. They put on a podcast on political issues, which they record in their California studios. Now, don’t let the station name fool you. Their reporting has an obvious liberal slant, but their tongue-in-cheek humor and entertaining approach makes for good radio.

10. NPR Program Stream

Of course, there is no radio broadcast more comprehensive and all-inclusive than the NPR Program Stream. With studios in Washington, DC, this station has got a little bit of everything for every type of listener. Music, local news, politics, world talk and consecrated radio hosts and shows, that have been around for decades.