My Little Pony is a brilliant show for children, but it is created in such a manner that adults can enjoy it as well. The characters, the situations, the language they use, they are all very good assembled around showing respect and kindness. Take a look at a list of ten of the best My Little pony episodes.

# 10

“Power Ponies” Season 4, Episode 6

The lead characters get transported inside a comic book and become the main characters called the Power Ponies, and each owns its own super power. Rarity’s super power is to construct things with her mind, but she uses it mainly for fashion purposes. Pinkie Pie can run at high speed and she uses it to get to the cupcake store in an instant.

The best super power off all is the one owned by Fluttery who receives Hulk powers, which is funny since she is the kindest of them all. When she gets upset she transforms into an enormous rage monster, which can be hilarious.The Hulk transformations of Fluttery are the funniest moments of the episode, or even out of all the episodes.

# 9

“Dragonshy” Season 1, Episode 7

This episode starts when a dragon finds the perfect location to rest, somewhere very close to Ponyville., and represents a threat that would cover their home in a dark cloud of smoke. This means that the ponies have to get up the mountain and make the dragon leave that place.

When they get to the dragon and try to make him to leave, the plan doesn’t go as planned and are in great danger. The moment when Fluttery decides to step out and fight the dragon for hurting their friends is what saves them. She is so good at it, that she made the dragon cry.

This just gave us more insight about Fluttery, who in spite of her delicate being, proved to be a strong character who stands out to protect the ones she loves.

# 8

“Too Many Pinkie Pies” Season 3, Episode 3

When Pinkie Pie come across a magical mirror pool that can make copies of herself, all of the sudden, the town is overrun by an army of fun loving vandals. This episode makes the top, because of how funny it is, due to the situations Pinkie Pie’s copies find themselves in.

Pinkie Pie starts thinking about who she really is and what makes her special, after she sees so many copies of herself.She is more than just the overly happy and loud pony as she can be very thoughtful whose only desire is to brighten up the lives of others.

 # 7

“Lesson Zero” Season 2, Episode 3

Twilight is that pony who goes crazy when things go wrong. If something happens that she considers it may affect her reputation, she goes completely insane. This is what happens in this episode, as she has to send every week a report to her mentor, Princess Celestia.

When she realizes that a week has passed and she learned nothing, she looses it and tries to make the rest not to learn anything also. She doesn’t take failure for an answer, so she will try her best to fix her situation and this is exactly what makes this episode so meaningful.


# 6

“The Ticket Master” Season 1, Episode 3

This is one of the episodes who would make someone interested in watching the entire My Little Pony show. The Ticket Master is an episode that shows us how each of the main characters will put their differences aside, works on their strengths and weaknesses.

Twilight receives from Celestia two invitations to the most important pony event, called the Grand Galloping Gala. She can only take one of her friends along, and in this moment all her five friends give her good reasons why she should pick them. All of them have good and admirable reasons, and Twilight would want to have tickets for everybody, as she loves them all equally.

# 5

“The Return Of Harmony” Season 2, Episodes 1 & 2

All of the five ponies are a representation of a great source of power, called the Elements of Harmony. Each of them stands for a virtue, like, honesty, loyalty, generosity etc. In the two parted episode that opens the second season, all of these virtues are being tested when a threat comes back to ruin their peace.

Discord, is a creature who only wishes to do evil and create chaos  and is the most present villain of the show. He has the power of getting inside your head and make you have horrible thoughts, relying on the weakness of his victims.

# 4

“Bats!” Season 4, Episode 7

Situation gets critical, when a group of vampire fruit bats attack the house of Applejack and threaten to suck dry all of her apples. Everybody looks at them like monsters that have to be vanished, but Fluttery thinks they are just misunderstood and that there has to be a peaceful way of solving this.


“Magic Duel” Season 3, Episode 5

What this episodes brings out, is the fact that Twilight has an important position in Ponyeille and you are given all the reasons why.When Trixie, appears, everybody calls for Twilight, as she is the only one worth of their trust when things go bad. She is not a boastful leader, but the contrary, she does her best to fix things and admits her mistakes.


# 2

“The Cutie-Mark Chronicles” Season 1, Episode 23

A cutie marks is the sign that would show up on a pony, after they find out what their goal in life is. It represents their dreams and desires.
In this episode, you can see the story of the cutie marks of each of the six lead characters.Each of the story is told to the rest of the lead characters, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, ponies who haven’t received yet their cutie marks.

Maybe the most touching story of them all, is the one of Pinkie Pie’s,as she was raised on a rock farm and she was prohibited to play or even smile. One day, she saw a huge rainbow and in that moment she realized that she wants to share happiness with the world so nobody goes trough the sadness she felt.

# 1

“Sonic Rainboom” Season 1, Episode 16

This is an episode in which all of the characters have their 10 seconds of fame , whether is trough drama or comedy or by simply showing their character. There are no boring moments in this episode.

Rainbow Dash participates in a competition of flying, as she wanted to make a great impression on her idols. She wants to have her friends with her, but the competition is in Pegasus City found in Cloudsdale, and unfortunately only Pegasus can walk on clouds.Twilight manages to make some magic and gives Rarity butterfly wings and in the end she competes too.

My Little Pony is an animation that is aiming not only to get the attention of children but to keep them entertained and feed them with stories and emotions from where they can learn.

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