Weird Al Yankovic is one of my favorite singers. He has a great voice, but it is not this voice that makes him special .It is actually the parodies he creats after the songs of famous artists, such as Michael Jackson or Madonna. He started his career long ago, and I am sure many of you know him and love his work. Here are my top 10 favorite songs of Weird Al Yankovic:

1. White and Nerdy

1.white and nerdy

This is the most visualized of weird Al Yankovic’s clips and thus, it makes the first position on my list. This song describes the “White and Nerdy” life and the clip is totally hilarious. If you haven’t seen it yet, you definitely need to.

2.  Trapped in the Drive Thru

2. trapped

Weird Al Yankovic’s “Trapped in the Drive-Thru” is an 11 minutes long slow tune that ironically describes the problems a couple faces when it comes to choosing where to have  dinner. It has 23 million visualizations on YouTube and the clip is a cool animation that will definitely make you smile.

3. Amish Paradise

3. amishparadise

“Amish Paradise” is my personal favorite. I love this song since I heard it for the first time, because it is really, really, funny. The original song, parodied by weird Al, is “Gangsta Paradise” by Coolio.  Talking about the so-called benefits of an Amish life, the song is actually mocking all its aspects.

4. Fat


“Fat” was once “Bad”, the famous song of Michael Jackson. Weird Al Yankovic worked his magic on this song as well and the result is totally amazing.

5.  Eat it

5. eat it

“Eat It” is another song that parodies one of Michael Jackson’s hits. It actually comes from “Beat it” and even Michel thought it was a cool idea. I honestly believe that Weird Al is a genius and his songs could not be funnier than they already are.

6.  Another One Rides the Bus

6. another one

I’m sure you know where this one comes from, even if you never heard it before. But if you did not, listen to “Another One Rides the Bus” as soon as possible, it will make your day!

7. Smells like Nirvana


The name of the band that performed the original song appears in the title and the clip openly imitates the one of “Smells like Teen Spirit”. The regretted Kurt Cobain approved this song and was a true fan of weird Al Yankovic’s entire work. Here is where you can listen to it.

8.  Couch Potato

8. couch potato

Eminem did not escape the attention of the singer. His “Lose Yourself” became “Couch Potato”, a song that criticizes the sedentary style of life that most of us are happily living. Unfortunately, there is no video for this one, because Eminem did not agree to it.

9. Gump

9. gump

“Gump” has a double origin, as it refers both to the song “Lump”: and to a well known movie, “Forrest Gump”. The clip is inspired by both and I could not stop laughing while seeing it. If you never watched it, here is your chance to do so.

10. Like a Surgeon

10. Likeasurgeon

“Like a Surgeon” was not only approved by Madonna, but she actually gave Weird Al Yankovic the idea for this one. Both the song and the clip are making fun of surgeons (which is obvious from the title). The video is showing Al’s version of a surgery. Really, not something you would like to experience as a patient!

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