They say that eyes are the mirror of the soul, they say that they can speak without words. When we have nothing to hide, when we are honest and well intended, we have the courage to look someone directly in the eyes. When we are scared, dishonest or nervous, we avoid eye contact. When we are sad, eyes turn our feelings into tears, and every teardrop becomes a waterfall. One look is worth more than a thousand words, because unlike people, eyes never lie. They are an essential part of non-verbal communication, and they are the best way to maintain a person interested in what you have to say.

Eye drop – by AnthonyHearsey

Eyes are one of the most popular subjects for photographers, and this is why they usually focus on capturing the most breathtaking close-ups of them. However, there are many other ways of capturing their beauty. Photo manipulations, for example, can convey certain emotions and ideas about time, regret, and fantasy. We have gathered, what we consider to be the the most beautiful photo manipulations of eyes.

Persephone – by Lilyas

The way that we look at someone, can say many things about what we are feeling. By simply looking at someone, or averting our eyes from someone we say something. The way we look at someone is closely related to our deepest thoughts, feelings, and state of spirit. And it is my opinion that the eyes and the heart are held together by an invisible thread called emotion.

Eyes – by MelckyXY

Look at the eyes of an old man, in them you can see the struggles of life. You can see wisdom which can only be gained in time. You can see patience, understanding and resignation. In a way, you can see that they are filled with hopelessness, and even regrets. Without words, with one simple glance, you can learn a lot about someone’s most intimate thoughts

The Mind has a Thousand Eyes – by CorporalPhantom

Try to truly look at the woman that you once hold dear and loved like crazy. It doesn’t matter if she met someone that makes her happier than you’ve ever made her, or if she is still yearning for your touch and kisses. Only she knows this, and only her eyes will help you understand what she is going through. She was once yours, and know she isn’t anymore. Your eyes are also trying to say something now. Why did you love her? Why did you leave her? These questions are reflected in your eyes.

The_Eye – by ThaMissinLink

If you look at the eyes of a young man, you will understand that they are full of life, and hope. He lives only for the future, because he hasn’t had time to learn from the past. He doesn’t know what wisdom is, what the hardships of life are. He doesn’t know what is waiting for him in the future. But from his eyes you can see that he is enthusiastic and eager to experience a new adventure.

Cold as Ice – by lorency

Look closely in the eyes of your parents, and you will understand with one look all about their regrets and worries. They’ve always wanted something better for you, and for them you are without a doubt the one important person in the world. This is the way parents are educated, to live for the sake of their children. Nobody will ever look at you with as much love as your parents look at you.

Lapse – by Darkstar797

Finally, stand in the mirror and look at yourself. What do you see? Questions? Sadness? Happiness? The best way to truly discover oneself is by looking in the mirror, because the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Do you understand now why eyes are so important? Many of the emotions that I talked about have been captured by some of the most skilled photographers and artists through their manipulations. We hope that you are as amazed as we are.

In The Eye Of  The Begotten- by neodecay

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Summer Eye – by lorency