Celebrity Kids

It can get a bit frustrating seeing television screens and magazine pages filled with news of personalities who are deemed off as celebrities without that much of a solid basis. We’re definitely not in a place to judge who is worthy of reaching stardom or not, but you can’t argue against the fact that there are some people who definitely deserve just as much exposure. There are some so called celebrity kids who are famous within a very restricted circle despite the fact that they incorporate tons of talent and mastery. Who are they? Let’s find out and put them in the spotlight.

#1 Aelita Andre

Celebrity Kids


Considered to be a painter extraordinaire despite her frail age, Aelita Andre sparked the interest of media when she displayed a natural painting talent when she was only two years old. What’s more, her oldest paintings were created when she was barely nine months old. Today, the nine-year-old has already had her works exhibited in galleries and she continues to awe us all.

#2 Arfa Karim

Driven by her passion for computers and programming, Arfa Karim managed to become the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional when she was only nine years old. The Pakistani student represented her country at a variety of specialized contests and forums and she was even rewarded by the president for her excellent in the field. Sadly, she passed away a while ago at the age of sixteen.

#3 Cleopatra Stratan

The Moldavian singer made her debut in the musical industry when she was just three years old. Since then, she’s managed to break and acquire numerous records, some of which include the performance of singing live for two hours in front of a large audience and the title of the youngest person to be rewarded with an MTV award.

#4 Farrell Wu

Celebrity Kids


Farrell Wu is one of the clearest examples of child prodigies. His talent involves his natural inclination towards mathematics and problem-solving. As incredible as it sounds, his first contact with a mathematic problem was before he even turned one year old and by the time he was three, he was already trading stocks.

#5 Akrit Jaswal

Considered to be the most intelligent boy in the world, Akrit’s impressive IQ level which halts at 146 definitely puts him on a pedestal as India’s smartest. He managed to shock the whole world when he performed a full surgery at the mere age of seven years old. From then on, all of his efforts were focused in medicine and he managed the accomplishment of becoming the youngest person to be admitted in an Indian medical school.

#6 Ryan Wang

Ryan Wang is your mandatory musical child prodigy. He managed to make a spectacular debut when he was only four years old and played the piano in front of an impressive audience. Wang’s incursion into the musical world was kicked off when he was a toddler and briefly played the electric guitar. When his mother decided to sign him up for formal piano lesson, very little time passed until he learned how to master over eighteen different concertos.

#7 Priyanshi Somani

Celebrity Kids


Feeling really passionately about mental calculations, Somani managed to become the youngest participant in the Mental Calculation World Cup when she entered the contest in 2010 at the age of eleven. Her skills earned her places in the Guinness Book of World Records, as well as in the Limca Book of World Records. The most impressive deed, however, has to be the fact that she’s the only one to have gained a perfect score in Addition, Multiplication, and Square Root.

#8 Elaina Smith

Little did Elaina Smith know that calling in on a radio station to offer romantic advice to a listener would earn her a weekly spot in the schedule with her own broadcast. Despite being only seven years old, Smith is so savvy with the advice she hands over to people that she manages to keep up with a variety of topics that sometimes even invoke heavy life topics.

#9 Kim Ung Yong

There are some who believe that this Korean prodigy might just be the smartest person alive. He managed to break a record that earned him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records based on his mind-blowing IQ of 2010 alone. When he was only four years old, he was already able to read in four different languages.

#10 Gregory R. Smith

Although no longer a child, Smith managed to accomplish plenty of things during his childhood to make him worthy of all the media attention in the world. When he was only 12, he managed the impressive task of winning a Nobel Prize for Peace. At the age of 14, he was able to memorize and then recite entire books. These days, he travels the world as a peace activist.