If Hollywood isn’t your home for the moment, than your actually being a celebrity look-alike may not really bring you fame and money. But it will bring you unleashed popularity, that’s for sure, at least among your close ones. And this is all that matters in the end, isn’t it? This post is meant to not only give you tips on what celebrity generators are the most accurate, but to also walk you through 10 celebrity look-alikes. You might start a carer in showbiz if you are among the lucky ones who strongly look like a celebrity.

1. Emma Watson


The resemblance is incredible, there’s no doubt about that. And there’s also something mysterious about the clone, as well. Here we have two beautiful ladies to stare at.

2. Steve Jobs


This woman looks like Steve Jobs and apparently she knows it. She’s also very proud of this resemblance and the sex difference doesn’t seem to bother her whatsoever. They definitely look like twin brothers. I’m sure she really regrets them not being related, as she really looks much poorer that Jobs. She could have benefited from their alliance.

3. Ryan Gosling


10 celebrity look-alikes3

It’s hard to accept the fact that this beautiful male actually has look-alikes. It seems unfair and highly impossible. However pictures don’t lie. We’ve even come across not one, but a couple of guys who look like Ryan Gosling. The more the merrier, I’d say. Note that none of the above is actually Ryan. Both are guys who look like him. Good enough, I’d say.

4. Angelina Jolie


Well we’ll just have to be tolerant with this one, ok? This girl undoubtedly has some of Jolie’s features, but the whole assembly is far from being the same. She’s more like an Angelina Jolie sketch. But since it’s so hard to actually find a common trait with the most beautiful woman on the planet, finding 3 common Angelina traits in this woman is a life-premiere.

5. James Franco


Maybe it’s the light, maybe it’s the shade, but there definitely is something about this guy that reminds us of James Franco in an instant. Maybe it’s him. Maybe he’s doesn’t exist at all. I’m losing it.

6. Michael C. Hall

10 celebrity look-alikes6

2 times Dexter isn’t that encouraging, I’m telling you. In fact this is creepier than ever. A serial killer who has got a clone. I’m joking of course. The man is a poor actor.

7. Jane Krakowski

10 celebrity look-alikes7

Here we have a woman who could be related to Jane Krakowski, but reportedly she isn’t. They just look extremely similar.

8. Scarlett Johansson

10 celebrity look-alikes.8

This resemblance belongs to the same Angelina Jolie category listed above. If you ask me, these two hardly resemble. It’s their lips that have something in common, but that’s it. Nevertheless this is a world wide famous resemblance few can deny. I’m just going with the flow here, don’t blame me.

9. Michael Fassbender

10 celebrity look-alikes9

“I don’t want to stay in my comfort zone. I want to take risks and keep myself scared” is one of Fassbender’s most well known quotes. We’ll all like to see his reaction to this photo, which includes his dog-loving clone. Those who may have something to comment regarding their shad difference will inevitably get stuck in their own projection. These two really seem to be two faces of a same guy.

10. Woody from Toy Story

10 celebrity look-alikes10

We all know and love Woody. Well now we can finally take a look at the guy who looks like him, or who inspired his drawing. I’m not serious here, this resemblance is a sheer coincidence, but nevertheless, what a nice one. When I was a child I used to strongly believe that cartoon characters never die. I guess this could apply to their look-alikes, too.

In case this article has intrigued you even for a bit, there are a few celebrity look-alike generators that you might try if you want to discover who you look like.  They are rather fun and easy to use. You may also consider them as great birthday presents.

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