Are you having your friends over and want to have fun together, but you’re tired of playing games on your computer; or better yet, don’t have enough computers to play with? Then how about the old-school alternative – that of playing board games? When I used to be a kid (and that wasn’t so long ago) the only available PC games were Prince of Persia (the first version of it), good-old Mario, and some other console games on Sega or Nintendo. As such, we used to entertain ourselves by playing card games, board games, and even role playing games. To honor those times and to help you out with killing time with friends and relatives in a fun manner, we’ve made a list of cheap board games that I thought you might enjoy. Oh, I almost forgot: board games have been the source of entertainment in many cultures and societies, even before literacy came to be. Proofs of board games have been found on a number of historical sites, from documents and artifacts, and they include: Senet (found in Egypt), Mehen, Go, Patolli (origins in Mesoamerica), Pachisi and Chaupar (India’s ancient board games).

10. Tri-ominos Classic Dominoes Game


As the name of this game implies, it’s a classic domino game that’s ideal to play in two to four players. The game is based on the already established dominoes rules, but instead of using rectangular pieces, it features a triangular format. It is recommended for ages of eight and up.

9. Crown & Andrews Giant Snakes and Ladders Game


This is yet another entertaining game for kids of five and up that includes a giant game board that measures 57 by 57 centimeters, one large dice made of foam, and four large playing pawns. It’s a game for both your girls and boys and can be played in two to four persons.

8. Toy Story 3 Pop-O-Matic Trouble Game


Are your kids hyped about the newest adventures of Toy Story 3? Then this amazing game will make them go crazy. You can race your favorite Toy Story figure from start ’till finish. The game is recommended for kids aged five and more. It can be played in two to four persons.

7. Pictureka 2nd Edition


We continue our list of cheap board games with this fun game that will keep your kids busy for hours. The game will exercise not only their imagination, but also their visual skills. When the cards come up, you must find the objects as fast as you can in order to win that card. Collect enough of them and you win. The game includes nine game tiles, 55 cards, sand timer and an instruction book. Recommended for ages of six or more. Price: $49.95.

6. Dreadfleet


We continue our list with a series of more “serious” games, starting with Dreadfleet. Your mission is to defeat the Undead reavers of Count Noctilus, a horde that has been infected the world’s oceans for two long decades. Your hero is named Jaego Roth – commander and captain of Heldenhammer. His sole goal is to hunt down the evil Count and his team of undead captains. The box includes everything you need to win this epic battle, while the game can be played in two or more persons. You can find this thrilling board game at the Games Workshop for only £52.50 (roughly $83).

6. Infernal Contraption 2nd Edition


This is an expanded and reviewed edition of the game that lets you enter the character of a mad and fun goblin. And, as any respectable goblin, your main mission is to build twisted machines that have one purpose: to consume the resources of your opponents. The second edition features cards from the Infernal Contraption – Sabotage! The game is available for £15.25 ($24).

5. Space Hulk


Space Hulk is a two player game that enables you to battle aliens threatening mankind. You will fight them in tomb-like rooms and tight corridors of an old ship that will send shivers down your spine. On one side, the player controls the Space Marines towards their dreaded mission, while on the other you can find the hordes of Genestealers. The game’s fast-paced rules manage to create real-action game atmosphere. The box contains plastic citadel miniatures that include eleven space marines terminators, a space marine, 22 genestealers, one space marine terminator librarian, one broodlord, a rule-book for 23 pages, and a 47 paged mission book. Price: £55.89 ($88).

4. Dante’s Inferno


Dante’s Inferno, inspired from Dante Alighieri epic poem Divine Comedy (the first part), is a very complex strategy game that features trading and resource management. The goal is reach the 9th circle of Hell and, of course, defeat the lord of the undead, the King of Kings – Lucifer. Each player’s turn starts with rolling two dice. In addition, players can put to good use their resources by bringing out new player tokens, purchase new tiles for hell’s inner circles, move themselves, go deeper into hell, flip tiles, move others, or temper with die rolls. Resources can be traded between each other. The game ends as one player reaches the ninth circle of Hell and defeats Lucifer.

3. Grind


The battlefield of this game is The Destructodome. Here two teams fight each-other in a battle of life and death by making use of metal-armored warriors, such as the Steel Fury and the Iron Storm. Get ready to claim your prize by fighting your opponent. Have no mercy and apply the most wicked strategy in order to ensure the victory of your team.

2. Kill Doctor Lucky


This is a popular game created by Cheapass Games, a company that specialized in quick-playing games with cheap components. The players’ mission is to lurk around the mansion in order to kill Dr. Lucky, but without being seen. This game’s secret is that you have to be in the same room as Doctor Lucky, and don’t let anyone spot you. Game can be played in three to seven persons.

1. Carcassonne


Our last addition is indeed one of the most entertaining games I’ve laid my eyes on. It is basically a tile-laying game, in which the players can draw and place a tile that shows French landscapes, such as cities, roads, cloisters, and so on. Read the rules of the game carefully before playing to ensure your victory.