A well-designed and efficient kitchen is of great help, mostly in these modern times, when we barely have time to breathe. But a colorful, jolly and friendly kitchen will make any family member feel comfortable, happy and in the mood for cooking something special. In modern design, colored kitchens are known to increase not only the people mood and good state of mind, but also the property value, as more and more often, the house design is something worth evaluating. Whether you are a feng shui adept or not, here are ten ideas of how to color your kitchen, with small effort and budget.

1. Pink is nothing to be afraid of

This pink jolly, a little vintage in design kitchen brings a smile on your face only when entering it. That old fashioned refrigerator makes the whole design and don’t be afraid of what your friends will say, the combination of pink and white, naturally lit by the sun will make your kitchen a place nobody will want to leave anymore.colored_kitchen


2. Colored accessories

The trend of having different colored plates and mugs is not a new one. It may, of course, interfere with one’s sense of symmetry and the general rule that plates sell in sets, but you or your family are the imaginative type, look at how beautiful and harmonious the dishes look together. A fine touch is also represented by the colored books resting on the shelf. You don’t need to move your library in the kitchen, but grandma’s old recipe book and some health and nutrition ones may do great.colored_kitchen


3. In style

Now this is a kitchen a little more complex designed. The contrasting colors turn this area into a true movie set and give your kitchen that feeling of “I saw this in a luxury magazine”. To create such a kitchen may not be so expensive as you’d think. It’s not the furniture per se, but the colors you choose and the paints you are using. A little too much? Not a problem, just ask the advice of an interior designer.colored_kitchen


4. White can make any color spark

This is the great outcome that one obtains when combining a classical view with an original one. White walls and furniture indeed create the feeling of space, cleanness, beauty. But too much white can be tiring, not to mention a little bit boring. So add up some powerful colored chairs, some rainbow-like accessories and you will have not only a very beautiful and comfortable kitchen, but one that will brighten your day.colored_kitchen


5. Bi-colored

This strong combinations of colors (electric green and white) was in fashion for bathroom designs a few years back. This doesn’t mean this idea isn’t just as much brilliant for kitchens too. The wood-like floor, looking solid and warm is perfectly matched with the green, outstanding cupboards and doors, beautifully contrasting with the white isle in the middle. The other color touches are black and brown, but all these are matching colors and used in the right amounts bring together a sense of harmony and taste.colored_kitchen


6. Rhapsody in blue

We all know blue is not only nature’s finest of colors, but a soothing peaceful one. If you live a stresses life, finding some moments of relaxation in a kitchen that looks like take right out of the movies, then this one is for you. Different blue nuances, matched with the wooden floors and adorned with smart-picked accessories, fully respect nature’s creation and offer a great surrounding.


7. Sun glasses needed

This is not a decor just for everybody, granted. There are people who are bothered by strong combinations of colors especially when they realize they have to see them every day. On the other hand, this out-of-the-box kitchen looks and feels young and vibrant and happy.


8. Futuristic harmony

In this particular case, the furniture does the trick and it may be quite expensive. Nonetheless, the whole picture again looks like taken out from a fancy interior design magazine or from a high-end family’s penthouse. But don’t worry, you will find something that fits your taste and budget, as this combination of colors and styles is something to fight for. The atmosphere this kitchen gives you is of effectiveness and beauty and no one can refuse that.


9. Again with the feng shui

Yellow and blue is a combination of colors that the human eye perceives the fastest and best. In some manuals and in some interior design articles you will often find this trend, of mixing strong yellow and blue for a relaxing, comfortable feel. This is suitable for larger kitchens and for those that have a very ordered and “clean” design.


10. RusticĀ 

In this case, the simple is the best. Wooden colors and patters, along with the warmth given by the natural nuances, matched with some patches of strong, yet comfortable yellow, in a white frame that completes the sense of serenity. This kitchen may look and feel a little quiet, but it is nonetheless beautiful and comforting. You don’t need to use strong disco touches to get what you wish for: a place where you can find peace and inspiration.