i'm good

No matter how honest and kind we are, we all know that deep down inside we’re massive liars. Maybe not massive, but close. We all know some of the frequently told lies and what they really mean. However, there are those lies that are so smooth and well thought of, that sometimes, even we don’t know that we’re lies. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the most common lies we tell ourselves, the ones that shock even ourselves. The lies that we keep telling ourselves until the moment we can no longer lie to ourselves.

10. I’m Good at This!

i'm good

You know those times when we’re about to do something big and we let everyone know how good we are at it, when in fact we’re telling ourselves that we’re good, because we’re really not. But sometimes, that’s the best way to start something, telling yourself you’re good at it, just to get the ball rolling.

9. I Can’t Live Without Him/Her

i can't live without you

Sure you can. You’re not tied together by an umbilical cord, so chances are you can live without him or her, so stop lying to yourself about it. It may not be easy.  You might find yourself missing them. Chances are,  you will cry and feel an empty spot in your heart that you feel will never be filled again. But you can live without them and you will. Just put one foot in front of the other and start moving.

8. I Wish I Could


No, you don’t wish you could. Because if you did, then you would do try your best to do it. So many people say this when they’re too lazy or don’t really want to do something. It’s an excuse (a bad one) they tell themselves and others. I wish I could be as brave as you and go volunteer at the hospital. No you don’t, so stop lying to yourself!

7. I’m Too Old for That

too old

You know who’s too old for that? My grandmother is too old to use the halfpipe in the skater park. But other than that, she’s alright. You’re never really too old for anything and, if you believe that you are, then you’re a sad, little person who needs a reality check. Be bold and try new (or old) things. That’s how you keep a young heart.

6. I’m Only Going to Eat Only One Chip

one chip

With the risk of sounding like an old Lay’s commercial, you really can’t have just one chip and anyone who is delusional enough to tell themselves that they can only have one chip, is a big fat liar. Go ahead and make a more realistic plan, such as: I’m going to put a handful of chips on a little plate and I’m going to enjoy them and then that’s it!

5. If Only I Had the Money


To be honest many phrases that start with this line aren’t really lies. For example: if only I had the money, I would buy a deserted island and live there 6 months of a year. I would really do that! But there are other little lies that we tell ourselves, where we blame money for our lack of initiative and action.

4. I’ll Have One Drink and That’s It

one drink

This is one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves. It is usually told when we are about to go to a bar with friends. Whether you have to work or be somewhere important, you’re going to have just one drink and then leave. 5 hours later, you’re on your 6th beer and you’re telling a stranger about the time you pissed yourself when you got chased by a dog when you were little. (In my defense, the dog was as big as I was!)

3. If I Had More Time I Would…

more time

… probably sit around the house in your pajamas and stare at the ceiling while fantasizing what you would do if you had more time. Admit it! We’re making lists of things we would do more if we had the time, like read and go to the gym or volunteer, when in fact we would never do it. Blaming our lack of free time keeps us happy and ignorant.

2. I Deserve This

i deserve this

Entitlement is very dangerous, because the world doesn’t work that way and you should have figured that out by now. Nobody deserves to be mugged, the same way nobody deserves any favors. You don’t deserve to have something nice to happen to you just because you’ve suffered in the past, the same way someone doesn’t deserve to get sick.

1. Tomorrow


There is no need to continue. Tomorrow is a big enough lie on its own. Procrastination is the biggest plague of the modern individual and something needs to be done about it. You can begin by being truthful with yourself. Admit that you are lazy.  It’s the first step of solving your problem.

Do you know any other lies we tell ourselves that are worth mentioning? Care to share? Drop us a line in the comment section below, we love hearing from our readers!