jim carrey sexy face

The race is long and hard to find someone we like who likes us back. It’s a jungle out there, some might say and that’s why, sometimes, men and women will do things to become more attractive to the opposite sex that range from painting nails and shaving various parts of the body, to surgery or submit to idiotic fashion and beauty trends that need to die as soon as possible. Is it possible to learn to be sexy? Today, we’ve got 10 completely unattractive things men and women do to be sexy. Read on and take notes!

10. Sky-High Heels

sky high heels

To each his own, we know! For some, sky-high heels are the sexiest thing in the world, but to most, they’re simply a pain to look at. Imagine how uncomfortable the woman must be feeling in them. When did pain become sexy? (BDSM lovers, look away!) There’s no doubt that high heels will make a leg appear longer, slimmer and sexier, but there’s a difference between high heels and sky-high heels.

9. Tanning


Tanning should be outlawed! It’s not only horrible for the skin and invites skin cancer to come in and throw a party in your epidermis, but it also make you look like a baked potato. Men, women, stop doing it, because it’s not sexy! Instead, try to take care of your skin, so that it looks and stays healthy. That’s the sexiest thing you could do for your skin.

8. Pouting


When a child pouts it is cute. When a dog pouts, it’s sweet and funny. When a grown man or woman pouts, it’s lame. If you think pouting is sexy, then you should go back to the drawing board, because you need some more lessons in living on Planet Earth. Remember, a duck face should stay on a duck!

7. Wear No Underwear

sharon stone

Wearing no underwear is overrated. We are not Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. Sharon Stone is no longer Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. Respect your pants and wear underwear. If you want to be sexy, wear sexy underwear or granny pants… whatever you find sexy, but please, wear some.

6. Padding

padded bra

Wearing padding is lying. Padded bras are lies. Padded underwear is a lie. Why would you want to trick someone into believing you’ve got bigger breasts, bootie or crotch? They’re going to learn the truth sooner or later. And the disappointment you will see in their eyes will not be sexy, we assure you!

5. Posing

posing too hard

If you’re trying to be sexy, then you’re probably doing it wrong, because sexy isn’t something that you turn it on and off with a snap of the fingers. Let’s say you (man or woman) are at a bar waiting to get your drink. You see someone enter the bar who you think is attractive. How are you going to get their attention? You pose! You carefully position your legs, arms, belly in, chest out, so that you look your sexiest, so that when they see you, they say look at that poor thing how they’re trying to look sexy!

4. Wear Too Much Makeup

caked on makeup

This one applies more to women than men, but we are looking at you, Johnny Depp! Makeup is sexy when it subtly highlights certain features, such eyes or lips. Not everything all at once! If it looks like you fell face first in a puddle of makeup, you’re not sexy, you’re wearing a mask that we all know is coming down with hardship. If you want to learn a few tips for great makeup, we suggest the wonderful Lisa Eldridge.

3. Flex Muscles

flexing muscles

Men, flexing your muscles, to try to be sexy is not sexy. We can see your chest and arms exactly how they are. Flexing them won’t suddenly make you a sexy God, so stop doing it, because it looks silly.

2. Drink Sexy Cocktails

sex on the beach

If you drink a Sex on the Beach, then kudos to you, but if you think that a drink is going to make you look sexy, then you can’t be more wrong! So stop sipping your Orgasm and throwing sexy looks, because a cocktail is not sexy. You know what’s sexy? Having the ability to drink a shot of tequila without making any faces. I would totally fall for a girl who can do that!

1. Sexy Faces

jim carrey sexy face

We’ve all sat in the mirror practicing our sexy faces. Admit it! We’ve all been young and foolish once! Well, those faces that we think are so hot, are actually not sexy at all. As we said earlier, trying to be sexy is not the way to do it. Relax your face, don’t pucker your lips, don’t raise an eyebrow and don’t strike poses with your face. Smile and let your face show your emotions. That’s sexy!

How do you try to be sexy? Do you have any tips? What do you think is sexy in a woman or a man? What turns you on and off? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.