Lightmode Helmets

Safety first, we all know that. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take the safety with a grain of awesomeness. There’s a whole industry revolving around the manufacturing of helmets and there are several brands that have stood out throughout history. But regardless of the brand that made them, it’s the appearance of these helmets that make them the coolest motorcycle helmets ever.

So, get on your motor and make sure to wear a matching outfit because you’re about to conquer the highways all thanks to the 10 Coolest Motorcycle Helmets To Wear On The Road.

#1 Skulls 3D Helmets

Coolest Motorcycle Helmets


Surely there are plenty of you out there who wouldn’t turn down the possibility to become the literal newest Ghost Rider of the railways. Fortunately, you can attain a similar aesthetic by covering your head with an intimidating (yet pretty awesome looking) helmet. The motorcycle that leaves flaming trails as you pass by is mandatory, but unfortunately impossible to attain for obvious safety reasons. Safety first!

#2 Lightmode Helmets

Lightmode Helmets


These Tron reminiscent helmets aren’t actually fabricated by just one particular brand. In fact, you can find on the Internet plenty of DIY tutorials that teach you where to acquire a lightmode kit from and how to install it. Not only is it incredibly chic when worn at night, but this is a type of helmet that will also boost safety by making you more visible in traffic.

#3 Cat Eyes Visors Helmets

Cat Eyes Vision


Want to look menacing, futuristic, stylish, and slightly intimidating? Look no further than the helmet which turns your visor into a pair of glowing cat-like eyes with a mere press of a button. We haven’t tested it ourselves to know whether it’s actually practical in terms of vision and sight and whatnot, but we know that it definitely deserves to be one of the coolest motorcycle helmets.

#4 Darth Vader Steampunk Helmets

Steampunk Darth Vader


Steampunk is a whole fashion branch by itself. Science has proven, one hundred percent true, that making everything steampunk related makes it approximately ten times cooler than when it’s NOT steampunk related. You can even take the famed Darth Vader and have been both menacing and looking as if he’s preparing to dive into Bioshock Infinite to stir some trouble.

#5 Jack Daniels Half Helmets

Jack Daniels Helmet


Yeah, we don’t exactly recommend going half helmet because, hey, you never know. But it’s a form of protection, so it gets a pass, especially when it has such a cool theme and concept behind it. Something tells us that whiskey and motorcycles go really well together (thematically and aesthetically, please don’t drink and drive) and this creatively awesome helmet proves it.

#6 Iron Man Helmets

Iron Man Helmet


This isn’t the kind of helmet that you can find on the shelves of specialized stores (or any stores), unfortunately. But the good news is that it can be customized and crafted by your own two hands. And it’s not difficult to do so either! You’ll need to find a helmet that fits the color scheme and follow one of the plenty tutorials scattered on the Internet. It’s this uniqueness that adds value to these models and makes them the coolest motorcycle helmets.

#7 Bluetooth Helmets

Bluetooth Helmets


Most of them look ravishing, so that’s a great bonus. But the real beauty of a Bluetooth helmet is that it’s actually practical beyond the safety it provides when driving. You can listen to your favorite tunes directly from the helmet, which is guaranteed to give you an extra and improved experience.

#8 Smiley Helmets

Smiley Helmets


They’re kind of creepy, they’re kind of eerie, but they’re definitely some of the coolest motorcycle helmets ever. This kind of helmets have exploded on the market lately and there’s a good reason for it. They add to your vibes of radness and unapproachable BAMF and, hey, you get bonus points if you’re familiar with Tokyo Ghoul because you’re one step away from becoming the renowned one-eyed ghoul!

#9 Transformers Helmets

Transformers Helmets


We know that the point of this helmet is to make you look incredibly awesome while riding a motorcycle, but what about those that can make you look like you’re part of the motorcycle? It’s not difficult to accomplish when you wear the head of a transformer, whether that transformer is Optimus Prime or Bumblebee.

#10 Custom Permanent Market Helmets

Marker Helmets


Last but not least, there’s a little something called creativity. Creating a unique-looking helmet is as easy as picking up a permanent marker and doodling some patterns or images on a plan helmet. In the end, it will still be a custom helmet and it will still make you stand out on the road. Win-win!