Monaco is one of the countries with unusual immigration rates.

In the current light of the controversy of immigration, many of us have no idea that there are countries in the world where the immigration rates have reached unimaginable values. We are not talking about big states, but more about smaller ones, very rich ones or colonies and islands. In these countries with unusual immigration rates, the nationals are classified as a minority, but this does not impede the citizens to lead happy lives. The following countries are the nightmare of every ultra nationalistic society.

10. Andorra

Andorra is among the top countries with unusual immigration rates.

Immigration Rate: 56.9%

Andorra is a very small state in the South-Western part of Europe, and one of the countries with unusual immigration rates. It occupies the sixth place among the smallest nations in Europe, but immigrants are attracted by the lack of personal taxation, estate duties, capital gain or income dividend taxes. As a result, Andorra has become a prosperous state, also thanks to the tourism industry.

9. U.S. Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands are a true paradise.

Immigration Rate: 59.3%

One of the numerous colonies of the United States, the Virgin Islands can be considered a true paradise. Most of its immigrants are American citizens who decided to visit the islands during a vacation and ended up being charmed by the lovely place and thus decided to move there. The national population is the one of native Virgin Islanders.

8. Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten used to be a Dutch Colony.

Immigration Rate: 59.7%

Another wonderful island is situated in the Caribbean and has been colonized a long time ago by both the Dutch and the French. Most immigrants remain citizens from the Netherlands and France, and they share the island with the natives. Its particularity lies in the smooth combination of different cultures. By visiting Sint Maartin you can honestly say you have visited three different countries.

7. Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands are also quite popular among immigrants.

Immigration Rate: 62.1%

Many people choose to immigrate to the Falkland Islands, particularly because the procedure does not require difficult processes like in other countries. The islands are part of the United Kingdom. However, those who decide to move there are not instantly granted British rights.

6. Monaco

Monaco is one of the countries with unusual immigration rates.

Immigration Rate: 64.2%

Considered one of the most luxurious places in Europe, Monaco is truly one of the countries with unusual immigration rates. This happens particularly because all you need to do in order to become a citizen of the state is to  live there for ten years and write a nice and pompous letter to the Prince stating that you have renounced your foreign nationality and thus no longer need to do national service abroad.

5. Caribbean Netherlands

Caribbean Netherlands consist of three islands.

Immigration Rate: 65.9%

Other paradise-like places on Earth are the Caribbean Netherlands, which have recorded a growth of the population over the past years. They consist of three islands: Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatius. Many people from Canada, the United States, the Dominican Republic, Peru and Colombia have chosen to leave their lives behind and start fresh in this colorful region.

4. American Samoa

The top countries with unusual immigration rates include American Samoa.

Immigration Rate: 71.2%

Even though it is part of Oceania, American Samoa belongs to the United States. Quite a lot of foreigners are enticed by the beauty of the place, even though it is not larger than Washington D.C. The archipelago includes seven islands. Its residents have access to the wonderful Ofu-Olosega beaches and the National Park of American Samoa.

3. Qatar

Qatar attracts a huge number of immigrants.

Immigration Rate: 73.8%

One of the richest countries in the Middle East, Quatar has recorded an increase of the population over the past years. Visa applications do go smoothly, and this is just one of the reasons it has become one of the top countries with unusual immigration rates. As opposed to previous examples, people come to Quatar mostly to work, not just to enjoy the nice scenery, and later on settle there for the rest of their lives.

2. United Arab Emirates

UAE is among the top countries with unusual immigration rates.

Immigration Rate: 83.7%

Another country in the Middle East, very rich in oil, is the U.A.E. The leaders of the state plan to transform the territory into an open city, and this can only be achieved with the help of immigrants. Foreign nationals have no visa restrictions and are in most cases allowed to practice their own cultures and traditions.

1. Vatican City

Vatican City has a very small population of only one thousand.

Immigration Rate: 100%

Last on our list of countries with unusual immigration rates is Vatican City. Ranked as the smallest country in the whole world, Vatican does not have any natives. Everyone who lives there, including the Pope, has different roots in different parts of the world. Its one thousand residents can be split into three categories: diplomats, cardinals and the rest who serve the Holy See. Only half of them hold a citizenship status, and all of them have to be appointed by the Pope.

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