Modern chair design ideas vary from extremely comfortable, as designers understand the importance of sitting in a healthy position to extremely surrealist pieces of furniture that have nothing in common with the word comfort and sometimes, not even with the word chair. But interior furniture designers are known to be a little crazy  when it comes to creating something that is both spectacular, luxurious, impossible to define or catalog. So let’s see together ten of some pieces of furniture that go by the academic term of “chair”, even if many of them look like spaceships and even more can’t be even used.

1. Nice ass!

A phrase any woman would instantly get pissed by, if heard in a social and even in an intimate context, said in the wrong tone of voice. Except that when it comes to this particular chair… the compliment becomes justified in and out of itself.


2. The reboot bike

“Honey, I broke my bike!”

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. What are you going to do now?”

“Imma gonna build myself a chair!”

Fair warning: don’t try this at home!


3. The sea anemone

Designer chair by Nendo, this is a paper chair. Really. Does it hold? We don’t know. Does it look from another world? Definitely!


4. The shopping cart

This idea came one of two ways: either someone simply forgot to leave the cart at the supermarket, walked it home, realized what they have done and found it a use, in lack of better imagination, or somebody lacking a chair in the house and having too much imagination just “borrowed” a cart from the supermarket, thus completing their living room furniture set with this futuristic, yet simple piece.


5. The Arachnid

Award-winning designer chair, this piece of interesting, comfortable yet disturbing furniture bares the name of The Living Lounge Chair and it looks alive enough to give anybody a good scare, especially in the middle of the night if you bump into it. Scared of spiders? Not anymore!


6. Don’t sit too much

This was probably conceived by N.A.S.A in case some extraterrestrials decide to pay us a friendly visit but we don’t want them to sit around too much. Regardless of the futuristic look, imagine how you must feel as you basically fall into one of those, legs in the air against hard margins. The aliens will never visit us for sure!


7. Shrink to fit

Take a seat, please, we insist! If you survive, please come back and tell us how that experience was! And yes, we do mean that it’s going to hurt the living soul out of you, especially if you’re not an anorexic!


8. The Surf Chair Workstation

Not enough space in the room for a desk, a chair and a computer? Designer chair for the geek in us who needs to stay comfortable while we surf the technological era.


9. The camping chair

Ummm… this edifice goes by the name of chair. We see it more in the terms of a tent or a hostel,  but all in all it’s a matter of how big you dream or live.


10. Something’s missing

Comfort, that it, while sitting on this piece of furniture that would sure look great in any avantgarde artist’s studio but is nowhere near the functionality of a normal chair. Looks neat, though!