Furniture, as a fashion extent of our every day life, has been a part of the human experience since the development of non-chromatic cultures. There is evidence of furniture that exists from the Neolithic Period, and antiquity – in the form of paintings (wall murals). Furthermore, sculpted pieces of furniture have been excavated in Egypt and found in tombs in Ghiordes – modern day Turkey. Setting up a pleasant and creative workspace requires a lot of imagination, but the advantages of having a modern and cool looking office are undisputed – saving space, creating a colorful, fun and inspirational space for your employees, and so on. Without further ado, here’s our list of creative office furniture.


10. FlexiTube



This amazing bookcase (to use in both offices and a personal space) was designed by Doris Kisskalt. It offers a new and innovative perspective on future furniture development. You can place it against the wall, or in the middle of the room to divide the space up. In addition, they are easy to stack, and you can choose between 2 circle sizes.

9. The Bibliochaise



Bookcase or chair? Why not both – with this creative office furniture piece you can stack your books right at your fingertips. It’s a great addition to any office and, why not, your home. The bibliochase is not only functional, it’s also practical and cool looking.

8. Got Milk?



The Milk desk is Apple’s newest design to match with your Apple gear. The desk raises and lowers itself electrically, it has ways to hide the cable clutter, four compartments at one end that can be configured for storage, trash or an aquarium.

7. Softwall



Are you in need of space and can’t find a solution to look awesome with your workspace? The Softwall is a great choice that offers you flexibility and smart partitioning of any office space, making it look amazing, modern, and, best of all, practical. This creative office furniture is made of paper with a felt core. It was designed in such a manner that it lets all the light enter the room. In addition, you can twist it into just about any shape or roll it up when you don’t need it.

6. The Wing Desk



If you really really want something unique to decorate your office with, here’s a desk made out of a part of a 1944 DC-3 wing. It’s made by the dutch designer Dolph Bode who travels around the world to seek lost parts of these historical planes. Creativity at its best!

5. Vision One Chair



I strongly believe that this is one of the best (if not the best) chair I’ve ever seen. If you have a game-developing firm, the Vision One Chair is every game developer slash game tester dream come true. Made with a genuine Porsche seat and displaying wide surfaces for all of your gear, the V1 is the ultimate choice when it comes to working/gaming comfort.

4. Trey Chair



Although, at first glance, the chair may look like an ordinary office chair, it’s not. Take a closer look at the Trey Chair and you will notice that it has two distinct pieces which can come apart and be used separately. Thus, the seat can become a low rocker, a suitable solution for working with low tables (a lot of offices use the least amount of furniture to save up space) while the wheeled base becomes a tiny table or comfy ottoman.

3. Conference Bike



Keep your employees healthy with this absolutely fabulous Conference Bike. Although it cannot be considered a piece of furniture per-say, the conference bike is used in more than 16 countries by various groups of employees. This machine is 5 years in development, and represents the outstanding combination of American ingenuity and German craftsmanship. The Conference Bike can be ridden by seven people at once. A fun and practical addition to your workspace.

2. Art Tables



Number two in our list of creative office furniture is taken by Marie Westh’s Art Tables. Create a unique, full of color, and sleek looking office with some of her best looking tables. To take a glance at more of her superb designs, feel free to visit the official website.

1. Danny Venlet’s Office Desks



Danny Venlet’s office desks are just amazing. His office desks are designed with glossy varnish materials (both inside and outside), offering a rich choice of materials and colors. This is a special office furniture for future-oriented managers and executives.

Our top ends here, but not without asking you which of these ten is your choice?