Cemeteries are rarely places where one would like to walk after dark. There are some cemeteries, however, that would frighten even the bravest persons. These spooky places, filled with ghosts, black magic practitioners and mystery do not make great burial places, especially if you do not wish to come back as a ghost! Here, thus, some of the creepy cemeteries in the world,  where I would not like to be buried, but I would not mind visiting, while still alive:

1.  Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, Chicago


This is not only a spooky cemetery, but an abandoned one too, which, according to the standards of almost everybody, increases the degree of “scariness”. It is located within the limits of Chicago city, but it seems to belong to an era and to a world of its own. This place renowned for being haunted and many witnesses reported seeing or hearing strange things here. Apparently, the dead ones were disturbed by black magic rituals that take place in the forgotten graveyard.

2. Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery

camp chase

This Cemetery is renowned for the fresh flowers that simply appear on the grave of a confederate soldier. Some people even report a mysterious ghostly lady, wearing a gray dress, who is said to walk around the graveyard, mourning her lost husband.

3.  Cemetery St. Louis no.1, New Orleans

3. cemetery

Here is the burial place of America’s perhaps greatest witch, the voodoo queen Marie Laveau who was famous far outside the borders of New Orleans for her skills . Today, it is said that the ghost of this lady is wondering around the cemetery and that it takes the shape of a large cat on fire. Who would like to have her as a neighbour, I wonder..

4. The Catacombs of Paris

catacombs paris

One of the spookiest spots in the world , the catacombs of Paris is the resting place of millions of poor souls who were taken from their original resting places and moved here , where they are all sandwiched in and exposed to the outside world. There is no wonder then that mysterious things have happened in this place , that many visitors capture ghosts in their  photos and that brave  adventurers who come alone in this place never get to see the sunlight again…

5. Greyfriar’s Cemetery, Edinburgh

5. cemetery

Probably the world’s most dangerous graveyard, Greyfriar is so renowned for its violent paranormal activity that it was made inaccessible to tourists. Apparently, among the “attractions” of this place are objects being thrown at people, evil laughter, and visitors fainting or being injured or cut by unknown beings. Not a great place to rest eternelly, therefore…

6. Prospect Cemetery, Dublin

6. cemetery

This is a huge graveyard and thus, there are many weird stories related to it and to its dwellers. The saddest place within its perimeters is the “Little Angels” corner where 50,000 children and newborns were buried. Thus, there is no surprise that one may hear noises of children playing and see glowing figures here. Not only is this cemetery spooky, but is is a very sad as well.

7. Resurrection Cemetery, Chicago

7. cemetry

This is the second spooky cemetery in Chicago. It seems like the deceased residents of this city cannot find rest anywhere, as they haunt this cemetery as well. Resurrection graveyard is most famous for the ghost of a murdered girl.Apparently, she enjoys interacting with visitors, who have seen her in the past 90 years. Also, ghost hunters will be happy to hear strange conversations when the cemetery is empty , while vampire lovers will enjoy the story of an alleged vampire who is buried in one of the graves, but tries to get out at night.

8. Huguenot Cemetery, Florida

Huguenot Cemetery in  St Augustine Florida

This is an excellent place to be, as an adventurous tourist, but not as a permanent resident, that’s for sure! The history of this place is marked by the yellow fever that devastated St. Augustine at the end of the 19th century. Then, the many victims of the disease were buried in this cemetery, sometimes while still alive. The tragedy surrounding the Hughenot cemetery gave birth to many ghost stories and the odds are, they are true as well…

9. Old Western Graveyard, Baltimore

9. cemetery

The famous burial ground of Edgar Allen Poe is filled with ghosts, if the stories are true. Apparently, many people were buried alive in this place and they died while trying to get out. Thus, they continue to ask for help to this day. Even the ghost of the famous writer was  spotted and he engaged into conversations with various people. However, the scariest story is that of a skull which was screaming when placed in a block of cement and is still screaming today.

10. Hollywood Forever Cemetery, L.A.

10. cemetery

Stars cannot find peace after death either so if you were thinking to choose Hollywood Forever Cemetery for your own eternal resting place, you should better change your mind. Here, the ghost of Virginia Rappe, a young starlet who died in suspicious conditions while attending a party, where she might have been sexually abused, is wondering around. Another famous ghost is that of a lady in black who has been seen numerous times in front of  Rudolph Valentino’s crypt, while  Clifton Webb appeared to the visitors also. A delightful place to be at night, indeed.


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