The bathroom might or might not be your child’s favorite place in the house, but if you want it to be truly special, try out any of these great kids’ bathroom décor ideas. They will make your little one feel appreciated, their opinions respected and their ideas listened to. Besides, this remodel project will make your home look all the more unique.

1. Color

How can you put together a cute, vibrant and ultimately successful bathroom décor set for your child without color? There is absolutely no way to do this, as we all know kids love colors, and we want them to love the design. Make sure you know your child’s favorite and least favorite hues before embarking on this project however. Another good tip here is not to overdo it with lots of colors. Pick one or two complementary hues and stick with them throughout the elements in the room.

2. Theme

Kids bathroom décor items are available with lots of themed items, from their favorite cartoon characters to entire universes, condensed in décor form. You can spring for an ocean or a jungle theme. Add animals, princesses, robots or cars as decals, or on the ceramic tile design. Personalize further with textiles, by featuring your child’s favorite things on bath towels and robes.

3. Simplicity

While you do want to create a kids’ bathroom décor that is unique and full of charm and personality, much like your child, don’t overdo it. The key to any space that manages to blend form and functionality is that it does not sacrifice one at the expense of the other. Thus, while you want your child to have fun in the tub, remember that the simpler is always the better. Make the sink, the toilet and the tub readily available and find good storage solutions, so that the little tyke doesn’t have to trip on a thousand other items on their way from the loo to the basin.

4. High-Tech Bathroom

Some parents might not agree to this idea, but we’re more than sure that many kids will be instantly charmed by it. After all, didn’t we all dream of having a TV in our room while growing up? In the design featured above, the flat-screen TV has been placed right above the tub. It will definitely make bathing a trillion times more fun, but it will also probably make it last much, much longer than before.

5. Disney-fy the Bathroom

What kid doesn’t love Mickey Mouse, Daisy, Donald and Minnie? If your child can’t have enough of these Disney classics, you will be happy to know that you can basically feature them on any surface in the room. Add a Disney shower curtain, colorful ceramic wall tiles, toothbrush stands… they are all readily available for sale.

6. Explore the Ocean

In case your toddler or infant don’t really enjoy bathing, which is understandable because of the foam that gets into their eyes, or the fact that they have to give up their favorite show, create a themed kids’ bathroom décor. Your child might hate bathing in the tub, but love bathing in the sea. Bring the sea home with a complex bathtub curtain, soap dispensers, towels and tiles featuring fish, ocean plants and other forms of marine life.

7. Baseball for the Boys

Little boys might not be the world’s biggest fans of personal hygiene, but they will sure love spending more time in the bathroom if it looks like this. There are footballs, catching gloves and baseballs all over the place in this décor—from the bathmat to the cornice, to the towels—even the toothbrush stand is shaped like a ball! For the shower curtain and the walls choose the colors of their favorite team and you’ll have won them over for good!

8. Jungle for the Tykes

This kids bathroom décor is ideal for the really little ones, who will just love seeing all their favorite animals brought together for a home-bound safari. Stripy zebras, spotty giraffes and gentle lions will make bath time equal fun time. The soft, gentle colors and cute functional items, such as mats, soap dispensers, towels and napkin box holders will all come together in a mix that is as fun as fun can be.

9. Dreamland Bathroom

For some kids, bath time is inextricably linked with bedtime. Create a soothing kids bathroom décor by adding crescent moon items, lots of clouds and delicately white surfaces in porcelain. Use any opportunity to complete the color scheme, which is simple and serene, with lots of blue and white and eye-popping yellow details. Have your kid count the stars as she brushes her teeth, or ask them what they want to dream about, as they shower or bathe.

10. Fit for a Princess

We all know tween girls are tough to please when it comes to all things pretty. If your little princess is as demanding as all the other little girls her age, make her feel truly special with a kids bathroom décor entirely decked out in pretty rose pink. A rustic sub-theme will work like a charm here, with faux hardwood floors and side paneling. Don’t worry about humidity, either, as these are not actual wood, but plastic designed to look like wood.