Luxury dog beds are a great idea for a gift this holiday season, whether you’re looking into presents for your beloved pooch or an animal-loving friend. There are plenty of models to choose from, some more sober, others more on the whimsical side, some better suited for lap dogs, others for larger breeds. Whatever you want, it’s out there for sale – it all depends on the dog’s style and the size of your budget.

1. Chester and Wells “Richmond”

If you want the best of the best for your pooch when it comes to luxury dog beds, know that most products from Chester and Wells are top notch. The Richmond in particular will wow canine and human owner alike for its sleek, retro, 1960s inspired design. To boot, it is affixed on a sturdy wooden frame and finished in faux leather with a deliciously rich milk-and-coffee color. It features a beige inner cushion and the wooden feet can be extended higher up above the ground to avoid dampness and drafts.

2. Blue Toile Tuffet Bed

Selling for $300, this is one of the luxury dog beds out there that is more suited for lap dogs and other small breeds, as it can only hold dogs of up to 15 pounds. And besides, would you really want to see a massive Rotweiller atop this high-fashion bed, covered in beautiful and soft blue toil? It would look funny, to say the least, couched among the turkey feather fringe. A poodle or a Yorkie, however, would feel right at home on this furniture item that is pure doggie bliss.

3. Vintage Mini Sleigh Bed

This $600 piece of canine furniture is perhaps the most exquisite of all vintage-like luxury dog beds that you will have the opportunity to lay eyes on. Its elegant sleigh shape is enhanced by the faux vintage mink fur covering, whose soft touch will get even the most dynamic dog to relax. The cushion cover can be easily removed for cleaning purposes.

4. COCO House by Louis Dog

For $189 you will be purchasing more than what your run-of-the-mill luxury dog beds can offer you. You will be getting your beloved pet the ultimate comfort experience in this doggie house covered in soft, quilted faux leather. The design’s lovely powder blue color is enhanced by the corsage, also in faux leather, which you can detach for cleaning purposes, or in case said canine friend wants to chew on it. The romantic vibe is further enhanced by the lovely cotton frill which borders the basket-shaped house.

5. Wallace & Jones “Oxford II”

This is one of the modern-inspired luxury dog beds featured on our list. Like other model, it is covered in faux leather, which comes in an elegant graphite-like hue called Moonbeam. The cushions are removable for ease of access to the frame, as well as for a more streamlined cleaning process. In case you don’t want your doggy frame to catch a draft or be exposed to dampness, you can elevate the wooden legs above the ground. The bedding is available in an alternative color scheme and comes in two size variants, small and medium.

6. Swirl Plush Donut Dog Bed

At only $34.99, our more high-end readers might wonder why this design of luxury dog beds is featured here. The reason goes beyond the ultimate comfort that this soft, plushy, donut-shaped item will provide. It’s the excellent value of the bed that qualifies it for inclusion. The sides of the bed are bolstered for extra resistance and the woven bottom is skid resistant. Your puppies will love snuggling up top, while larger dogs can be accommodated by the bottom bunk. This great bed grows at the same pace as your dog!

7. Teastain Hotel Bed

Just in case you can’t take your beloved doggie on vacation with you this holiday season, $600 will buy you and the pooch a luxury vacation-like experience. This exquisite bed is fit for a five star pet hotel indeed. The crisp linens with a teastain pattern are made of a comfy cotton blend that will satisfy even the most demanding dog out there. Additional accessories include a duvet, a down comforter, a bolster and a mattress pillow. Now all you need to do is convince your pet to actually sleep in it…

8. Hampton Leather Dog Bed

Luxury dog beds which cost below $100 can be found online, and one such outstanding example is the Hampton Leather Dog Bed, which features a $94.5 price tag. The 60s inspired rounded model comes in an elegant brown and features a removable cushion covered in faux suede. The metal feet can be elevated to whichever height you or your pet require. You can also purchase the bedding in black, if you think the featured color does not suit your furry friend’s fur coating.

9. Bla Bla Dog Bed

This luxury dog bed, with its $350 price tag, is ideal for your little canine princess. If she’s white, golden or cream-colored you might actually lose her in the design, which features a soft faux fur blanket. The romantic bed is adorned with full-flowing shiny lace and a soft mesh frill. The BlaBla Bear appliqué and cute ribbon on the bed head positively guarantee sweet dreams for your pooch, while the pure cotton lining of the fleecy mat makes sure that your dog will develop no unwanted allergies to this luxury furniture item.

10. The Celebrity Chaise Bed

With quite an impressive price tag of $500, the Celebrity Chaise Bed is one of the luxury dog beds for which you will envy your canine friend. Wouldn’t you want to be able to rest on the cushion covered in soft red velvet? The bed can hold dogs of up to 20 pounds and features a removable cover on the cushion, which will make cleaning a breeze. This bed is genuinely fit for canine royalty, so treat your doggie prince or princess to luxury this holiday season.