diy christmas decoration

Christmas is just around the corner, so if you have any free time in this period, it would be idea to catch up on your Christmas decorations. It could be a fun activity you do with your family during weekends, plus you don’t need to spend that much money and it’s lots of fun.

So, here are ten easy Christmas decorations you should try this year.

1. The canvas Christmas globe

This is a great idea for recycling fabric you no longer use. All you need is a piece of fabric (any color you have will do just fine, but if you find something Christmasy, that would be even better), Styrofoam o some potpourri, ribbon and some twigs. It’s so easy to make and, as you can see from the picture, the result is spectacular.

2. The magazine Christmas tree

If you gave some old magazines in the house and you want to throw them away, know that you can recycle them into very cool Christmas trees. They are very easy to make because it’s all about folding the paper the right way. However, it will take some time, especially if your magazine has many pages. Tip: the thicker the magazine, the better your tree will look. Plus, it’s a great alternative for those who want to have a green Christmas. Here’s an easy tutorial.

3. The star

Making stars for the Christmas tree has never been easier. You will need the following supplies: toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls, glue, ribbon, hole punch, embellishments (rhinestones, glitter, paint etc.). Simply cut the rolls into rings, arrange them in the desired form and glue them together. After this step is done, you can paint your stars or embellish them with stones. Here’s how it goes.

4. The candle holder

Creating little light sources in a home is always a good choice, not just for celebrating Christmas, but all year round. But, in order to give your light source a Christmas look, you will need some walnuts, cranberries and kumquats, a cylinder vase, and a tall candle. It’s easy to make, plus the effect is spectacular.

5. The paper ornaments

We go back to the magazine you want to throw away. It is so easy to make a paper Christmas ornament, using just paper, glue and a bit of ribbon, plus rhinestones. Simply cut the paper to form roses other shapes you like and use a glue to keep everything in place. Use a ribbon to hang it with and decorate with rhinestones.

6. Old Christmas globes get a new look

If you have old Christmas globes that still look pretty good, it’s time to give them a new winter coat. Cut pieces out of an old blank CD and glue them onto the globe. It’s like your Christmas tree will have its own disco party.

7. Pasta snowflakes

Making snowflakes for your Christmas tree is very easy. All you need are some macaroni of different shapes and sizes which you then glue together, pray with white paint and glitter. The look simply amazing and it’s one of those projects where your imagination can go all the way.

8. Cinnamon Bundles

It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas. For this Christmas decoration, you will need cinnamon sticks, ribbon and some twigs. Simply tie the sticks together, decorate and in no time you have a very cool Christmas ornament that will make your tree smell great.

9. Light bulb ornaments

The cool thing about light bulb ornament is that they can be everything you like, from penguins and other cute creatures to angels and even the Grinch. For this project you need old light bulbs, paint, paintbrushes in different sizes and a lot of imagination.

10. Bottle caps ornaments

For this project, you will need: bottle caps, white, black, orange, and red acrylic paint, paintbrushes, ribbon, hot glue gun and glue sticks, buttons and scissors. Simply follow the easy instructions presented here and you will have a stylish Christmas ornament, which is cheap, easy to make and fun.