Beautiful hair has always been one of the most attractive things about a girl. Women dedicate a lot of their time, every day in order to get that shinny, beautiful and healthy hair that everyone envies. Moreover it is not that difficult to look like celebrities or girls in al those shampoo commercials. We have prepared for you 10 tips that are not time consuming, and are guaranteed to make you look fabulous. Before we start you should know that there are many factors which contribute to the general aspect of your hair. From what you eat, to what produce you use and the way you comb it every day, everything is essential.

  1. Find out your hair type

First of all you have to know what type of hair you have. There are a lot of hair conditioners, masks and shampoos which are destined for an exact type of hair. You can easily determine your hair type just by looking at it, but if you aren’t sure you can also take a test. Wash your hair and touch it a piece of paper near the roots and the earlobes. If you see sebum spots on the paper, it means that you have fat hair.


  1. Use high-quality products

If you want beautiful hair, you have to treat it with only the best products. You also have to choose these products according to your hair type. Another thing you should know is that it’s not advisable to comb it too often because you will damage it. Keep in mind that you should also wash your face at least two times a day in order to eliminate bacteria and germs which can soil the hair.


  1. How to wash your hair

It might feel nice, but specialists consider that hair shouldn’t be washed with hot water because hot water makes it fat, it irritates the scalp which creates dandruff and it damages the roots. Also, you should not wash the hair every day, and you shouldn’t use too much shampoo. The best thing is to distillate the shampoo in a glass of water, and gradually cleanse around the scalp and the ends of the hair. After you are done with everything rinse it. Left-over shampoo leads to dandruff and bad hair.

  1. Use conditioners and hair masks

They don’t advertise conditioners and masks for no reasons. These products are very rich in proteins and fats, and they offer the best protection for the hair. Hydrating masks are the key to shinny hair. If you have long hair it is imperative to youse conditioner in order to prevent hair breakage.


  1. Eat balanced meals

Everything about our body is related to the way we eat and take care of ourselves. Nature has generously put all the nutrients we need at our disposal, as long as we pay a little attention to them. First of all hair needs a lot of Omega 3, because it is responsible with the health and general aspect of the folicles. We advise you to eat salmon, milk and tuna. Moreover you should also include bananas, spinace, tomatoes, beans and soya in your daily menu.


  1. Avoid using the dryer

There are situations when we have no choice but to use the hair dryer. It is no surprise that blow dryers damage the hair, and if you really have to use one you should at least use it a minimum speed to reduce damage to the hair. Also, keep it at least 10 cm from the hair, because if it is too close it will burn your folicles.


  1. Use special products when you want to curl or straighten your hair

If you are used to using the hair board, you should at least try to reduce the damage inflicted to your hair. As a result you should use secial products which will hydrate it. Also, buy a good quality hair board. Nevertheless, whatever you do your hair will eventually have to suffer.


  1. Try natural treatmens

Better than any type of conditioner or mask is a natural product. They are the most efficient sollution for any type of hair. Not only will they hydrate your hair but they will also help regenerate it. Thanks to the active substances it will become shinnier and more ressistant.


  1. Choose the appropriate hair-style for your face

It is a myth that some hair types are suitable only for certain people. You should always experiment with your hair and find out what hair style is the best for you. As long as you have strong, healthy hair, and a good looking hair style.


  1. Hydrating hair mask with milk

There are a lot of unspoken myths about hair. For example eggs and milk are very good for the hair. If you don’t have money to buy a conditioner, you can use masks with milk from time to time. Immerse your hair in milk, massage it and wait two or three hours then rinse it, without shampoo.