Easy Ways to Get Rich

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Even though the most common answer to the question “Do you want to make some easy cash?” is “Yes, but what is the catch?” there are some easy ways to get rich. Some people got rich with no effort or just little effort, so why can’t you?

Here is our list of 10 easy ways to get rich.

1. Become a professional gambler

Easy Ways to Get Rich

Poker is not the most complicated card game in the world, per se, and the essential thing is just to know which hand is what. It takes a little luck and a poker face.

Phil Ivey earns his money by playing poker and is a professional player from America. He earned over $100 million playing poker. Ivey won nine bracelets from World Series of Poker and plays games where the stakes mean millions of dollars.

2. Participate in yard sales

Easy Ways to Get Rich

If you go browse through yard sales (or whatever they’re called in your region), chances are that you will stumble upon a small treasure. Think of all the people who throw away things and don’t know how much those things are worth.

A man called Rick Norsigian made a purchase of two boxes at a yard sale for $45. After his purchase, Rick completely forgot about the boxes for 10 years. Inside the boxes he eventually found 65 glass plates of photo negatives made by Ansel Adams over 80 years ago. The contents of these boxes were worth more than $200 million.

3. Make YouTube videos

Easy Ways to Get Rich

Do you know how to use a computer and own a camera? If the answer is yes, then you have to start making YouTube videos to get rich. You can add ads on the videos you make and YouTube will pay you for it. It’s exactly what Ray William Johnson did.

Ray William Johnson’s videos are mostly about him reviewing viral videos. In 2011, Ray was worth around $5 million. His channel was at some point the 3rd most subscribed channel on YouTube.

4. Invent something

Easy Ways to Get Rich

Inventions don’t have to be something as revolutionary as a TV or the light bulb. Some of the most stupid inventions in the world that you’d think aren’t worth even a measly penny ended up making millions.

For instance, Gary Dahl took a simple idea and then he transformed it into $15 million. His idea was a pet rock. This stupid idea turned Dahl into a millionaire in just 6 months in the year 1975.

5. Donate sperm

Easy Ways to Get Rich

Even though this won’t actually make you a millionaire, making money off of something you already do is pretty cool.

There is a catch, however. Sperm banks are usually looking for people that are highly intelligent and are healthy. Also, it helps to be good looking. If you qualify to donate sperm, however, you can make about $10,000 a year.

6. Search for gold

Easy Ways to Get Rich

You probably saw a lot of middle-age men on beaches scanning them with metal detectors before. Even though this is a hobby, if you’re lucky you could actually find some treasure, like Terry Herbert.

Herbert searched on a farm from the 7th century and found the biggest reserve of Anglo-Saxon treasure in the history. After he shared his treasure with Fred Johnson, the farmer, in 2009 he made £3.3 million.

Fred Johnson and Terry Herbert had a disagreement because Herbert was very greedy and wanted a lot more than that sum but they eventually settled.

7. Sell things on eBay

Easy Ways to Get Rich

If you have games, toys or comic books in your house, you can see exactly how much they’re worth on eBay. There are a lot of serious collectors who are willing to pay for some things in order to finish their collections.

A woman from California auctioned in 2007 a collection Transformer toys. The 275 toys that she collected with her late husband sold for $1 million. They started with just a toy in 1984 when her husband that was recovering from an injury caused by a motorcycle was in a toy store. The man promised his wife that he would only buy just the one toy. He did not.

8. Make a great app

Easy Ways to Get Rich

You will have to know a little programming to create a mobile app. However, some people easily write code and they look at it as just a hobby. If you can create an app that people enjoy you can sell it or charge people to download it.

In 2012, Ravio Entertainment Ltd made $194.8 million and a year before that they made $98.4 million. Their games were downloaded about 2 billion times. The most popular game created by Ravio is Angry Birds, but you probably already knew that.

9. Register domain names

Easy Ways to Get Rich

In 1990, on December 25th, Sir Timothy John made a successful connection between a server and an HTTP client across the Internet. Who would have thought that this would end up one of the greatest things ever invented?

Domain names are ways in which websites are differentiated and are a pillar of the Internet. However, most common names have already been registered (especially very generic names). But if you have registered some domains in the 90s then chances are you’re on a private beach somewhere in a tropical paradise right now. You still have a chance to auction on some domain names and then sell them later.

The domain Pizza.com was registered for $20 in 1994 by Chris Clark. He then auctioned that domain in 2008 for the sum of $2.6 million.

10. Inherit all your fortunes

Easy Ways to Get Rich

This is really a no-brainer. If a member in your family has made a fortune in their lifetime or you are married to someone rich, you have the chance to inherit that fortune once they die.

Lily Safra, a 75 year old, inherited all her wealth from her husband who was a billionaire. Her husband, Edmond Safra died in 1999 in an apartment fire. The wealth she inherited made Lily the third wealthiest individual in Monaco.

So remember that you may not have to go up the ladder and work 40+ hours every week. There are other ways in which you can become a millionaire; you just have to be a little creative, or extremely lucky…

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