The Internet is made of cats as everybody knows. Yes the culmination of over thirty-five years of scientific advancements and networking technology has become a second home for cat lovers, as felines have taken forums by storm. Some cats have become so famous that they are instantly recognizable anywhere in the world, are fully-fledged memes or otherwise famous. Here are ten of these Internet cat superstars.


10. Colonel Meow

Colonel Meow is a massive cat with a Regal/Angry look and an impressive following. He is a Himalayan Persian with a bad hair year and intense gaze that strips your soul naked. This cat would be right at home on the Stalingrad battlefield, as a Russian commissar driving the peasant levies to battle for the glory of the Motherland.


9. Keyboard Cat

You probably heard keyboard cat’s theme at least once especially if you’ve watched any unnecessarily painful fail video. Keyboard cat is a spin on the usual ‘playing out’ trend for videos involving hilarious accidents, falls and catastrophic malfunctions. Though the cat, called Fatso, was recorded in the Dark Ages of Technology (1984) he found internet fame posthumously since 2007.


8. The Cat-Copter

Equal parts funny, creepy and unbelievable, the cat copter is a project by a Dutch artist and helicopter enthusiast who turned his recently deceased pet into a stuffed cat remote-controlled helicopter. Stirring both awe and outrage with every showing the cat copter was one of the biggest cat stories of 2012.


7. Simon’s Cat

The Lovable animated feline started out as a small project of animator Simon Tofield, a story about a cat using wits and brute force to get her owner to feed her. It spun off into a massive internet empire, a Daily Mirror cartoon strip and a  book. Simon’s cat is a landmark in cat popularity that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere.


6. Oscar the Blind Cat

Oscar the blind cat is an adorable little wonder of a cat that was born with no eyes but no shortage of enthusiasm. The little wonder was most entertaining when it was, well, little as a highly energetic kitten but his recent videos are just as heartwarming.


5. OMG Cat

The OMG kitty has found internet fame but the truth about the little thing is more frightening than you would like to know. While it seems that the kitty is slackjawed out of awe for whatever the meme flavour of the week is, apparently the poor thing actually suffers from a dislocated jaw. Nonetheless the cat has achieved Internet superstardom. Talk about no pain, no gain!


4. Lil Bub

Speaking of superstardom, how about Lil Bub? This large cheeky feline has a permanent look on her face that simply screams Awww. Its tongue has become a symbol to its legions of rabid fans. Even notables like Andrew WK have taken Lil’ Bub to heart and the lovable instantly recognizable feline is world renowned.


3. Maru

The fairy godfather of internet cats, Maru and his box loving ways have enthralled people of all nationalities. Though the massive cat is Japanese his fans are spread amongst all the people of the world. In a way Maru is the precursor to the whole cat craze of the internet with only LoL Cats being more relevant to the spread of cat mania. Truly, Maru is the King of Cats.


2. Tardar Sauce AKA Grumpy Cat

If  Maru is the King of Cats, Tard is the scheming chamberlain, the Scar to Maru’s Mufasa. Grumpy cat has taken the internet by storm, rising to superstardom faster than any other cat in this list and it looks like he isn’t going anywhere.


1. Henri, Le chat Noir

An existential cat, musing about the uselessness of it all, Henri, just like Tard, is part of the new trend of attributing exotic human traits to cats, something cat lovers are eating up like crazy. Henri meditates on the uselessness of it all, looks in disgust upon his human handlers and stares with ennui all around him as pointless things keep happening.  Sartre himself would be proud of how far this tuxedo cat has taken existentialism.