10 Famous Writing Fonts You Can Use For Free

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Some fonts will remain in history for they encompass the even concept of branding in some cases. Today we can recognize these famous writing shapes and fonts from the distance and associate them with names that passed the test of time. Sometimes we like to use these fonts too, as they are funny, they carry a message and they can help us even to make a statement. How many times did you see in the street people wearing personalized T-Shirts bearing messages written in Walt Disney font? But being part of a brand, some of these fonts can’t be used for free or just borrowed, while others can be just downloaded with no problem. Today we will see ten of these famous free fonts and let our imagination run wild next time we want to compose a funny T-Shirt message or a nice ad on our web-site.

1. Walt Disney

The Waltograph is not actually based on Disney’s handwriting, but it is been associated with the brand for so long, it is part of the family. There are several versions by now, but as a whole concept, the Waltograph is something you recognize blindfold.

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2. Coca – Cola

For more than a century, the logo and the font underwent some changes, but there is no human in the world who would not recognize this world-famous writing. It is free to download and to us, while you should be careful about the hyphen.

famous fonts

3. The Godfather

Not just a movie, not just a branded font, but a cult, a cultural revolution and one of the most easily recognizable writings in the world. It is free to get online and use it in order to create your own movie poster or message and trust us, this is an offer you can’t refuse.

famous fonts

4. For Dummies

A relatively recent font but a famous brand nonetheless. Since 1991, along with the first book in the series, For Dummies did not just revolutionized the modern “how to” guide concept, but also offered the world a font that can easily be found in the most funny contexts.

famous fonts

5. Blade Runner

Amazing American author Philip K. Dick wrote a novel called “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”. In 1982, Ridley Scott released a movie based on this novel that was alternatively considered poor, genius, having nothing to do with the book, having everything to do with the book and so on. Fact is the movie in today’s world is considered a cult sci-fi film, while the specific branded font still makes one of the most famous and used world wide.

famous fonts

6. Harry Potter

Well, this one is new, if we’re talking centuries of font branding and to everybody’s surprise and joy, this one comes free too. And this is good, very good actually, as it would have been a shame to keep us from writing our funny messages in this amazingly famous font.

famous fonts

7. Jurassic Park

We’re still in the movie world and boy, are we glad, as this famous font derived from a famous movie still gives us the chills, especially if we remember the good old days when the movie shocked, amazed and thrilled millions of viewers throughout the world.

8. Star Wars

Really, we should have started with this one. But Disney is older and more famous. But this is Star Wars… Anyway, you can’t not recognize this one. And since the new wave of science – fiction and fantasy literature and movie expansion, you will see it more and more. Not to mention the seventh movie that’s about to be produced. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Sith or Jedi. This free font will help you make your own statement.

famous fonts

9. Yahoo!

And again, everybody together, like a good choir: Yahoo! Impossible not to recognize, love and use. This font is free and bears so much joy and happiness in it that our good friends from the company let us use the font to create anything with an exclamation mark.

famous fonts

10. Buffy

This is a very sensitive problem. The Buffy font is not only famous, it carries a history and a theory too. As people over the Interned would say, in my old days, vampires were fearsome creatures that did not glitter and were supposed to be slain, not married. Who is using and wearing the Buffy free font will definitely make a statement, as other more recent and sparkling fonts are free to download too.

famous fonts

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