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The fashion and beauty industry have always been filled with excesses and weird trends, since the dawn of time. The Japanese women used to break and bound the feet of their infant girls so that they would have tiny feet and not be able to walk for long distances. They did it to prove that they didn’t need to work the land because they were wealthy. Thankfully, these days we don’t have any trends that are nearly that extreme, but there are some that are beginning to get on our nerves. Whether it’s extreme body modifications or ombre hair, we’ve got ten fashion and beauty trends that need to crawl under a rock somewhere and die. Read on and tell us what you think.

10. Nail Art

nail art

Just look at that ugly horror of nail art. It shouldn’t even be called art, but crap instead. It’s something that feels like it’s the most uncomfortable thing in the world (how do these women even wipe their… mouths after they eat?!) and it looks like a rainbow barfed on your hands. I can’t wait for this trend to go away and just go back to a nice, simple and clean manicure.

9. Extreme Body Modifications

forked tongue

To each his own, right? But we do have an opinion about extreme body modifications and our opinion is that they’re dangerous. We know that there is an entire scene for that type of thing and that many consider extreme body modifications attractive and fun, but we still would like the trend to go away and never return.

8. Shaved Side of the Head

shaved side of the head

We get it, you’re edgy and cool and you want to tell everyone that you don’t care about what they think. This is probably the most OK trend out of all these fashion and beauty trends on our list, but this one’s also the one that is fading with the speed of light. Keep all your hair on your head and if you want to be edgy, do something else.

7. Fillers

courtney cox

Botox will freeze your face, but fillers will puff up your face that it will cause your wrinkles to stretch until they disappear. The trouble with fillers is that you could end up with, what is called in medical terms, a fat face. So many Hollywood stars have used fillers and have forgotten when to stop.

6. Peplums


The horror that are peplums! I have never understood why anyone would want to invent and wear peplums. What is the deal with them? Are they supposed to hide your hips or accentuate them? What is their purpose, if any? I don’t want to see another peplum, for as long as I live, did you hear that Kim Kardashian?

5. Botox


When it comes to fashion and beauty trends that need to go away, Botox is always on the shortlist. It’s true, Botox will make the fine lines on your forehead go away, but it will also freeze your forehead and make you look like a wax figure. I can’t believe so many people, men and women, prefer looking like freaky dolls!

4. Fur Vests

fur vests

Why would you want to wear something that looks like it’s been hit by a truck and then dragged along the side of the road for a couple of days? On a second thought, why would you want to wear a vest?! The combination between these two is deadly and this trend is one of those fashion trends that need to die as soon as possible.

3. Thongs


It’s a piece of string in between your butt cheeks. Can you remember how uncomfortable it was when you wore your first pair of thongs? If you do, then you should know that it was the normal and correct reaction and that nowadays many women have gotten so used to it, that it feels natural to them and some can’t seem to wear anything else. Having something that once felt unnatural feel natural has to be worrisome at some level. Thongs, be gone!

2. Waxing Off All Pubic Hair


This one’s for both men and women. What in sweet God’s name happened to pubic hair? Why do people hate it so much and when is it coming back? We’re not saying that we should all rock a 70’s bush, but a little bit of trimmed hair never hurt anyone. Come on, women and men, put aside your razors and let’s make an effort and bring back a bit of bush. Pubic hair does have a purpose, the poor thing, it prevents friction burns, protects from bacteria and many other wonderful things.

1. Ombre Hair

ombre hair

I have to admit that for a while I was completely smitten with ombre hair. It looks so natural, when done right, and so 90’s that I almost fell into the trap. I’m still thanking my lucky stars I didn’t, because I don’t think I’ve seen any trend fade so quickly like ombre hair has. If you’re still thinking of getting it, then you should just stop doing it and move on with your life.

What are your thoughts on these fashion and beauty trends? Do you think they need to disappear or are you OK with them? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.