Foods That Change Eye Color Include Fish

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by genetics. Is your hand up in the air? No? Then I take it you’re probably pleased with most, if not all, the aspects of your appearance. I mean, we do live in a world where pretty much any physical trait can be modified with a simple scalpel slice. Even if you’re not a big fan (for understandable reasons) of plastic surgery, there are still much tamer ways to change something about your looks, even drastically, if you will. A simple haircut and a dye plastered all over it can dramatically alter one’s physiology and, more important, self perception. There is, however, one thing that modern medicine still needs to get around to enable a change to: eye color. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most common complaint people have regarding their appearance. Well, by that, I’m talking about brown and black eyes; have you ever heard a blue or green eyed person fret over the fact they want a darker hue? Still, while some people opt for the honestly-kind-of-barely-working option of wearing colored contact lenses, there are some surprisingly quick and easy alternatives. These are 10 Foods That Change Eye Color In Less Than 2 Months, but be warned that you shouldn’t expect any drastic black-to-icy-blue effects.

1. Uva Ursi Tea

Foods That Change Eye Color - Uva Ursi Tea

If you’d like a brightness improvement to your eyes, this breed of tea is the one to go to. Its merits don’t stop here, since it’s basically a proven health fountain. Uva ursi is a great antiseptic, being most well known for its capacity to cure urinary infections, and it also has a proven role in treating arthritis.

2. Honey

Honey - Foods That Change Eye Color

Honey! Here’s a familiar name, right? And before you ask: no, you don’t need to eat shovels of honey straight out of the jar. Simply adding an extra amount of honey to your daily diet is going to help you bring your eye color down to a hue or two. One tiny mention, though: make sure the honey is organic, otherwise it won’t work.

3. Spinach

Spinach Is One Of The Foods That Change Eye Color

Spinach does a lot more than simply buff Popeye up for a good smack down. The high level of iron in its components is an ideal way of adding a spark of light to your eyes, but you’ll be pleased to know that a persistent consumption of spinach brings many other advantages: you greatly reduce the risk of cancer and asthma, you can reduce high blood pressure, you can maintain healthy skin and hair and many, many other things.

4. Fish

Foods That Change Eye Color Include Fish

Basically go find Nemo, toss him on the grill and consume his life essence so you can make your eyes a lighter color. Bonus points if you hunt down the rest of the family and include them in your daily diet from now on, since this change can be made permanent. Enjoy your bright irises while trying to tame your guilt ridden conscience!

5. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Is Among The Foods That Change Eye Color

I don’t particularly like chamomile tea, but this might change, should I one day decide that I’ve had it with my eye color. This type of tea helps ease the levels of stress in your bloodstream, which in turn will make your eyes shine. And while you’re at it, know that chamomile can also help heal most sunburns and scars, except for the emotional ones.

6. Olive Oil

Foods That Change Eye Color - Olive Oil

Olive oil is beneficial for many things, being deemed as one of the biggest allies in the face of joint pain, bad cholesterol and stress effects. And, what do you know, the various acids in its components can also render a pretty hue to lighten up your eyes. It’s also everyone’s favorite when cooking literally everything.

7. Onions

Onions - Foods That Change Eye Color

This one should come in handy, since onions are one of the most commonly used aliments in our food. By regularly consuming them, you can bring a change in eye color, but also do many other things, such as abolish depression and insomnia.

8. Nuts

Nuts Are One Of The Best Foods That Change Eye Color

Perhaps the primary go-to when deciding you’d like a brighten of your eye color, nuts are both easy to include in our daily diets, and really easy to consume. With so many options to pick from, almonds stand out by being the lowest in calories. A word of warning: you should avoid roasted nuts, since fire exposure has already destroyed all of their beneficial substances.

9. Meats

Foods That Change Eye Color Continue With Meat

Shocking, right? If you happen to be a vegan, you might want to turn away from this one. Or, I don’t know, ask yourself how much you’d be willing to sacrifice for the sake of beauty, because meats contain minerals like zinc in magnesium, which are great catalysts for iris color changes.

10. Ginger

Ginger, Among The Foods That Change Eye Color

Although a truly dull and underwhelming looking aliment, ginger is more than a fantastic addition to most of our foods. In case you haven’t really been following the topic of this article, it also helps to — you guessed it — brighten your eye color! Ginger contains rhizome, a substance known to combat colon cancer by easing inflammations. More than that, it’s also something you need to consume if you want to reduce asthma symptoms and gradually cure your liver, after damage caused by medication.

At the end of this article, I’m sure there is still one big question that is still lingering: how exactly do all these foods change eye color? I mean, we’ve established that they can and will do it, but how? Mostly by messing around with melanin, the pigment that defines the color of the iris. Other than that, not even scientists know for sure how these foods actually act. This is because, even after so many years of medical evolution and technological advances, the subterfuges of genetics as far as eye color is concerned are still pretty much a mystery.  We can never know what color the eyes of our children will be, because researchers haven’t managed to figure out if there are any rules to how it’s passed from parent to spawn (sorry for calling kids spawns). Either way, until science manages to get a hold of the answers to these existential questions, let’s just enjoy these 10 Foods That Change Eye Color In Less Than 2 Months, and that, above all, will grant us a sense of superiority and power over our DNA. Yay, genetic monarchies!

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