10 Frequently Told Lies And Their Possible Meanings

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You’re going to be late for work? What you do? You call the boss and tell him about an incredible adventure you were part of on your way to the office. You drank too much and don’t want your partner to know about? Invent a stomach flu. Seeing somebody else in the same time? Not good, but you still have a story in your sleeve, ready to pop out in a crisis situation. People lie. And yes, it is wrong, but sometimes you go against morals or fairness and you just want to save your sorry…  you know. So let’s take a look on ten most common lies people are so used to tell, they don’t even sound like lies anymore.

1. I’m working late

May stand for… “Yeah, cause this new secretary has some particular sets of skills I have to check”…


2. I’ll call you.
May stand for … “Damn, you have an ugly face!”

3. I like your mother.

 May be continued with … “…cold. In a coffin”.

4. I don’t have a crush on your best friend!

 May stand for… “I just saw him at the beach and melted into his arms. And God, that man can kiss!”

5. The dog did it.

 May stand for… “I tripped, slipped and fell on your precious china vase! So what, no sex for me for three days just because you’ll cry your heart out over a broken piece of…something? Hell no!”

6. I’m not gay.

May continue with… “What do you mean? I don’t secretly have a crush on Edward – that shrine in my closet is… err… for… um… black magic…”


7. I can’t come to work, I’m sick

May stand for… “I shouldn’t have drank that seventh Tequila Sunrise. Oh, my head, my poor head!”


8. This is only for your best

May stand for … “It’s not like I wish you wrong, but you don’t definitely know what the hell you are doing, so just let me take care of things!”


9. I love your cooking!

May stand for… “I’d rather eat rat poison!”


10. You don’t look fat in those jeans!

May continue with… “Moby Dick…”


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