With Halloween just around the corner, we are in dire need for inspiration! Why not turn to the classics? Alice in Wonderland costumes are not too scary, so they’re perfect for kids and they’re also very easy to find and even make. Let’s take a look at ten characters you and your family could impersonate this Halloween and we’ll throw in a few tips on how to capture the spirit of each character.

1.      Alice


Little girls will definitely enjoy being Alice and the costume is simple to make: all you need is a knee-high plain blue dress, a white apron, white stockings, a blond wig with a black bow and some Mary Jane shoes. If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of searching for individual items of clothing, renting one couldn’t be easier, they are everywhere.

2.      The Mad Hatter


You could either go the Disney route or the Tim Burton one. Disney’s Mad Hatter is a small little fellow dressed in a green suit with a large green hat and white hair. Tim Burton’s take on the Mad Hatter, and our personal favorite, includes the brilliant Johnny Depp with red hair, a face full of makeup and lots of accessories. No matter which one you choose, try to be incoherent and insane and you’ll have nailed it! 

3.      The White Rabbit


If you have some bunny costume from previous Halloweens (and frankly, who doesn’t?) you can be the White Rabbit. Just get the bunny suit, slap a vest on and an old watch and you’re done. Don’t forget to act as if you’re in a hurry, periodically muttering I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!

4.      The Queen of Hearts


Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland has given us the perfect Queen of Hearts. Played by Helena Bonham-Carter, the character looks out of this world with blood red hair, white face, a scepter, pencil thin eyebrows and heart-shaped lipstick on her lips. If you choose to be her, make sure you yell Off with their heads! as soon as something bothers you!

5.      The March Hare


The mad and disheveled hare will scare people for sure, because a crazy rabbit is pretty freaky. Get a hare costume, have it be as realistic as possible, then work on the character. Pull at your ears, talk nonsense and laugh like a madman for no reason. You’re him!

6.      The Cheshire Cat


That grin can send shivers down a grown man’s spine, but it didn’t scare Alice… too much. You can try to have the grin painted on your face to make it scarier and try to talk in a low and calm voice. You don’t have to have a costume, just get some cat ears and tail, dress up in stripes and don’t forget to smile!

7.      The Caterpillar


This is a fun Alice in Wonderland costume for little kids and it is easy to make or find. They’ll love having all those arms and legs! Teach them how to talk and gesticulate like the character and they’ll be sure to get the most candy while they’re out trick-or-treating.

8.      The Dormouse


This has to be the cutest character in the entire book. The mousiest mouse costume will make any child adorable. Work on the squeaky voice with your kid to make sure they nail it. Learn the little song from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and after a performance like that, candy will flow!

9.      The Duchess


A weird character, the Duchess is very ugly with a large head and has quite a temperament. If you plan to be her for Halloween, then get a friend to be the Cheshire cat, as she is its owner. The first time she meets Alice, she is very rude and not willing to talk to Alice – learn from her behavior to perfect the character.

10.  The Gryphon


This could turn out to be quite a difficult costume to make. You could buy or rent one and it would make things easier on you. This one’s really a good way to complete the Alice in Wonderland costumes gang, so if you and your friends have all planned to be characters from this book, make sure someone is the Gryphon.