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There are ways to spice up a relationship without resorting to, well, the kind of “spices” that everyone is probably thinking of. Part of the joy of being in a relationship is having a partner to go through life with. This can make your experiences and adventures in life that much more enjoyable. But every relationship reaches a point of stagnation where things just aren't always as exciting as they once were in the beginning. This doesn’t necessarily mean there is something wrong with the relationship. Rather it best to accept it a clue that maybe you need to change things up a bit. When your relationship reaches that point, it's time to consider engaging in some fun hobbies for you and your significant other. If that sounds like you and your relationship, then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to take a look at 10 fun hobbies for couples that can spark the joy back up.

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Here are 10 Fun Hobbies For Couples that will make for memorable and fun moments and that will bring you closer to your significant other. We are sure you will find a little bit of something for every type of couple out there. The next time you have some time, be sure to try out one of these ten fun hobbies for couples. 

#1 Start with Your Interests

One of the best ways to get started on finding a hobby that you and your significant other can enjoy is  by talking about things that you already like to do. Figure out what makes you and your partner happy, and figure out how you can incorporate that activity into something that you can both do both on a regular basis. That can mean anything from deciding to take up a dance course, to learning how to paint, to learning a new language together. You’ll both be engaged in a new kind of activity and, as a general rule, everything that’s fresh and new is exciting. Moreover, it could possibly lead to some sort of competitive attitude too and a small dose of competition is always good for character development. What's great about starting with a hobby that one of you or both of you enjoy is the fact that you will be on the same page as far as not being worried if it's incompatible with your personality. Just remember, if you are apprehensive about what it is you and your partner are going to embark on, the key to success is trying something before dismissing it. That is the way to finding success with this hobby option. 

common interests help couples bond

#2 Travel

These next top hobbies for couples is one that may sound expensive and intimidating, but with enough planning and preparation, you and your significant other will find that it can bring you lots of joy. Especially if you pick places that you both have a level of attachment to. Traveling is an amazing hobby, and it can be incredibly flexible, enough to mold on the budgets and possibilities of every household. If you can, start by going together on a road trip. Starting off with a road trip is an easy way to get to know your partner in a different capacity. Not only that, but road trips offer you the flexibility of exploring wherever you want for however long you want. If you are on a budget, then there is no better way to travel than hitting the good old road.  If there’s one thing movies taught us, it’s that being stuck with someone in a car for days to come is going to either break you apart or pull you closer. We’re hoping for the latter. Above all, it is a great way to get to know someone. 

Traveling help couples bond

Once you guys have the confidence of going on a road trip together, you may want to consider expanding your horizons and taking an adventure out of state or even out of the country. If you are a little bit more strapped for cash, then you can find just as much adventure waiting for you right in your own city. Book a weekend getaway in a town nearby and explore your town the way a tourist would. As long as you're doing it with the right person, you should have plenty of fun! To get started check out for some great travel deals. 

#3 Play Co-Op Games

Strengthen your teamwork by allying in a game and obliterating competition together. If your guy is like any other in the world, then chances are there's a game console of some sort at his place. Get together maybe once a week or twice a month and try your hand out at some friendly competition. To make playing video games even more enjoyable for the both of you, be sure that you both have a stake in which video game gets played. For example, maybe you can pick a video game one day and he can pick another the other day. Just remember, whichever game you do choose to play, be sure to emphasize the level of competition as that is one way to strengthen your relationship. 

teamwork help couples bond

#4 Bake Together

Cooking, in general, is a good activity for couples, but baking has this special appeal to it that makes it even more fun. Take your lover’s hand, head for the kitchen, and start making some cupcakes. If cupcakes are a little too adventurous for you, then play it safe with a classic batch of chocolate chip cookies. Whatever you choose to concoct, one thing will be for sure. Whatever is baking in the oven isn't the only thing that will be sweet when all is said and done. The bonding, communication, and working towards a common goal that baking provides is a great way to sweeten up your relationship as well.  For couples who are incredibly illiterate in the kitchen, you may even want to get the assistance of a video recipe to help guide you. It’s all the more entertaining if this is your first time tackling this recipe. Just saying, some flour fights are almost guaranteed to break out. The next time you have a lazy Sunday, be sure to try out this great hobby for couples. 

baking and cooking together help couples bond

#5 Do Internet Challenges

If you have been on the internet as of late, then you know exactly what we're talking about with this next hobby for couples. Internet challenges have been the latest rave and while some of them are downright crazy, there are plenty more that are silly and entertaining. Best of all, there are plenty that can strengthen relationships and make for one of the most fun hobbies for couples. There’s a particular internet challenge called “the newlywed challenge”. This internet challenge is specifically designed for couples who wish to uncover information about their partner quickly. Simply have someone ask you questions of the likes of “who’s more likely to…” and pick a name card. If you have other friends, then this can be a great activity to bring them in on as well. One of the best ways to do this is by hosting a game night or couples fun night where you take some time to get to know your significant other. If an internet challenge like this seems too intimate for couples who are just getting started out, then a great option to go with is a competitive internet challenge. No matter what type of competition, relationships and teamwork are a must. Competitive internet challenge can serve this need well. So you can be sure that your relationship will benefit from whatever competitive challenge you put in front of it. No matter what internet challenge you do choose to do just remember one thing, Don’t cheat and have plenty of fun with this intriguing hobby for couples.  

Attempting internet challenges help couples bond

#6 Build IKEA Furniture

Is Swedish flat-pack furniture the key to true romance? It could be. Another one of the best hobbies for couples that have been gaining speed is building furniture together. IKEA is infamous for giving people everywhere headaches with its overly-complicated furniture assembly methods. (Especially for pieces of furniture that are rather simple and straight forward in design.) Trying to work your way around building a table together would pretty much the equivalent to a puzzle. What makes this one of the best hobbies for couples is the fact that you have to practice communicating in order to accomplish your goal. During the process of communicating to build furniture, you will realize things about your partner that you may have not encountered before. These could be as subtle as the way your partner interprets information as opposed to the way you do or as glaring as the fact that your partner does not know how to operate a simple screwdriver. Overall, a high-stakes activity like this is a great way to build your relationship and strengthen your bond. At the end of it, you will not only have a hobby that gets you closer to your partner, but you'll have a brand spanking new piece of furniture as well! It’s a win-win situation!

building ikea furniture help couples bond

#7 Watch TV Shows

One of the next best hobbies for couples is brushing off the remote and staying in for the evening. And we are not talking about the “Netflix and chill” kind of way, but actually, watch them. If you two tend to get absorbed and emotionally invested in fiction, then that’s even better. With all the great shows streaming right now, you are sure to find something you can easily fall in love with. When you are first picking out the TV show, make sure that you pick something that both you and your partner enjoy. If he's a lover of sci-fi but you simply are not, then be sure to speak up or else you will be in for a hobby that you absolutely hate. Picking out a TV show that you both can watch can be a super fun way to enjoy time with each other. This is especially beneficial for relationships that are strapped for time. If you and your significant other don't get to see each other because of busy work schedules, then having something you can look forward to at the end of the day such as watching your show together can be a great motivator for spending time with your significant other. Put on a TV show of your choice and turn it into a habitual activity for every evening. It will give you something to look forward to!

Enjoying the same shows help couples bond

#8 Play a Sport

Not only is this going to ensure a daily dose of exercise required for a healthy lifestyle, but it can also help with the teamwork we’ve already established as a vital pillar to any relationship. The number of sports to pick from is huge, and it all depends on your personal preference with this one. Things you will want to consider include going at it alone or joining a team and working with others Do you want to keep it between you two? Practice tennis or badminton together. Otherwise, play some team sports such as volleyball or basketball. For whatever sport you pick you have to remember that you're in with the sole purpose of being a team player not for simply winning. If you are the more competitive one in the relationship, then this means that you have to moderate your level of competition so that it doesn't become an overbearing hobby for the other. It is also important that you consider the sport you pick carefully. If it is an activity that your partner absolutely hates, then this hobby will quickly turn into a nightmare.

Competition and Teamwork help couples bond

#9 Have Game Night

One of the best relationship builders is a little bit of friendly competition as you have picked up on throughout this article. There is no better way to explore the sense of competition than through a couples game night. When you have couples game night, it's a great idea to invite other couple friends that you have as well. Having more than just you and your significant other play can create an open line of communication between you and your friends for when miscommunication does happen in the game. In order for game night to be successful, you want to make sure that you play games that everyone will enjoy. If you love strategy but your partner is more of a card game lover, then make sure to include a little bit of what your partner would like as well. Once you establish your routine, you should get into the habit of having a game night a couple of times a month or as regularly as you can. This will not only give you something to look forward to throughout the month, but it will allow you and your partner to know that there are designated times in your relationship where healthy bonding will take place.

Playing games with friends help couples bond

#10 Volunteer

In any relationship, the desire to grow and be better should be higher up on the priority list. What better way to do this than volunteer? That’s why our last tip for the best hobbies for couples is volunteering. But what exactly does this mean? Volunteering can mean a variety of things to a variety of people. You can volunteer at your local animal shelter to look after pets or you can tutor and read to disabled children. You can even start a fundraiser to help a cause with monetary needs. These acts of charity are only going to make you feel better inside and this benevolence is guaranteed to release you of any stress bottled up inside. When you have a peaceful mind and heart, it’s easy to be more loving and affectionate in a relationship. Not only that but when you see your partner engaging in such selfless activity, you will be able to appreciate them in a new light. This positive appreciation is another factor that will help your relationship grow in strength and meaningfulness. One of the best ways to help yourself and your relationship grow is by giving a little bit of your time and energy to those who need it most in your community. 

Volunteering helps couples bond

Final Thoughts on the Best Hobbies for Couples

Even the strongest relationships go through their ups and downs. The way to navigate these bumpy roads in any relationship is setting some time aside to get to know your partner and understand them in the way they want to be understood. In a sense, this level of understanding one another is almost like learning a new language. As with learning a new language, the best way to approach this is with the mindset that practice makes perfect. One of the best ways to do this is by having a hobby that both you and your partner can participate in. 

We hope that our list of 10 best hobbies for couples will help give you some ideas as far as what you and your significant other should do during your downtime. Do you have hobbies that you love to participate with your significant other? Let us know below!