10 Fun Hobbies For Couples

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There are ways to spice up a relationship without resorting to, well, the kind of “spices” that everyone is probably thinking of. Society and board games exist for the purpose of strengthening bonds between people, and you know what? The emotional bond is what ultimately makes a good and healthy relationship and what, eventually, ensures that your love is going to resist the harsh test of time. Work on that and it’s almost certain that the lifespan of your relationship is going to be extended.

Here are 10 Fun Hobbies For Couples that will make for memorable and fun moments and that will bring you closer to your significant other.

#1 Just Pick Up a New Hobby Together

Fun Hobbies


That can mean anything from deciding to take up a dance course or learn how to paint. You’ll both be engaged in a new kind of activity and, as a general rule, everything that’s fresh and new is exciting. Moreover, it could possibly lead to some sort of competitive attitude too and a small dose of competition is always good for character development.

#2 Travel

Traveling is an amazing hobby, and it can be incredibly flexible, enough to mold on the budgets and possibilities of every household. If you can, go together on a road trip. If there’s one thing movies taught us, that’s that being stuck with someone in a car for days to come is going to either break you apart or pull you closer. We’re hoping for the latter.

#3 Play Co-Op Games

Fun Hobbies


Strengthen your teamwork by allying in a game and obliterating competition together. If you can, convince another couple to take up the offer and collaborate in order to get the best results. Games are always fun, especially when they help you communicate better.

#4 Bake Together

Cooking, in general, is a good activity for couples, but baking has this special appeal to it that makes it even more fun. Take your lover’s hand, head for the kitchen, and start making some cupcakes. It’s all the more entertaining if this is your first time tackling this recipe. Just saying, some flour fights are almost guaranteed to break out.

#5 Do Internet Challenges

Fun Hobbies


You know, like the kind of challenges that are floating around the Internet right now and are super viral. There’s a particular one called “the newlywed challenge,” specifically designed for couples who wish to uncover information about their partner quickly. Simply have someone ask you questions of the likes of “who’s more likely to…” and pick a name card. Don’t cheat.

#6 Build IKEA Furniture

Is Swedish flat-pack furniture the key to true romance? It could be. IKEA is infamous for giving people everywhere headaches with its overly-complicated furniture assembly methods. Trying to work your way around building a table together would pretty much the equivalent to a puzzle.

#7 Watch TV Shows

Fun Hobbies


Not in the “Netflix and chill” kind of way, but actually watch them. If you two tend to get absorbed and emotionally invested in fiction, then that’s even better. Put on a TV show of your choice and turn it into a habitual activity for every evening. It will give you something to look forward to.

#8 Play a Sport

Not only is this going to ensure a daily dose of exercise required for a healthy lifestyle, but it can also help with the teamwork we’ve already established as a vital pillar to any relationship. The number of sports to pick from is huge, and it all depends on your personal preference. Do you want to keep it between you two? Practice tennis or badminton together. Otherwise, play some team sports such as volleyball or basketball.

#9 Start a Blog

Fun Hobbies


Yes, a bit weird, isn’t it? But if one thing’s for sure, that’s that the Internet loves genuine romances and they often get incredibly engaged in their lives. Why do you think the juiciest gossips involve celebrity hook-ups? Start a blog or a YouTube channel where you depict your daily lives and the growth of your relationship. This will also encourage you to take some little risks and do more fun activities for you to talk about.

#10 Volunteer

That means a variety of things. You can volunteer at your local animal shelter to look after pets or you can tutor and read to disabled children. These acts of charity are only going to make you feel better inside and this benevolence is guaranteed to release you of any stress bottled up inside. When you have a peaceful mind and heart, it’s easy to be more loving and affectionate in a relationship.

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