It’s time to add some swag to our everyday listings with a catalog of ten funky earrings. Interestingly enough is that ear piercing is the oldest form of body modification that we know of from artistic and written references from different cultures around the world. Archeological evidence from ancient Persia is showing that back then men used to pierce their ears – carved images of Persian soldiers were shown on the palace’s walls. Another proof comes from the Bible – Exodus  32:1 – 4 shows that while Moses was on mount Sinai the Israelites required from Aaron to make a God for them. As such, he ordered them to bring the earrings of their sons and daughters in order to do so. That was approximately 1500 BCE. There are more interesting facts to write about earrings, but I’m too eager to start this list. Enjoy!

10. Betsey Johnson Lips Studs



The Betsy Johnson lips studs are superbly designed and feature Czech stones and a fiery red color that will highlight you presence immediately. The metal base is coated in gold. As for size, this pair of funky earrings measure 1/2 inches.

9. Keira’s Gold Vintage Earrings



Inspired by the vintage Bulgari necklace that was once wore by Keira Knightley (2006’s Oscars) this pair will set the tone of unique and stylish look. They feature gold plated sterling silver and faux diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

8. Selah’s Large Dangle Pave Earrings



This pair of superb dangle earrings mimic the shape of a delicate and beautiful snowflake, or maybe the shiny drop of a rain. They are encrusted with ten small and round Czech stones that get larger as they go down the earring, each being topped by an art decoration. They measure four inches long and are made of sterling silver.

7. Lyndi’s Pave Snake Earrings



Temptation, uniqueness, and style is what these snake earrings say. Made of silver-plated brass and multiple crystals that measure 2mm, these serpents are 2.6 inches long and weighs roughly 4.2 grams. Make your Adam bite the apple with this one-of-a-kind pair of earrings!

6. Cammy’s Handcuff Earrings



Are you the type of woman who likes to play with her man in ways that are banned in some parts of the world? This silver tone pair of earrings that measure 1.6 inches long may just be what you’ve been looking for to set the evening on the right track.

5. Vintage Swarovski Dangling Earrings



Number five in our list of ten funky earrings is this pair of fashionable earrings that features blue lucite vintage beads topped with a big Swarovski crystal. The unique design is sure to not only make a statement, but also give glamor and style.

4. Hippie Boho Earrings



The Hippie Boho earrings are made of aluminum wire that’s been hand-smashed to take the form seen in the picture above and embellished with different beads, spirals, and wire wraps. They measure 2 inches long and 3/4 inches wide. The wires that go into the ear are silver plated.

3. Arrow Earrings



Send arrows straight to men’s hearts with this pair of arrow-shaped earrings from CC Skye. The earrings are gold-plated (14 karats) and feature pavé crystals. They measure three inches long and have french hooks. Don’t miss out this opportunity!

2. Betsey Johnson ‘Miami Chic’



We continue with yet another pair of earrings that feature striped baubles topped with elegant black bows and eye-catching stones. They are gold plated and the stones are Acrylic-Czech glass, while the whole earring measures 1/2 inches long.

1. Rainbow Earrings



Who ever imagined that mini clothes tweezers can be used for more than hanging clothes? This superb pair of earrings is made of small and colorful clothes tweezers while the hook is sterling silver. They measure 2 inches long and 1.2 inches wide.

Which of these pairs do you like the most girls?