10 Funny Snacks For The Kids

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Some kids need a little incentive to be determined to eat. Others, while not hating food, are more likely to try new things and expand their tastes if their food looks good, smells good and makes them at least smile. This is why, parents with a lot of imagination and patience began to manufacture all types of funny, sometimes odd looking dishes, just to make their children feel great and have an entertaining breakfast or dinner. Today we’ll take a look to ten of these funny, hard to eat (because they are just so pretty!), awesome snacks that any kid would love to have on the plate!

1. The Fish

It doesn’t necessarily have to contain fish products, but give the bread a simple fish form and fill it with what your kids love to eat, and you have the perfect breakfast!


2. The Caterpillar

Take a pancake, add some decoration and the beautiful caterpillar is ready to slide to your kid’s plates.


3. The Bouquet

Sandwich on the stick? Looks like a beautiful spring vase, doesn’t it? It just needs a little imagination, otherwise everything is simple and easy to make.


4. Funny Rabbit

Bread, some veggies on the side and some brilliantly placed ham. You think the children will resist this?


5. Weight Lift

Looks too elaborate? Not at all! “You have to eat to grow strong!” What best way to attract your children than this easy to make, fun snack?


6. The Clown

A little bit too complicated, maybe, but such a work of art! It almost makes you feel it’s a shame to eat it, and kids definitely will want to know how you made it and even play with it, but it’s worth the effort nonetheless!


7. Funny Face

This actually is a pizza, not a sandwich, but compare this to a regular pizza and see that with a little ingenious decorations, a family dinner can turn into an entertaining time spent with the family.


8. How to eat your salad

Kids are not always big fans of vegetables, and sometimes parents go through a lot of trouble convincing them to have a salad. But these flowers here make up for the effort. Let’s see what kid would say no to them!


9. Lunch box

This funny rabbit consists of a funny rabbit shaped box, which you can fill with almost anything. Here there’s rice and eggs and whatever you feel like feeding your child is good and necessary you can use, adding just a little bit of imagination.


10. From mummy with love

As far as cookies go, sky is the limit! Animal shapes, muffins, cupcakes, even these heartwarming biscuits will do the tricks! After the sandwich and the veggies, nothing compares to a sweet treat!


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